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    January 19, 2019, 2:32 pm to Public
    popcorn by sandreewPopcorn by shirokuro-chanpopcorn by sandreew

    The Wall Post Weekly
    January 19th, 2019

    First, we would like to thank everyone that attended PMC Movie Night last night! It was a blast chatting and watching short Minecraft animations and A Wizard’s Tale together! There certainly was never a dull moment! Special thanks to the producer, StingrayProductions , for not only producing the movie, but attending movie night as well. Your director commentary through the movie was appreciated, and we all learned a little more about the behind-the-scenes work! We can’t wait to see what other movies you produce!

    There were a steady 45 members the entire movie! Some members popped in a little late because of school, while others had to leave to do laundry. There were a total of 114 members throughout the evening. It sure was fun and lively the entire time! Participants should see something special in their trophy case!

    If you missed movie night, don’t worry! We WILL be having another one! You can catch the short Minecraft Animations and A Wizard’s Tale over on PMCTV, Channel 6. We will continue to run the short clips and movie until the next movie night!


    ChocolateGhast’s Galaxy Skin Contest ends TOMORROW. Create an abstract skin of a galaxy or an alien from another galaxy!

    Greystokey’s Themed contest, Key Words ends in 3 Days! In this contest, you have to make a skin that represents ALL of these words: Stone, Wolf, Edge.
    Deadline: January 22

    Any Roblox fan’s? Marjory’s Themed contest, Mineblox is for you! IThis contest requires you to put at least 3 ROBLOX items on your character. Ends in 3 days and NEEDS participants!
    Deadline: January 22

    Carcharodontosaurus themed contest Slow Heavy Metal Music Playing is Battle #8 of their Bin Skin Contest.
    Deadline: February 11

    Wildcard_Gamer is in need for participants in his 50 Subscriber skin-reshade contest, Angel.
    Deadline: February 20th. Their also hosting a Retro Palette Skin Contest, which ends on February 8th!

    DinowCookie’s Collection Competition is a unique challenge, in which your goal is to create a collection following the theme and rules of the round. This round’s theme is FREESTYLE. Create a collection containing 20 submissions (from other members!) all centering around a theme of your choosing. She’s created a couple of collections as examples: A Black Collection and A Japan Collection!

    Read how to create collections in this blog post!

    We will feature the winning collection on PMC’s Profile!
    Ends January 25th

    For a complete list of Events and Contests, please visit the Community Event Calendar!

    Film strip stock PSD by nikongriffin

    updated the dynamic header of the website. It should run MUCH smoother for everyone on desktop or a potato.

    PMC Member len-kun created this amazing Splatoon Avatar template! It includes your choice of hair & eye color, hair style, expression and more!

    This morning, DinowCookie hinted towards the completion and release of Skin Team Top Notch’s second skin pack! We’re at the edge of our seats in excitement, wondering what theme they’ve chosen! Any guesses?

    Have a fantastic weekend!!!

    Faultythink said 2019-01-21 15:16:05
    How do I get on the server
    Carlifun said 2019-01-21 11:10:45
    Cool popcorn 🍿
    HEKMATD2 said 2019-01-21 04:12:46
    Hi can people help me I’m new

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  • AnimeFanFTW
    January 18, 2019, 7:00 pm to Public
    It has now been 1 year since I posted any content.

    I really should at least make a new blog...

    Just been having low motivation for anything lately

    We'll see. I do have some ideas for a blog.
  • PMC
    January 18, 2019, 2:19 pm to Public
    Image result for pixel art popcorn
    Happy Friday, Everyone! We LOVE the excitement from the Community for Movie Night tonight! zoomy888 edited their profile picture to include a bucket of popcorn, DinowCookie, and _Phrozenbit_ are ready with popcorn by their sides! Let us know if you change your profile picture to include popcorn, or post a photo of your popcorn/movie treats by tagging us in a wall post! We'd love to see!


    As you may have seen, A Wizards Tale won the majority vote, so that's what we will all be watching together! The movie will be broadcasted on PMN - Channel 6 on PMCTV at 5PM EST!

    Click here for the COUNT DOWN or here to convert EST to your time zone!

