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Welcome to a special edition of the Weekly - Minecraft Live Mob Vote Edition! The new mobs introduced in Minecraft's teaser trailers were a hot topic this week. We saw several Mob Skins, player skins, mods, packs, art, forum threads and more! We hope you enjoy this special edition article!

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Happy Halloween! 👻
Our Happy Halloween Event is shaping up to be one of the most successful Community Event's we've hosted, woooo! Let's find some pumpkins, brew some potions, clip on our bat-wings and go all-out with some Halloween-themed Minecraft creations!

You can enter up to FIVE Halloween-themed creations. Don't let appearances fool you: there is nothing scary about joining in on the fun. We welcome any crafty creation that fits the theme! Skins can be wicked witches and terrible monsters, or trick-or-treaters in fun costumes. You can build haunted houses or mysterious graveyards, write spine-chilling tales or add some spooks to the world of Minecraft!

Deadline: October 31st


NEW Contests Launched this week
😁 (Skins) Title + LinkHostDeadline
Remake ContestMake It SpookyPsioPsia001November 3
Themed ContestDragon Skins Contest
Leorio75November 15
👽 (Other) Title + LinkHostDeadline
Banner ContestBanner contest!fatcat109_October 31
Music ContestSpooky Tunes | Musical Event 🎶The ExiIed FeIIowOctober 31

Stray Leaves; 100 subscriber RC Minecraft Skin
Mxple_Starz is celebrating 100 subscribers and hosting a reshade contest! You must reshade the skin above and tag your submission with 'mapleleavesrc'

Deadline: November 10

😁 (Skins) TypeTitle + LinkHostDate / Deadline
Reshade Contest
Fall Reshade  
October 18
Themed Contest
Video Game Skin Contest
October 19
Themed Contest
Legend of Zelda Skin Contest
October 21
🎨 (Art) Type

Non-Competitive Art Event
Spooky PaintingsYokaiS  
October 23
Visit the Community Event Calendar for a complete overview of current events! 📅


WHEN: Today at 12PM EST! (click here to see your time zone)
WHERE: the show will air on Minecraft.net/live, YouTube, and Twitch.

Minecraft Live is TODAY, but earlier they released the next Mob vote announcement that included 3 new mobs: The Allay, Glare, and Copper Golem! We will briefly go over each new mob below and follow with some submissions for each!

Nitgo created a forum thread that covers all 3 mobs at length! The thread also includes the official Minecraft trailers for convenience. Scroll to the end of the thread and vote for the mob you want to be added to Minecraft!

If you're on the fence on which mob to vote for, Zodus made a blog expressing their thoughts on each mob. At the end of the blog, they also summarize some big Streamer's opinions on the mobs, and which ones they think they'll vote for!
Mobvote render!
Render by Sully

DO0MINATOR created shirts for all 3 of the new mobs - suit up in your favorite one and run around shouting from the mountaintops the mob you're voting for!
Glare shirt Minecraft Skin
Allay Shirt Minecraft Skin
Copper Golem Shirt Minecraft Skin

Prefer to be one of these mobs? Check out these phenomenal player skins elfie_ created!

Glare Minecraft Skin
Allay Minecraft Skin
Copper Golem Minecraft Skin
Glare by elfie_
Allay by elfie_
Copper Golem by elfie_


This green mob appears to be a cross between a shrub and a soot sprite (Totoro fans will know what I'm talking about!). "Glare" is its official name and is a passive mob that proves to be useful! It will let you know you're in an area that is dark enough for monsters by making some grumpy noises. Cute grumpy noises, might we add. Super adorable. You'll be a step ahead of those pesky skeletons and spiders!

Read more about the Glare here

First, let's start with some Glare Fan Art:

Glare model by Sully
Glare Drawing by JbfKid
Glare playing with Bubbles by Eveee_cx

Want the glare in your world now? The submissions below add the Glare into your world without having to wait!
Hakks crated a texture pack for the Glare. The Glare simply replaces a vanilla mob - the bee - with this new mob. It does not have any functions, it is purely for aesthetic enjoyment!

saadcraft created a similar pack (replacing the bee with the glare), but the glare model itself is a little different. Be sure to check it out!
Glares are a passive, tamable mob that don't like the dark and hiss and get angry when its owner goes into a dark place, giving a warning that hostile mobs could spawn. In this mod created by Shmee1501655, they can be tamed by using any type of torch on them. Glares spawn on grass blocks at a light level of 15.

