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USB Ultimate Sky Block Datapack

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Devu Projects avatar Devu Projects
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Waffle
Compatible with newest snapshot

Newest version: 1.3

USB - Ultimate SkyBlock Datapack is a reciepie datapack, that will give you complete freedom on classic Minecraft Skyblocks. The only requirement is to be on any biome that allows mob spawning.

Datapack contains over 185 new reciepies for Crafting Table, Furnace and Stonecutter!

To see all the reciepies you'll need to unlock them, or to use this command:/reciepie give @p *

Datapack includes reciepies for:

-everything that you can't get on standard skyblock1 Even End portal frame! Bamboo! Minerals (Diamonds are VERY expensive), Saplings! Turtle Eggs! BEES! And everything else!

-Mob spawners!

-Fish buckets!

-Some spawn eggs (list below)

-Slabs to blocks!

-Smelt stone slabs and stairs from cobblestone slabs and stairs!

-Smelt dead corals from corals <-- everytime it breaks exactly half of the pack :<

Special Info:

Seeds, saplings and minerals (except diamond) are tiering based

Base spawn egg is pig spawn egg. You'll need it for every other

Available spawn eggs:
-Arctic Fox (shows as Structure Void block)
-Zombie Horse
-Polar Bear
-Elder Guardian
-Zombie Pigman
-Cave Spider
-Fish buckets

Made with https://crafting.thedestruc7i0n.ca/
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.14

1 Update Logs

Announcement : by Devu Projects 03/16/2020 8:13:22 pmMar 16th, 2020

USB datapack will get a huge update soon. When that'll happen, this site will be taken down and pack will be available on new one, which will look better too

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09/21/2019 8:57 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Artist
angelkiwi avatar
Looks really fun! I'll have to try it out and let you know how it goes :)
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