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    HI! My name is Caleb, and I just like creating fun datapacks that spice up the Survival Multiplayer experience!

    Minecraft is a lovely game with so much potential. I've been playing since the good ol' minecraft.net days. After this decade's journey, I regularly (lovingly) criticize vanilla (as a loving parent would to their children) for its slow updates and lackluster features. So with datapacks, I can finally tangible-ize my thoughts into reality. I like to keep as much of the vanilla feel as possible, and datapacks reside in that psychological sweet spot between vanilla-like, whilst having the full integration so as to not have to "download" full out mods.

    One of my two biggest datapacks is CC's Desert Pyramid Boss, a datapack that improves the default Desert Pyramid structures by replacing each one with a custom structure that holds two mob spawners, hidden loot chests, custom mobs and a whole new Boss fight in each pyramid. I personally loved designing the experience of the fight. It rewards you with some new custom items too!

    The other one is actually my first published datapack: CC's Useful Snowmen+ . It all started with realizing what a missed opportunity snow golems are: they were already hardcoded to fire projectiles on hostile mobs, but no one ever used them. So all it took was a simple loop to make snowballs do damage, and instantly I could see it becoming so much more. From there I gave them more health, made them spawn naturally, have passive effects in certain biomes, reimagined the Igloo structure and added a brand new offhand offhand item.

    I love doing what I do, and I can spend whole days at the computer. It's like solving puzzles to work within the many limitations of the datapack and creating inventive workarounds.The straightforward way to replace vanilla desert pyramids with custom ones would be to use the datapack's structure subfolder -- except, there is no datapack structure file for desert pyramids. So it took a while with a pen and paper and I finally worked out a solution.

    When I'm not coding, I enjoy writing/analyzing stories of any medium (film, book, play) (it does half-coincide with designing games. I love designing and creating experiences), I spend some time to play guitar, and just spend hours with my friends. I am soon starting my second year in a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Yes, people who know me irl and stumbled across this page, it is me. I play Minecraft. HAHA
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      July 4, 2020, 3:06 am to Public
      I am starting work on an Improved Ocean Monuments datapack! Right now I'm just going to add loot chests to the random rooms of that monument. I've already made a way to test for each room type, update some of the interior structure (shown below), count the openings and their orientation in each room, now all that's left is to design the loot chests spawning. It's been such a puzzle but I think I've worked the bulk of it out!

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