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CC's The Aquatic Update Update (Redesigned Ocean Monuments, Custom Items, Custom Mobs!) [Discontinued]

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Level 50 : Grandmaster Meme

The Aquatic Update Update [​Discontinued]

(Download was broken since October 2020, have fixed it today on 20th January 2021)

Ocean monuments are lame.

15-heart Guardians are a pain to combat with the current underwater movement mechanics and the "specialized" trident is not even that viable in DPS either. And all for what, some sponge and a random mining trip's worth of gold ingots? We still sail the sea on boats, stopping for the occasional shipwreck or ruin, when the ocean floor should be a biodiverse ecosystem of mobs and resources!

It started with the idea to overhaul the Ocean Monuments structure like I did in my Desert Pyramids Datapack here. They are both classic Minecraft structures that severely lacked features, so I took it upon myself to implement my own through a datapack! Soon, there sprouted a ton of other ideas that required custom items, custom mobs, and I even made a whole custom GUI.

But, alas, I had one of those "life reevaluations" and realised that there are many more important things in life to invest your time in, than some mod that makes some video game a little more fun. Plus, uni's starting, so

Nevertheless, I have already poured days, weeks, months of my time into this datapack, and I've done so much stuff already, and if someone else thinks it's worth investing their time, I give them my full blessing to take over this datapack project. Just hit me up with in the private message, and send me the link, I'd still like to know how you finished what I started! I'd just like a name drop as credit, that's all.

My code is a little messy, lots of half-implemented features and unfinished mini WIPs. I will try my best to explain my personal coding conventions below, as well as what the code does. But if you just want to mess around, here's the list of current implemented features!

You should be able to load the datapack into a new test world to experience all the features.

I just wanna mess around with all the fun features!

  Ocean Monuments
  • Load this mega-datapack into a new default vanilla world, and /locate an Ocean Monument.
  • In survival, when you're closeby the Monument, you'll notice you'll get a beacon-like Conduit Power and Mining Fatigue. The idea was to make all Ocean Monuments as Mega-Conduit Structures. Yes, you get to breathe and see underwater for free.
  • You can go into Creative, and navigate through the inside of the Monument maze. If you've explored a Monument before (highly unlikely, amright?), you'll notice that some of the rooms look much different. They are much brighter, and every dead end in the maze will always have a treasure chest of some prismarine shards and crystals.
  • This is the first ever datapack to be able to change the Monument structure, since Monuments cannot be changed with datapacks using the structure files, I've changed it manually by code and by hand, post-generation.
  • Then, you can navigate to the Core room, the biggest room (2x2x2) in the deepest end of the Monument. There are conduit particle effects around the structure in the middle. You can break it open: there is a spinning conduit core in its center. Right now it does has no function, but with some code, who knows?

  Custom Items

  Acquire the custom items using /loot give @s loot oplus:[...]

