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  • About me

    I have been playing on Minecraft since 2011. I am mostly interested in reproducing existing builds and creating realistic ones. I like to take part into contests and I have three main projects to flourish : Daxx, a realistic city, a recreation of Hogwarts and a Kollhaas-inspirated project.

    Since I realized how much the forms and the materials are important to the look of a building, I am much interested in modern and contemporary architecture. I try some exercises and buildings about it, have a look!
  • The Minecraft City of the Captive Globe

    There is a project that I would be glad if it succeeds. If you are interested by building laboratories, this is made for you!

  • Submission Gallery

  • What is architecture?

    I do not like the TED format, so let's share one video from it to think about architecture.

  • Contemporary compilation

    Mattupolis: Modern City Project [Release 9.5]
    Villa dall'ava - Rem Koolhaas
    WOK first modern high school!!
    "Médiathèque Pierre Vives" from Zaha Hadid - NewHeaven
    500+ Diamonds Special: GCH
    Museum of Modern Art
    Modern Police Station
    City Stadium
    Concert Hall
    Modern church
    Ar Razzâq - Modern Mosque Concept
    Contemporary Masonic Temple
    Organic Office Center

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