Saskill234 also created a Glare mod too, however, it currently doesn't have any behaviors other than flying. You can tame this one with a stone in your hand,

The Glare(Retexturize)(On Minecraft Live) Minecraft Skin
Glare Minecraft Mobvote 2021 Minecraft Skin
Glare (mob vote) Minecraft Skin
The Glare by MrZedLight
Glare Minecraft Mobvote 2021 by superflitten
Glare skin by FmWild


Is it an angel? A ghost? An angel ghost? The allay is a darling dancing mob that will gather items for you! If you give the Allay an item it will collect more of the same or similar items and give them back to you. If a note block is near by, that's where the Allay will drop the collected items.

A little fact: while we were doing our research on all of the mobs, the Allay seemed to be the favorite and most voted on in several polls so we were lead to belive the Allay was the most popular.... however, there were less Allay submissions on PMC than any other mob!

Read more about the Allay here

Allay Model by Sully
Allay Drawing by JbfKid

Want the Allay in your world now? The submissions below add the Allay into your world without having to wait!
So I Added The ALLAY To Minecraft Minecraft Mod
Hakks also created a pack for the Allay. It replaces the parrot with the new Allay. Thought it doesn't function as an Allay would, it flies around your world looking like a cute blue angel in the sky, perching on trees at its leisure.
This mod by Saskill234 adds the Allay to Minecraft- the allay will fly around and do everything it would normally do except find items for you. It doesn't replace any of the Vanilla mobs, so if you're looking for a friend that will follow you around and fetch things for you, vote for the Allay!

Allay Costume - Steve Template Minecraft Skin
Allay / original textures / V.1 Minecraft Skin
Allay Costume by Bep
Allay by Yoler_Toons
Allay holding a Cookie by Samurai Sins


Such a cute little fella, don't you think?! The copper golem can be built by the player and loves pushing copper buttons. If voted as the next mob to be added, copper buttons would be added to the game as well. Over time, the copper golem oxidizes and turns green. Their behavior is said to be unpredictable, but rest assured their cute appearance makes up for any mess they'll make.

Read more about the Copper Golem here!
Check out some of our member's models of the metal mob below:

Copper Golem Concept by cottpro
Copper Golem models by Sully

Want the copper golem in your world now? The submissions below add the Copper Golem into your world without having to wait:

So I Added The COPPER GOLEM To Minecraft Minecraft Mod

Hakks also created a pack for the copper golem! The pack replaces the vanilla chicken with the copper golem and it is ADORABLE. It measures about the size of a tulip and comes in its fresh copper version as well as it's tarnished green version. The pack doesn't add any behaviors, it's simply for aesthetic purposes!

SuperStroi created a similar pack with a slightly different golem model. Check it out here!
Saskill234 created a mod that adds the little golem to Minecraft! With this mod, hte copper golem drops 3-5 copper if killed - we have a feeling you'll think this mob is too adorable to assassinate, however.

YourDailyModder also created a mod that adds Copper Golems to your world. With their mod, you create the golem with cut copper stairs, a block of copper and a lightning rod. You can tame it with a copper ignot and make it follow you!


The Copper Golem/ Mob Vote Minecraft Skin

Copper Golem Mobvote 2021 Minecraft Skin

Copper golem (mob vote) Minecraft Skin

The Copper Golem by steveiscool

Copper Golem Skin by FmWild!

Cant quite decide which one is your favorite?

If you want ALL THREE mobs to be added to your world, TheblueMan003 has you covered. They created a data pack that adds the Allay, Copper Golem AND the Glare!

With this pack you can tame the Allay by throwing cookies at it. Drop a cookie by a tamed allay and it will disappear & fetch you the nearest items - play music and it watch it dance!

With FreshLX

Click to reveal
FreshLX is the creator of one of the most popular packs on Planet Minecraft - Fresh Animations! We personally use this pack and it's an absolute game-changer in the sense that everything feels more alive, but still feels vanilla. The mobs in their pack blink and have various expressions and animations that really make playing Minecraft that much more enjoyable!

Their other packs are quite popular, too. They've been a member for about a year and have quickly risen to level 68 with 818 subscribers. We wanted to know where their ideas come from, and how they've managed to pull off such successful packs...and how it all started!

How were you introduced to creating texture packs?

I remember making textures early on, but for me resource pack making started when I learned how to make block and item models. I made models for packs I liked at the time – usually vanilla edits – but I never released or shared them publicly.