  Enchanted Turtle Shell/Helmet

  • The first custom item that came to mind, the Enchanted Turtle Helmet can be acquired by smashing together an Enchanted Scute and a Turtle Helmet in a Smithing Table.
  • This Turtle Helmet is usually a must-have for exploring all that this underwater datapack has to offer!
  • The Turtle Helmet already has the same armor value as an iron helmet, and enchanting it with the Enchanted Scute will also give it Protection II, Blast Prot IV, Respiration V and Unbreaking II!
  • Besides that, it also has the attributes +3 Armor, +2 Knockback Resistance, +2 Armor Toughness and -15% Speed!
  • When equipped, it also grants the player temporary Water Breathing as long as their head is inside any kind of ocean vegetation!
  • This means that players can stay underwater for even longer to experience all that there is!
  Sting Wings
  • Yeah the idea was to replace Phantoms and make them naturally spawning Sting Rays underwater! Their flight is so organic and smooth.
  • But due to problems (discussed way below), I got stuck there.
  • Nevertheless, Sting Wings are a special chest item. They are actually broken Elytra wings renamed as Sting Wings.
  • But, they have a different texture being broken at 0 durability, they have an insanely high repair cost and they are Unbreakable. This means they cannot be repaired in an Anvil. Being Unbreakable, fascinatingly means they cannot be grindstoned into regular Elytra wings.
  • However, they can still be repaired by combining two Elytra, so personally I just turned that off (because who ever combines two Elytra, destroying one precious Elytra?)
  • While equipped, a player can sneak and poke their butt at a creeper, for example, and the creeper will get poisoned. Kinda useless, but it's hilarious.
  • Besides that, the Sting Wings also grant +5% Speed and some +5 Armor.
  • Eventually it would be nice to have more Poison-related effects.
  • A pun on calamari and khakis, this is a custom black pants that upon equipping, mimics the squid's evasive maneuvers.
  • If equipped, a player that gets hit will emit a cloud of squid ink particles, besides getting Invisibility and Speed if on land and Dolphin's Grace if underwater, to make a very quick escape.
  • Nearby mobs and players in the ink cloud will also get the Blindness effect, while mobs will have their follow_range attribute set to 0 for a moment, de-aggro-ing hostile mobs, making them lose their tracking of the player.
  • All squids will also replicate this behavior: meaning that you will get blindness if you attack a squid up close!
Dol Fin
  • The Dol Fin went through several iterations, making sure not to overstep on the Trident of Grace.
  • It also gives you a small boost of Dolphin's Grace when quickly swimming upwards out of water!
  • Now Dolphin's Grace doesn't actually make you resurface faster, because it actually only applies to horizontal motion. Yet, the Dol Fin incentives players to dive down deep into the underwater trenches...
  • Still, underwater movement is critical wherever possible (there still must be ways to improve this)!
  Trident of Grace
  • Man, I love this thing. This is a special Riptide Trident.
  • This is how it works: while swimming underwater, you must launch yourself into the air using the Riptide enchantment. Then, while you're still holding the Trident Of Grace, when you reenter the water, it will grant you a few seconds of Dolphin's Grace, allowing you to zoom at supersonic speeds underwater, and when your Dolphin's Grace times out, you can repeat the process of arcing yourself over the surface of the water.
  • By rainbow-ing yourself across the water, you can clear a strait or even the wide ocean much faster (and more fun!) than using a boat. You'll never want to boat again.
  • After doing this a few times, you realize: Mamma Mia! I'm a dolphin.
  Blindness Potions
  • I've changed the loot table of squids so that they drop special but ordinary looking ink sacs.
  • You can combine these Ink Sacs in a Smithing Table with a Water Bottle or Mundane Splash Potion to make a Thick (Splash) Potion of Blindness (0:05)
  • (It even works with brewed potions, like a potion of Speed, destroying the old potion effect in the process)
  • You can then combine this Splash Thick Potion of Blindness with Arrows in the Fletching-Crafting Table to make Tipped Arrows of Blindness! This is integrated with the Cala-Khaki's features where it will cause particle effects and can cause mobs to lose their aggro too!

  Vanilla Changes

  Water Strider Spiders
  • A very simple feature, I made spiders walk on water.
  • At night, you might try to shake off zombies and creepers by crossing a lake or ocean, but now, these spiders will relentlessly chase you even across water.
  • Their movement is SO SMOOTH and it's SO SCARY because they easily catch up to you if you're swimming backwards.
  • This forces players to go underwater to escape them, which hopefully incentives them to explore more features.
  • However, it is extremely easy to just whack at the spiders from underwater. But you can do that in vanilla anyways. Besides, there would preferebly be more Drowneds and hostile mobs underwater as this is taking place.
  • The player is granted Dolphin's Grace for one second when the player uses a Trident. This could be useful when fighting underwater with a Loyalty Trident: you can throw it, and then dodge any incoming return projectiles! (Might make it so that you need to also be equipping the Dol Fin)
  • Let's promote the neglected seafood!
  • Both types of cooked fish now fill six-half nuggets of hunger! Same as chicken!
  • Dried Kelp gives 10 seconds of Water Breathing! This means that players can raid Ruins and Shipwrecks with less worry about their breath meter!
  • If you are wearing even a normal Turtle Helmet, eating Dried Kelp will give you a boosted 30 seconds of Water Breathing! We need to push players to go underwater, giving them steps on how to earn water breathing!

