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    Hello, I'm James

    I been playing Minecraft for about 9 years, My wife and step-son got me started in survival. But it was the building part in creative, That got me hooked. Started out building MEDIEVAL worlds on our realms and it was my wife, Who wanted some help with her modern city. I wanted to add some realism to her city with VEHICLES, I couldn't find what I wanted. So I started building my own. On Minecraft, We started building our own construction company ( D&J construction co ) started with the vehicles. Building a quarry, Finished the Redi-Mix plant, Building a Asphalt plant.

    I never thought, What I was building was good enough to post on ( planetminecraft ) With a push from family and friends. I started posting my builds. Alot of what I build is that I can't find it for my city or I feel like i can build it a little better. Lately I've seen some REALLY GOOD builders make some great vehicles. I look at them and think ( wow ) can't improve on that and I look at something else to build.

    Going to borrow a quote I like from Captain_JEK, I would like to inspire people to build on their creativity. Because Minecraft, After all is only about placing and breaking blocks. Nothing more. So everyone can create something MAGICAL.

    Current Minecraft Ranks :

    PMC - GrandMaster Crafter.

    United Crafters - Board of Directors, Dir of Staff, Chairman, Donator, Mod, Medieval, Vehicles.

    Military Builders - Captain, Producer, Patreon Support, Vehicle builder, Build Team 2

    Blueprint - Retired Staff, Verified, Member, Donor, Build Team

    Cubed - Partner, Level 5 Member, Verified, Builder, Vehicles

    Garrett's Army - Former Sergeant, Airbase Crew

    military builders
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    • Jim55's Avatar
      June 8, 2020, 1:51 pm to Public
      Been asked ( where you been, You taking a break ) Yes, But not my choosing. I've had surgery on my right hand and arm. And yes I'm right handed. I barely can click a mouse. After I heal up, I have to have the left hand and arm done. Pinched nerves in my arms causing my hands go numb. For the past year I've been building and posting to PMC and twitter, Every other week. Feel a little lost not to be gaming. On top of all that. I want to scratch my right arm so bad. LOL
      Percon said 2020-06-09 01:48:32
      Percon's Avatar
      Hope you recover soon Jim!
      TheLimeHit said 2020-06-08 14:27:53
      TheLimeHit's Avatar
      I wish you a speedy recovery!
    • Jim55's Avatar
      December 31, 2019, 8:00 pm to Public
      So, I saw this on another builders post and wondered how I did in 2019. Here is my year end stats of mine.

      Subscribers - 187
      Profile views - 8160
      Xp points - 77.123
      Submissions - 118
      Submission views - 59311
      Diamonds - 2067
      Downloads - 3878
      Favorites - 1056
      Comments - 201
      Emeralds - 88
      Profile level 45

      I joined in 2016, But started posting builds in 2019

      Social - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Discord
      And I have been featured on the popular reel a good few times.
      I'm extremely thankful for all your support throughout this year, I hope I will not disappoint you in 2020.
      Have a Happy Safe New Year !
    • Jim55's Avatar
      October 17, 2019, 1:06 am to Public
      So I've been building vehicles for almost a year. Many different builds, Many different scales, and Many different games 1.12, 1.13, and 1.14 I know 1.12.+ vehicles will upgrade to 1.13.+ no issues. Same with 1.13 + vehicles to 1.14+. Just can't jump from 1.12 to 1.14 (alot of missing blocks) SO my question is, WANT MORE of 1.12+ , 1.13+, or 1.14+ vehicle builds ?
      Jim55 replied to Captain_JEK's comment below 2019-10-17 10:28:45
      Jim55's Avatar
      Thank you. Sounds good. yeah i had been doing 1.13 mostly. Kept getting D.M. asking why i didn't do more 1.12 builds. Thought I'd give the other side a chance to speak up. can't make everyone happy. Thanks again for your feedback
      Captain_JEK said 2019-10-17 10:13:54
      Captain_JEK's Avatar
      I think useful for most people would be the version 1.13 but you've got a lot more building possibilities in 1.14.
      So, if you can, build in 1.13. If you could build something a lot better in 1.14, build it in 1.14.
    • Jim55's Avatar
      December 31, 2018, 7:44 pm to Public
      Wish to everyone, A Safe and Happy New Year. Hope 2019 is ALL you wish for
    • Jim55's Avatar
      December 24, 2018, 9:04 pm to Public
      EVERYONE on PMC, Want to wish you a Merry Christmas to you and your family, If your traveling next few days. Wishing you a safe trip
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  • D and J Construction co

    A Manitowoc 4600 Strip Mining Dragline
    1.75:1 Scale  Mack Truck & G.C.I self-erecting tower crane
    1.75:1 Scale  Mack DM Truck & Trailer. with a LIEBHERR LR636 Track loader
    1.5:1 Scale Cat asphalt paver & Cat vibratory asphalt roller
    1.75:1  Scale John Deere 764 HSD High Speed Dozer
    1.5:1 Scale  Liebherr LTM 1200 Mobile Truck Crane with Luffing jib
    1.75:1 Scale  Mack TerraPro Concrete Pump Truck  (BOOM UP- Forward, Left, Right)
    2:1 scale   Peterbilt 389 Heavy Haul Truck (Gooseneck Trailer + Cat asphalt paver)
    Cat 621 Scraper
    2:1 scale  Small Mack DM series, Mechanics Onsite Repair/Lube Truck single rear axle  (2 trucks download)
    OFFROAD Cat 621 Water Distributor (water wagon)
    Mack Truck ( 2+3+2 ) Lowboy Trailer V1 +  CAT 657 SCRAPER
    Peterbilt Truck and (2+3) Lowboy Trailer + LIEBHERR LR636 (Track-Loader)
    D & J construction concrete plant #2
    Mack Truck ( 2+3+2 ) Lowboy Trailer + Manitowoc crane V2
    LIEBHERR LR636 Track-Loader V1 (Bucket up)
    LIEBHERR LR636 (Track-Loader) & Peterbilt Dump Truck V2
    LIEBHERR LR636 (Track-Loader) V1
    LIEBHERR LR636 Track-Loader V1 (bucket dumping)
    Doosan DL 250 Wheel-loader (3 machines)
    Oshkosh  (front discharge) Cement Mixer V1
    Mack truck ( 2+3 ) Lowboy Trailer, Link-belt excavator, front & rear vehicle escorts
    Link-belt LS7400 Excavator
    Liebherr ( 924 Med Duty ) Excavator
    Liebherr ( 902 Lite Duty ) Excavator
    Liebherr ( 900C Lite Duty ) Wheeled Excavator
    Small Peterbilt Fuel & Grease Truck   V1
    Large Freightliner Water Truck  V2
    Mack DM series Cement Mixer V2
    Doosan DL 550 Wheel Loader
    Manitowoc 4100W Laquila Tower Crane  Diorama
    D & J Frightliner with Lowboy and DL 550 Wheel Loader
    The LIMA 2400 Crane ( hook & clamshell )
    The LIMA 2400 DRAGLINE
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