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    Hi! I'm IronWorks. I Build things and i am a soon to be owner of a server. I Hope that all of you can help me become a better builder and I help you become a better builder. I'm almost always online so feel free to write me!
    if you want to apply for the server copy the application below and fill it out send it to me through a pm or discord.

    Why do you want to work at IronSmith-Games?
    What are you applying for?
    What version of Minecraft did you begin playing in?
    How old are you?
    What are your talents?
    Why should we hire you for IronSmith-Games?

    Please build according to each theme and insert a pictures for each one. they do not have to be large-scale, they can be any size greater or equal to a 15 by 15 area.

    1: Medieval

    2: Fantasy

    3: Oriental

    4: Ancient

    5: Greenery

    6: Wild West

    7: Haunted
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