      "Custom" Mobs

      Deep Trench
    • Rarely spawning in the musty underwater ravines, the new hostile Deep Trench are very scary.
    • They defend the exposed veins of diamond ore that are plentiful in these underwater ravines, and since the pressure is immense, their bones have been solidified into some calcium-obsidian alloy of sorts.
    • Usually in packs of 2-4, they move fairly quick on the obsidian-magma seafloor, but they have lost all flesh required to swim upwards against the water pressure.
    • Since they can only move on the ocean floor, they take advantage of the magma bubble columns, pulling victim fish and amateur players downwards, making for a swift end.
    • Being at the bottom of the ocean's water pressure, they boast a massive 20 hearts of base health, 0.5 knockback resistance, 9 attack damage and chain chestplate and boots: these guys are late midgame tanks that must be dealt with skillfully.
    • Their boots shimmer with a light purple enchantment glow that contrasts the magma blocks' orange aura: they are enchanted with Frost Walker, making the Deep Trench immune to damage from Magma Blocks!
    • Upon killing them, they will leave behind 1-4 Sea Pickles planted on the ground, lighting up the dark ocean bed with just a little more light. This means that, eventually, the ocean floor won't be so dark anymore!
    • For every attempt of spawning a pack of Deep Trench, there is a 10% chance of spawning a sunken Iron Golem.
    • No idea what the lore is behind this guy yet.
    • It only has 20 points of HP, so it looks very cracked and neglected, stuck at the bottom of the ocean.
    • Yet the golem will try to fight any Trench or Drowned that it encounters, winning the fights half the time. This brings some life to the underwater ecosystem!
    • If you find one, you can repair it with iron and let it clean out the Deep Trench for you!
    • It also has invisible Frost Walker, so it won't get damaged by the Magma Blocks either!

    • Functions exactly like the Deep Trench, except that it only has 20HP and 7 base attack damage.
    • I want to see these on the regular ocean floors, not so deep, but still another threat beside Drowneds!
    • They can't swim upwards (or at all) and will stay on the ocean floor, but they can move very fast!
    • I haven't implemented their spawning code yet. But they can be called from the function!

      Improved Fletching Table
    • It's basically all the things from my other datapack which has its own page! It provides a crafting GUI to the fletching table!
    • But the highlights are, the Spear Bolt! These are special arrows that fly like tridents underwater, to aid you in underwater combat! They must be shot with a crossbow, and are crafted with prismarine shards as the arrow head.
    • There's the Harpoon Arrow, which acts like a Spear Bolt but also leashes the mob that it hits to you!
    • There's also the TNT Rocket, a modified version of the FIrework Rocket that causes an explosion upon impact!
    • Just go to the page to see all the features!

    I've abandoned this project in July, and I want to describe all my code, but it takes too long. So I'm just gonna summarise even more and if there's any datapacker out there who wants to pick up where I left off, you can always message me in my planetminecraft inbox! I've also uploaded my Test World file in the alternate download button!

    Overarching Vision

    If you've went through my other datapacks (Desert Pyramid Boss and Useful Snowmen), you know the vein in which I run: datapacks whose main focus is to explore the potential of all the neglected vanilla Minecraft features. I try not to add as many custom features as possible so that it feels as vanilla as possible. My yardstick is always this: a new minecrafter shouldn't be able to tell whether it is vanilla or not. This means nothing output to chat, and subtly hinting to the player with advancements: just like vanilla. This also means no going overboard in adding new custom items/mobs/blocks. This also means that preferably, everything works without requiring a resource pack (and should look normal with any random resource pack that players might use).

