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CC's Very Suspicious Stew — Buffed Status Effects!

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Level 48 : Master Explorer

Very Suspicious Stew

Makes Suspicious Stew from a brown Mooshroom more powerful!

When was the last time you ever used Suspicious Stew?

Do you even know what it does?

Did you know you get can get Suspicious Stew by feeding a brown Mooshroom a flower, and then using a bowl on it?


Potions are powerful items, and they are rightly expensive and tedious to make, and take up a whole inventory slot.
They are also not worth the trouble for most casual players who don't need 3:00 of a particular potion effect.

And then on the other hand, we have Suspicious Stew. Found in so many places, but their super short durations make them USELESS! One very unique feature in particular was how you can farm Suspicious Stews from very rare brown Mushrooms. But no one ever has a reason to do this, even though there's so much gameplay content that potentially can come with it.


With this datapack, if you right click a brown Mooshroom with a flower, and then use a Bowl on it, it will give you one Very Suspicious Stew, that grants a status effect according to the flower that you fed it with. This status effect is changed from the vanilla status effect.

All other sources of Suspicious Stew (crafting, trading, chest loot, shipwrecks) currently remain the same with the same vanilla status effects, but can certainly be extended to include this special Stew too.

1. Status Effects

1a. Tier progression: Players can have access to useful status effects before going into the Nether for Nether Warts or killing a Wither for beacon effects. Yet, the Very Suspicious Stew's effects are very limited in duration, so while 0:10 of Fire Resistance may be useful to keep on the hotbar to save their lives in a pinch, they will still need to do proper brewing to get 3:00+ status effects.

1b. Duration length is now long enough for it to be viable for players to actually practically use them. They can be used at any stage of the game, even in late game since as a weaker but cheaper alternative to potions! Effects like Blindness and Nausea are made longer so that players can use them in minigames or role-play or whatever they need!

1c. Accessible features: Interesting effects like Luck and Health Boost become accessible in the game.

1d. Quality of life features like Jump Boost and Dolphin's Grace, for cheap and short-duration use cases.

2. Brown Mooshrooms

Brown Mooshrooms are supposed to be this rare creature, but their one unique practical feature doesn't really do much. Red Mooshrooms aren't even that glorified, because nobody has a use for infinite Mushroom Stew; regular cows work just fine for their Steak and Leather.

Now, finding a Mooshroom Island actually means something. You could excessively breed red Mooshrooms or get a Chanelling Trident and wait for thundering weather. You'd have to transport the Mooshroom back to your base. There's so much content a player gets to invest in order to get a precious, prized brown Mooshroom for psuedo-potions.

3. Flowers

If players want Dolphin's Grace to conveniently cross a strait, a player must scavenge for the Lily of the Valley. To mass produce Very Suspicious Stews, flower farms have to be built in the right biome. Specifically, if PVPers want to mass produce the powerful Health Boost effect, a Wither Rose farm must be made.

There's so many applications for the different effects of Very Suspicious Stews. There's so many goals to set, so much content that a player gets to experience and plan out for themselves. That's the core gameplay loop of Minecraft.


The original vanilla Suspicious Stew is hardcoded to be given straight into your inventory and not bound to a Loot Table. There's probably a way to check for the original Stew and replace it, but I can't brain it, there's probably a better way that I don't know. So for now, players are restricted that they must hold only one empty Bowl in their main hand to get Very Suspicious Stew from a flower-fed brown Mooshroom.

If players use their offhand, or if they use a slot with two or more Bowls, they will just get a regular Suspicious Stew and a feedback message in the action bar, telling them this limitation.

Please suggest how I can overcome this limitation!

Original Suspicious Stew Effects Table

So bad I don't even want to type out the table

Effects Table
FlowerEffectDuration (seconds)
AlliumFire Resistance  20s
Azure BluetBlindness30s
Blue Orchid
CornflowerJump Boost30s
Lily of the ValleyDolphin's Grace  20s
Oxeye DaisyResistance20s
Wither RoseHealth Boost30s

All effects are at level 1, as the NBT for Suspicious Stew doesn't allow for any other effect potency value. But that's alright! Level 1 is a perfect level for this mid-game item.

See the (rather lame) original effects at Suspicious_Stew/Effects

Please comment any tweaks to the effects table!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18
toMinecraft 1.19

3 Update Logs

v1.3 Effects Tweaks : by calebchan 06/03/2022 9:09:06 amJun 3rd

Health Boost   30s → 40s
Haste      15s → 20s

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05/15/2022 8:33 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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Kinda sus, not gonna lie.
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