Before I knew about Blockbench I made models in Blender (computer graphics software) using an old JSON exporter plugin, though it didn’t work perfectly. I had to clean up the code myself, which proved to be a fun challenge and a good way to come to understand JSON.

What software/programs do you use to create your packs?

Nothing fancy. I use Blockbench for 3D modelling and some aspects of texturing, such as UV mapping/layout and basic outlines for shapes.

I use Paint.NET for the rest of the texturing process.

For code editing such as blockstates, Optifine properties or CEM animation, I use Notepad++.

I mentioned Blender earlier – I like to use it for conceptualising some ideas. I also created Fresh Animations’ banners in Blender.

Your most popular pack is Fresh animations. In fact, it hit 2 million downloads - (wait, I just looked on curseforge and looks like THREE MILLION!) - this year! Congratulations! Though this pack is your most popular, is it your self-made favorite submission? If yes, is there a close second?

It’s definitely my most favourite, yeah. Better entity animation is an idea I wanted long before I knew it was possible. This applies similarly to my #2, Fresh CIT. To be able to add more detail to my builds is fun and interesting, especially when I’ve design said details myself!

Fresh CIT and Fresh Animations are what I consider my only two major packs and my most popular, so I suppose this ranking makes sense.

What do you feel makes a good texture pack?

I think – like any product – a good resource pack brings new and unique ideas to the user’s experience. This could mean adding content to the game, changing it drastically, or improving and building on what’s already there. Anything really, as long as its purpose is coherent and appealing.

I tend to stick with the vanilla look of Minecraft but am open to new improvements and additions to keep it fresh. ;)

What is your favorite pack(s) made by someone else?

This is a tricky one, as I don’t tend to play the game, let alone with other packs! But on the occasion, I enjoy a bit of building.

Better Vanilla Building by StefanJ2 is a very nice building-oriented pack, but it also introduces an incredible number of new blocks to build with using Optifine. Everyone knows about this one by now!

Mizuno’s 16 Craft by Mizuno is another building pack. This one isn’t vanilla-themed, but it’s very unique in style I enjoy, and I appreciate that it tests pixel art as a medium. It also inspired Fresh CIT with its extra pack, Mizuno’s 16 Craft CIT.

What is a “CIT” pack, and how are they different from regular packs?

CIT is an acronym meaning Custom Item Texture, which is a feature of Optifine.

With Optifine installed, it allows you to change the appearance of an item texture and/or model based on specific properties defined in a resource pack. Fresh CIT allows you to add decorative models to your builds by renaming items in an anvil and placing them with invisible item frames.

If you’re more interested in CITs I recommend that you look at this very informative documentation!

Since you create texture packs…. is it safe to assume you also create pixel art? (If yes, share some art with us.. If no, tell us what the difference is between creating pixel art and textures for texture packs)

I don’t consider myself a pixel artist, simply because I don’t make pixel art outside of Minecraft, and texturing isn’t at the forefront of my creations. My main interests in resource pack creating are 3D modelling and animation. Yeah, I think it’s completely necessary to make textures as part of the modelling process – a model isn’t complete without it – but it’s secondary to me.

To fully answer the question, I’d say the difference between pixel art and texture art in a pack is that pixel art is more standalone, whereas texture art is a piece of a puzzle. Textures have more application if that makes sense. Other than that, the same or similar principles apply I think.

Are you currently working on or planning more packs?

Yes! I’ve had a few almost-ready projects lined up for first release for a while now. I have no idea when they’ll be out as I don’t have much free time as it is nowadays, and with Fresh Animations on the top of my to-dos.

But yeah, I intend to continue making packs as long as new and interesting ideas come to mind.

If you could collaborate with another texture pack creator, who would it be and why?

I don’t have any particular creators in mind. I do like the idea of animating other entities, which could be a fun way to collaborate with others.

Are your Minecraft creations influencing your career choices or school studies?

I think it goes both ways. I’ve been doing 3D modelling and animation for years. I just had a look back at some old files and found some Blender files from 2014. When I think about it, these things have always been a part of my life, so it only makes sense that I’m pursuing these things at university today. Minecraft has been a passion for me for a lot of that time too, so it’s a combination of these things that explain how I made it into the Minecraft pack creating community.

What hobbies do you have outside of Minecraft?

I like to watch Youtube and Twitch. I don’t watch TV series or movies much, but I’ll get really passionate about a good story.