    My datapacks have always been survival-focused. Their aim is to improve the survival experience: this means no feature should be too "tough" just for the sake of being tough, and no feature should feel like a creative mode joy spree. It must always be challenging, but also leaving the player wanting more. This means, no 50,000HP health boss that involves whacking at it mindlessly for an hour, and no OP 9999dmg laser rifle nonsense.

    Ideally used (and compatible) for a
    survival multiplayer server with friends (though singleplayer could work too), the datapack should have safeguards for multiple players being present. Besides that, some SMPs also have other datapacks loaded, so it is important to have cross-datapack compatibility! I would follow the Official Datapack Conventions, but I'm not that great at coding so I've followed it halfway and though in its half-finished state, it's not following all the conventions, but I don't think it should clash with anything. Please fix my code. thanks

    In conclusion,
    1. Better vanilla survival multiplayer experience
    2. Compatibility for all players no matter what else they've (not) downloaded

    Revamping Oceans

    I did a snow-based Snow Golem datapack, I made a fire-themed Desert Pyramid Boss datapack, so with all I learnt, I looked to the Ocean Monument. Eventually, It became more than that: I needed some custom armor/items to make underwater movement and combat better: it started with buffing the turtle helmet. I added a ton of other items, like the harpoon arrow, and eventually the project grew so big that they had to be grouped into "sub-datapacks".

    This is why under the file "data", there are three namespaced folders I used. The idea was to make it customisable: each player should use all these datapacks together under the big umbrella called "The Aquatic Update Update",

    Short for Ocean Monument, this namespaced folder contains all the code for periodically detecting nearby monuments around players, then running a bunch of functions to detect and identify the contents of each room, tagging the marker entity with appropriate tags. Then, if a room is a dead end (has only one opening), it will place a treasure chest in a unique location/orientation according to the room type. It also summons a "mega-conduit" (custom skull on rotating invisible NoAI wither skeleton) in the core of the biggest room, which I want to be the treasure of the monument. The Monument itself also acts like beacon/conduit, giving Conduit Power and Mining Fatigue to all players within 40 blocks of the edge of the Monument structure. I already went into detail above.

    Short for Ocean+, this namespaced folder contains the code for custom items and custom mobs to make the underwater experience better, not just limited to raiding the Monument itself. It handles behavior for when custom armor is worn, custom items are used, and such.

    Short for Fletching Tables, this namespaced folder contains all the code from my other datapack, which adds a custom GUI for fletching tables by disguising a barrel with a FallingSand that has a Fletching Table texture. This sub-pack allows for the crafting of custom arrows as well as changing some vanilla crafting recipes to be better. The idea was that when I needed to update the Improved Fletching Tables datapack, all I had to do to integrate the changes for the Aquatic Update Update mega-datapack was just to replace this new sub-datapack under the "data" folder.

    Geeky stuff as an overview of my coding practices

    In omon/.../init.mcfunction, I call /schedule function omon:msg 4t, which then prints "CC's Reworked Ocean Monuments Alpha v1.0 initisalised" to chat. If I print it out straight away, it can be seen in chat during /reload, but if you delay it by 4 ticks, then only will it be outputed to chat when the singleplayer opens his world. That's a personal preference, can be changed.

    I half-followed Datapack Conventions with the advancements, in the sense that I have further branching advancements that give details to the main pack. This doesn't clash with Conventions or other packs, so I think this one is okay.

    I try to follow conventions by namespacing my scoreboard names, custom NBT tags, etc. So, my scoreboard for tracking a player's y-coordinate in my omon namespaced datapack is called "cc.om.y-coord": "cc" being my player ID, "om" being the omon namespace (oplus is op and fletcht is ft) and y-coord being the variable that the scoreboard is tracking.

    But, I was new and while that works for scoreboard names, it's problematic for custom item NBT tags. My custom items have the nbt "cc.op.tog:1" to mark all the Tridents of Grace custom item. But the period (.) is used for addressing nbt in certain commands, like for example, HandItems[​0].Count -- since I;ve already used the period in my namespace, well, I could still do something like HandItems[​0].tag."cc.op.tog" but that looks ugly. It would be better to nest each nbt, meaning my custom NBT tags would look like {cc:{op:{tog:1}}}, and so accessible by HandItems[​0].tag.cc.op.tog, which is much much better. Please fix this!

