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Survival+ (Hostile Mobs)

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Delete-This's Avatar Delete-This
Level 35 : Artisan Toast
Vanilla mobs too easy for you? Use this data pack to spice your game up with enhanced mob fights

The Illusioner

This mob will spawn naturally in you world. They can spawn anywhere with a low light level but are a somewhat rare encounter. The mob will cast illusions of itself while being attacked, making it harder to hit. The Illusioner is equipped with a unenchanted bow, but he can also cast a spell to blind you for 20 seconds.

The Void Creature
This is a rarely spawning mob that can spawn anywhere in any light level. The mob is extremely fast, quiet, and strong, and its also invincible... but don't fret. If you look directly at the mob, it will not be able to move until you look away or it teleports. The only way to stop it is to somehow manage to trap it or to throw it into the void.

Giant Zombie Boss

This boss mob can sometimes spawn in mountain biomes at any light level. The boss is extremely strong with a large attack hitbox. Its practically impossible to hit it with a melee weapon without it kicking you to your death. To attack it, use a bow and shoot it from behind or on its head. The Giant is hostile to the player, villagers, and iron golems. Once it dies, it will drop entire blocks of various ores and plenty of XP.


Before now, bats have been boring little creatures. Now, they will spawn at night and swoop down and attack the player. They don't have much health and they don't deal much damage, but they are incredibly hard to hit at night.

Zombie Apocalypse

Groups of around 10 zombies will sometimes spawn at night, but once combat with them starts, more zombies will start spawning around them, making the swarm larger over time. The apocalypse can sometimes last a very long time if you are unlucky.

Giant Phantoms

After 5 nights of no sleep, a large phantom will spawn over you. These phantoms deal a huge amount of damage and have more health than normal phantoms.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.14
toMinecraft 1.15

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02/08/2020 7:09 pm
Level 28 : Expert Birb
MrMeowser's Avatar
02/04/2020 8:53 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
itkoi's Avatar
Hey, is there anyway to remove the void creature or disable it from spawning? Id love to use this pack in my hardcore server but the void creature easily killed 2 people because its incredibly obscure and unkillable :/
11/28/2019 11:22 am
Any/All • Level 20 : Expert Sus Imposter
realgnatthew's Avatar
We also need the killer rabbit and the zombie horse.
11/27/2019 10:57 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
bvbblepop's Avatar
I really like this. But it raises my server tick lag by quite a bit from 40 ticks to 130-140 ticks. Is there any way to adjust this? Cause I would love to surprise my friends with these new mob additions :)
01/24/2020 8:13 am
Level 1 : New Miner
LucianDevran's Avatar
Same, I believe it has some incompatibility with something on my server but I'm not sure, maybe Worldguard, Or paper itself idk
11/26/2019 6:55 am
Level 28 : Expert Zombie
Tomrumtatis's Avatar
Sir, thank you for doing this.
11/26/2019 1:16 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Toast
Delete-This's Avatar
You're welcome! Thanks for downloading!
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