University keeps me pretty busy, and it’s proving difficult to juggle studies and hobbies. :|

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I’m a kiwi! (Not to be confused with the Kiwi bird or kiwifruit)

Are the programs you use to create resource packs, the same as the ones you use to create animations?

Yup, the animations are made using the same programs from your earlier question.

Blockbench is used initially to create the model/rig to prepare for animating. The animations themselves are written in the entity model’s code using mathematic functions and parameters linked to the game. As of now this is the only way to do custom entity animation with a resource pack for Java Edition (as far as I’m aware).

If you’re more interested in Optifine CEM animation I recommend that you look at this very informative documentation!

Where did your idea come from for your pack, Fresh Animations?

I guess it was always in the back of my mind when I played Minecraft. The vanilla animations are very bland in comparison to fan animations promotional trailers and more recently (relatively speaking), Minecraft Dungeons.

After I found Mizuno’s 16 Craft CIT pack I mentioned earlier, I wanted to learn more about CITs and that quickly branched into CEM and other Optifine features. That’s when I learnt how to do CEM animation and after a bit of practice I started making Fresh Animations.

Out of all of the animations you created in Fresh Animations, which one is your favorite?

I’m not one to pick favourites so this isn’t easy, and I’m quite happy with it as a whole. The silverfish has a nice tail swish when it turns. I’m quite proud of the skeleton animation, as they took a lot of work to get the aiming pose to work for both right- and left-handed skeletons. The vindicator is similar in this way and was also the first to be overhauled in version 1.4, with new attack animations and more psychotic expressions. So, there’s a few I like more, but I can’t say I have a favourite.

Are there any animations that you were hoping to add that ended up not working out?

Yeah unfortunately, haha. The squid is a prime example. I actually included it in version 1.3, but it wasn’t included in 1.3.1 a few weeks later after Optifine 1.17 came out. I was very limited with what I could improve about the squid, as I experienced strange issues which I can only assume has some link to it’s strange/buggy nature in-game. In Optifine 1.17, the small adjustments I’d made didn’t work like they did in 1.16, so I just scrapped them without even trying to fix it.

How long does it typically take to create a new animation/mob expression? Perhaps walk us through process!

Some mobs are done from scratch; some are derived from previous ones. Most of the time you shouldn’t notice this, as each mob is unique, so the animations are too.

The time it takes to make each varies greatly. But as an example, I animated the chicken from scratch. I spent a day on it, then another 2ish days on details and touch-ups. I’d say that’s probably the minimum for any mob.

How long did it take to create Fresh Animations?

Hmm I’ll make a guess. I first released it at the very end of 2020 on December 30th, so from now it’s almost been online for 10 months. It must be almost a year since I started developing it! It’s a Beta pack so it’s still not complete, and with mobs constantly being added to the game, I’ll continue to develop it as long as I can make time to do so.

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One time I saw this video called (Link Removed) and it was very weird. It was 54 hours of the word penguin over and over again .

Here is the video: [ hyperlink blocked ]
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Gosh, I made a datapack that adds the mobs, I just haven't posted it because I can't get the glare texture to look good :(
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yes, 1.19 will be delicious, can't wait for snapshots and the excellent new version of Warden.
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and the allay won so if you think an diffrent one sorry
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Cant wait for 1.19!! Or 1.20 (whatever that is)!!!!!
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Minecraft 1.19's gonna be great!
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Wild update lets gooooo
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Official Interview :0
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Very cool weekly, as always :)
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Very cool!
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I wanted the copper golem to win, but allay won. GG.
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Go allay!
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The ExiIed FeIIow
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Copper Golem. Kinda useful for redstoners.

Glare's grump would probably grant me anxiety in-game and Allay does not dupe items making it basically a floating hopper.

Actually, I might consider voting for Allay. The button-pushing aspect of the golem may not be that useful for most contraptions. Just randomizers.
10/21/2021 10:21 pm
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The golem could work very well as a form of wireless redstone, having a long hallway with the golem at one end and the button at another
10/16/2021 12:55 pm
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GOLEM BOI! golem gang
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Allay 100%
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The happy halloween contest is really exciting looking forward to see if my datapack will be featured :D
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frik the glare
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2nd person
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eyyy thanks for showing my copper golem model!
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is he pressing the emergency meeting button?
from among us?
sus imposter?
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First Reply! :D
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I'm either going to vote for the copper golem or Allay
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I voted allay
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