    Also, try to follow all the other Datapack Conventions! It would be great to see this datapack alongside many others.

    In minecraft/tags/functions/tick.json, I run the main.mcfunction of each sub-datapack every tick as a loop. I try not to put as many commands in the main.mcfunction as possible. Instead, in load.json besides runnning the init.mcfunction of each sub-datapack, I also run function files like main_20t.mcfunction, which at the bottom would have a /schedule function oplus:main_20t 20t, for example, which would call itself again in 20 ticks. This would be a function that calls itself every second, instead of running every tick. This lightens the amount

    Improved Ocean Monuments (omon)

       Ocean Monuments

    • All Ocean Monuments will be converted into the custom Ocean Monument
    • The Ocean Monument core room will have a "mega-conduit", a custom skull on an invisible wither skeleton. This ties in the lore of Conduits and the whole Monuments looking like pipes, and the Monument itself is like a mega-conduit structure. This is much better than the random gold blocks that were never an interesting incentive.
    • Upon coming into proximity, players will get a constant beacon-like Conduit Power and Mining Fatigue III effect. (Unlike Elder Guardians who apply it every minute, the Ocean Monuments apply it every second)
    • Players get Conduit Power near the Monument, allowing them to breathe and see. This is a purposeful decision, so that they don't worry about drowning and so they focus on the experience of fighting the mobs and raiding the Monument! Don't change this.
    • Players who place doors or any other semi-air block to get air in the Monument will be given the Blindness effect.
    • And, certain rooms in the Ocean Monument get a redesign (Sponge, DZ and DY) and post-gen variants (DY-a and DY-b), to make them look nicer.
    • All dead ends (rooms with only one entrance/exit) will have a double chest of treasure, which can be changed to any loot table later.
    • This takes a ton of calculation since there are no structure integrations in datapacks for Monuments, so the datapack must do it post-generation, in a similar way to my Desert Pyramid datapack. The code detects the area around the player every second for a Monument structure, and since Monuments always generates at y=39, it searches that grid for the northwest bottom corner of the Monument, and then relative to that position it locates each room "slot", detects each room type according to its unique positions of certain blocks (also accounting for rooms that are of variable sizes), then calculates how many open sides it has and then positions a /setblock at the precise relative coordinates depending on which position in a room (and which chest orientation) that the treasure chest looks most aesthetic in.
    • The treasure chest will always be on the opposite end of the open side of the room (if the only opening of a room is towards the south, then the chest will be at the north end of the room, facing south) which is just great presentation
    • If the only opening to the room is from the top or the bottom, then the code will randomly pick a side (North, South, East, West) to place the double treasure chest, using the bedrock pattern as randomiser. This means, if you load the datapack into two copies of a world that has generated the Monument, then it will always place the chest in the exact same orientation (as well as the post-gen variants of DY-a and DY-b). This took so much big brain but it looks so good
    • I've not done the redesigns of the DXY or the DYZ megarooms yet. They definitely need some cleaning up, but they're so rare that I've only encountered them in videos. Chest placement is gonna be tricky. So you'll need to make them look good too!

    • Periodically executes at all players in the deep ocean biome, with a predicate that tests for any nearby monument, unless the cornerstone armor stand of an already initialized monument is present. (to prevent re-initialization) and calls the next function, prox_20t, which tries to narrow down the possible cornerstone coordinate of the monument, and all that jazz is described above.
    • Periodically changes the max_health attribute of all naturally spawning Guardians to 12 Hearts instead of the insane 15 hearts. There's a more efficient way to do this, please correct this. I chose 12 hearts according to how many Trident throws it takes to kill a Guardian (way too many to make tridents useful!)
    • Periodically checks for any survival/adventure mode players nearby a monument with a y-coordinate between [​30..64] and calls a function to apply conduit power and mining fatigue for five seconds, every one second.
    • Periodically applies blindness to all players in the monument who are in a semi-air block like doors. This is an early method to discourage using doors to get air, but now that players have conduit power, we can scrap this command.

