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    Trialed Alpha on an ancient Dell Inspirion B120 and lagged beyond belief, driving me away from the game as a whole.

    I returned in 2013 with Magmarashi on Java 1.4.7, and had fun with all sorts of Forge/FTB mods, though Mystcraft and Buildcraft took the lead as favorites. Also joined up on FilmCow's fully tricked-out Bukkit 1.6.4 server, though this was a short run and griefing was sadly still very popular.

    I've since started my own semi-private server (started as Java 1.12, and upgraded to Java 1.14.4). Thus far, it's been a creative testing world and multi-computer access point for myself to avoid complications with transferring world files.

    In late 2019 I joined another vanilla/Spigot server made by the fans of the NoDumbQuestions Podcast, and made the most progress there than anywhere else until it was shut down mid-April 2020.

    I've since reset my private Spigot server, redubbing it "Rude Bros Minecraft" and whitelisted my inlaws, who will pop on occasionally and work either on solo or collaborative projects!
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    Member is inactive, when they return we'll enable their YouTube videos. In the meantime, you can always visit their YouTube channel here.

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