    • The auxil path just contains some developer helper functions that help me get the relative distance between two coordinates, which helped in identifying the unqiue blocks in each monument room structure. Made that so much faster.
    • 25rand.mcfunction was a function that helped test the randomness of the bedrock pattern by executing it at a hundred armor stands in a 10x10 horizontal grid. It's 28-24-24-24 chance, but that's close enough.

    Oceans+ (oplus)


    • At the very top is the first idea to make all Drowned-thrown tridents lodged in the ground become pickup-able, as prismarine regular shards, just like how you can pick up player-shot arrows. It does go against the logic of skeletons shooting "ghost" arrows, but I do like the idea that Trident Drowneds are not throwing Tridents, but rather Harpoon Arrows, since in my other datapack, you can craft those with prismarine shards.

    Alright it's at this point of the writing that I've concluded that it's way too much detail to go into each line of code, so if there's any questions, you can always message me!

    Let's talk about the Aquatic Update.

    Ocean Monuments

    CC's The Aquatic Update Update (Redesigned Ocean Monuments, Custom Items, Custom Mobs!) [Discontinued] Minecraft Data PackIntersecting Structures: As shown in the picture, Minecraft is really derpy with structures. You've seen desert Villages and Lakes cut into Desert Pyramids before right? Well, underwater, coral reefs and shipwrecks and underwater ruins cut into Monuments. I have some code that replaces all these coral reefs and stone bricks with water source blocks, which works fine, but sometimes these ruins generates over and replaces the wall edges of the Monument, so my code replaces it with water source, and now the back wall of the Monument has a hole in it. I'm not going to /fill and fix all those holes, and I'm not sure if there's a way around this.

    Adventure Mode: same debate as in my desert pyramid datapack. I didn't want to turn players into Adventure Mode in this one, but it seems like players will always accidentally place blocks inside the Monument, and since there's Mining Fatigue 3, they can't break it. Consider just turning them into Adventure Mode when they are in a Monument structure via predicate??

    Enemies in the Monument: Now Guardians are terribly designed. They've got a laser beam attack which cannot be dodged or avoided skillfully, they've got a massive 15 hearts on top of how hard it is to deal constant damage underwater, and their "thorns" are so unpredictable so you end up just eating all the thorns damage anyways. To top it off, the laughable Elder Guardian is just a big, meatier Guardian.

    I ran a command and found out that there were 40 Guardians in the Monument I was using. FORTY. They just gave them high health, made them annoying and in huge numbers and called it a day.

    There should be a variety of hostile mobs in the Monument. I've been thinking of Squid-men that give you blindness. Maybe some underwater charged creepers, since they don't cause environment damage underwater? Witch potions can still hit you underwater. It's just like the End: it's all one kind of mob, and it's monotonous.

    /summon drowned ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby:1b,ArmorItems:[{},{},{},{id:"minecraft:conduit";,Count:1b}],ActiveEffects:[{Id:14b,Amplifier:0b,Duration:1999980,ShowParticles:0b}]} Here's an invisible baby Drowned with a Conduit on its head. I thought it looked cool.

    Reward for the Monument: What should be the reward in the Monument treasure chests, and the Monument itself? Possibly things like dungeon-grade loot, but preferably ocean-themed? There's a double chest somewhere with all the ocean themed items I can think of. So that, and maybe iron ingots or gold ingots, cool armor? And what about that mega-conduit? What if this were the only way to get a Conduit, and remove the conduit crafting recipe entirely. Then we could do something else with Nautilus Shells (below).

    Then we gotta talk about the Conduit structure itself. No one ever builds one. We might not be able to change the prismarine structure requirements to activate the conduit, but could we possibly add some extra effects along with the Conduit, besides Conduit Power and a really lame zapping of Guardians and Drowneds? What's the backstory there? Why do the Guardians have a huge conduit in their Monument? A fully activated Conduit has an eye, and the Guardians also have one eye; Conduit Power lets you see underwater, while squids try to obscure your vision. There's something here.

    If you lower the pitch of an active conduit, like
    /playsound minecraft:block.conduit.ambient master @a[​distance=..50] ~ ~ ~ 10 0.7 right, then the rhythm becomes slower and deeper, like it's a huge conduit. This should be the background sound when you're inside a Monument. Is there a way to synchronise the /playsound rhythm and some other visual/functional effect? That would be SO COOL! (Message me if you don't get what I mean)



    Nautilus Shells are kinda useless. It's so weird to have some drowned hold them, and you throw any Nautilus Shell you happen to have in your Miscellaneous Chest, and it rots there, just as a slot for you to shift click any more you find into the chest.

    What if Nautilus were an actual mob? Real-life nautiluses are found in the Indo-Pacific, inhabiting the deep slopes of coral reefs. In some areas, they can even be found in shallower water... sounds like Deep Warm Oceans to me!

    Their shells are used as ornaments and souvenirs, while their nacreous inner shell layer is used as pearl substitute. This has caused exploitation and now they're becoming extinct. Not sure what we could use Nautilus Shells for, if not for Conduits. Surely they must get another function! It also uses jet propulsion to move, quite efficiently at that!

    Somewhere in my world download, there's a beach and that's where I test the Nautilus mobs, which are just invisible baby Drowneds with a custom player head, with follow range of 0. They look pretty good! They swim around, minding their own business, like proper ambient mobs. Only only problem, is that since they're drowneds, they are affected by Smite. One could make the argument that they're like fossils, and are undead in a sense, but I don't quite like that. Furthermore, they're not affected by Impaling. Why oh why aren't Drowneds considered aquatic mobs but undead???

    Anyways. Making a mating system might be hard. So just. Let them vibe ig. There must be something more we can do with them!


    Alright so that bit about Phantoms. Voted in in the Aquatic Update, no one likes them. But what if we got rid of "Phantoms" and introduced "Sting Rays"?

    They don't even need water breathing since theyre classified as undead mobs. They swim around and swim up/downwards just fine. They don't even try to come up to the surface that much, and if they do, then there's code in oplus/.../main.mcfunction that sets the Motion[​1] tag of Phantoms to a negative value as they pathfind and approach the water's surface, which looks derpy but keeps them underwater. So I wanted to make them neutral, and hostile when aggravated.

    But the problem arises when they're hostile and they try to pathfind to a player. If a player is bobbing on the surface, then the Phantom's AI will try to attack the player, then fly upwards, of course, out of the water and into the air which irl sting rays cannot do. They move upwards so intently that my commands can't keep them underwater, either. So the solution was to of course, make them passive creatures. But for some reason, a follow range of 0 doesn't work on Phantoms: they still pathfind to the player. Probably their AI works different. And, I don't want to create a /team because that might come into conflict with another datapack. So... I'm stuck here.

    But it would be so cool if Phantoms that have lied down on a seabed for a second will turn invisible, "camouflaging" with the seabed and then when the player comes near, it swims upwards towards the player and becomes visible! Ah that would be so cool.

    Smite Trident

    So Tridents are supposed to aid in underwater combat, right? Why doesn't anyone use the trident? Let's see, their main Impaling enchantment, does extra damage to underwater mobs. But the only hostile aquatic mob is the Guardian. Drowneds are considered undead. And they made Impaling go up to Level V so that it "balances" the Guardians having high health and it makes it "fair". Impaling is useless.

    Well. We can't make Impaling do extra damage to Drowneds since that's hardcoded. But you know how a thrown trident entity has the Trident NBT tag which stores the NBT of the trident item that was thrown? Long story short, if you throw a trident that is enchanted with Smite, created through commands, then it will deal extra damage to even Zombies and Drowneds.

    I would like for players to find prismarine shards that are enchatned with various levels of Smite, and they can use a Smithing Table to put that onto a Trident or something. Or maybe some other way to append the Smite enchantment's NBT tag onto the Trident. Then they can actually use the trident to fight Drowneds alongside Guardians, or even fighting the custom mob Deep Trenches.

    It would also be nice for my Spear Bolts to be able to be fired with a Smite Enchantment. This means enchanting the Spear Bolt arrow item, which looks ugly and doesnt stack well, or enchanting a regular crossbow (or having a special treasure crossbow) with a custom enchantment and tracking every Spear Bolt that it shoots, converting it into having Smite. Looks cooler. Haven't gotten around to doing it.

    Underwater light

    Underwater is dark. That's why they added Sea Pickles, which are quite cute. I purposely made the Deep Trench to plant Sea Pickles upon death. This also guides the player into bringing Sea Pickles with them as their underwater "torches". Hopefully then they will try to navigate underwater caves because there really is a ton of ores in the caves. But mining underwater is slow (can be fixed with Aqua Affinity/Haste) and there's always the threat of running out of air (Turtle Helmet/some psuedo-permanent Water Breathing?). There's also not too many special underwater, cave mobs. We need more things like the Deep Trench.

    I was thinking of having a "Pickle Bolt", fletched by combining the Spear Bolt with Sea Pickles, and it would plant the Sea Pickles wherever it lands. This is so players can light up an area from afar, which would be pretty cool.

    Useful links:
    https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Ocean_Monument/Structure (this one, WHEW)


    The player heads I've used

    All the best if you're gonna develop this datapack!

    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

    1 Update Logs

    Update #1 : by calebchan 10/04/2020 10:57:37 pmOct 4th, 2020

    Fixed the world download, the link was broken last time. There's a lot of stuff in there, like tools that I used to really understand the Monument structure, and there's some random command blocks that may be of interest to you!

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    06/16/2022 1:20 pm
    Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
    Rounduction avatar
    can you make a datapack that just completley removes them?
    06/27/2022 7:03 am
    Level 50 : Grandmaster Meme
    calebchan avatar
    oh yea it's possible, but I'm sure you can figure it out yourself! use the minecraft wiki!
    06/19/2022 4:50 am
    Level 50 : Grandmaster Meme
    calebchan avatar
    Hello! I... guess you can simply remove them with a custom world generation configuration that doesn't generate ocean monuments. It's relatively simple, you can look into it yourself. Why would you want this?
    06/21/2022 6:52 am
    Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
    Rounduction avatar
    how do i remove it tho? i cant seem to find it anywhere
    04/10/2021 2:15 am
    Level 5 : Apprentice Artist
    TaintedPlaces avatar
    How laggy is this? Is it worth it adding it to my realm? Is it optimized?
    04/11/2021 10:51 am
    Level 50 : Grandmaster Meme
    calebchan avatar
    Hallooo!! As written in the very very long description, this datapack is abandoned, unfinished and merely a proof of concept. So it likely has acres of room for optimisation improvement. There's a bajillion things that aren't brushed up. I personally would not load this into a world that I want to play on for more than a day.

    Nevertheless, if you found all these proof of concepts interesting: I highly recommend exploring all its features! Update Aquatic left a lot to desire, yet it was still a step in the right direction! Showcasing my ideas using the limitations of vanilla datapacks just proves that they missed the mark by just a hair's breadth. I am personally convinced that the vanilla metagame would have benefited from my proposed extra depth (no pun intended).

    But ya uh no it's defo not optimised. at all. but messing around with my friends for a day was a blast.
    03/20/2021 8:32 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    User3499982G avatar
    how do you change the loot?
    03/28/2021 2:23 am
    Level 50 : Grandmaster Meme
    calebchan avatar
    02/16/2021 8:26 pm
    Level 18 : Journeyman Narwhal
    SharkT0oth avatar
    Hey uh, when I download this pack the file name is "Desert pyramid boss" I just wanna know if this is normal?
    02/20/2021 3:57 am
    Level 50 : Grandmaster Meme
    calebchan avatar
    hallo. That is in fact not normal. That is my other datapack. How long has this been going on WHAT
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