    IMPORTANT TO NOTE: AT ANY TIME if you skip ahead/behind in the movie, you will no longer be watching "with" everyone. You will be viewing it by yourself. If you happen to skip ahead/behind, Click the "Watch" button located above the chat box. This will bring you back to Live-view mode, and you'll be watching with everyone again :)

    If you have ANY ISSUES please comment on this post or TAG PMC. Hope to see you there!!

    ric_the_bat said 2019-01-18 18:02:48
    0 secons

    Zodus said 2019-01-18 16:23:44
    36 minutes
    Zodus said 2019-01-18 16:23:17
    38 minutes
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  • PMC
    January 17, 2019, 10:52 am to Public

    Planet Minecraft Community Movie Night!

    Horror Movies by Chromattix

    Who else is EXCITED for Movie Night tomorrow!? There are still 8 hours left to vote on which film we will watch together! PLEASE READ: This comment by the movie producer, StingrayProductions. It contains important information!

    Some movies are SUBTITLES ONLY and are indicated under the movie descriptions on the main forum thread with "Subtitles", as does the ones that have Voice Acting with "Voice Acting".

    Woop! See you tomorrow!

    Pixel Art Credit: Chromatix
    KnightOfJustice said 2019-01-17 14:09:43
    Lol, i love the gif! I sadly won't be able to see it!
    infectism said 2019-01-17 12:19:47
    i'll be there if i'm able to!
    i still really love this idea. ♥
    Princessbookbear said 2019-01-17 11:46:14
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  • Rox
    January 16, 2019, 3:10 pm to Public
    It's crazy how much long lasting damage a singular relationship can have.
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    by Jt9
    Game Version: Minecraft 1.12.2
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  • PMC
    January 13, 2019, 12:41 pm to Public
    Minecraft Diamond Icon by TheFandomDude

    The Wall Post Weekly
    January 13th, 2019

    Happy Sunday! In case you haven’t heard, we’re having a Planet Minecraft Community Movie Night next Friday!! Head on over to the poll to vote on which movie we will be watching. If you’ve already voted, please read: After a comment by the producer of the films, we’ve added a couple more movies to the poll. We also learned that some of the movies are SUBTITLES ONLY. We personally feel it’ll be fun regardless of voice acting, but if it changes your mind, please review the options again and re-vote! Poll runs through Thursday. We’re looking forward to seeing you on Movie Night!

    Minecraft Divider - Diamonds (Revamped) by caramel-dixon



    spygron 's Animals Skin Contest ENDS TODAY! If you’ve signed up, get those entries in! If you have some spare time today and are up for a crunch-time challenge, you can still participate!

    PKMNmastercassGemstone Skin Contest still has slots left! Make a skin based off of one of the gemstones. The following are still available: Garnet, Carnelian, Aventurine, Tanzanite, Tiger's Eye, Pyrite.
    Deadline: January 16th.

    From Around the World by CaelChan is one in which you pick a country and skin something that represents/is a core part of that country’s culture! Maybe it’s your own country or a country you hope to visit someday. A great contest that will come together to represent all parts of the world through Minecraft Skins. Cool!
    Deadline: January 17th.

    ChocolateGhast’s Galaxy Skin Contest has 1 week left. Create an out-of-this-world skin representing a galaxy far, far away!
    Deadline: January 20th.

    An Intelligent Moron Palette Contest - Rounds! Features a “coffee shop” palette.
    Deadline: January 18th!

    Wildcard_Gamer’s Palette Contest Retro Palette ends on February 8th. Their palette features 8 beautiful retro colors. Palette can be downloaded here.

    Louloute is celebrating 700 subscribers with a reshade contest. Reshade the skin shown below!
    Deadline: January 18th.

    Reshade Contest 3 (700♥) Minecraft Skin

    Chabilulu is also hosting their own Reshade Contest in celebration of their 600 Subscribers. It's called Who Would You Rather Be?
    Deadline: February 1st.

    DinowCookie is hosting a Collection Competition! In this unique challenge, your goal is to create a collection following the theme and rules of the round. This round’s theme is Freestyle. You get to choose the theme of your collection, which must include around 20 submissions. Read how to create collections in this blog post!
    Round 1 Ends January 25th. Get collecting!

    PLEASE VISIT The Community Event Calendar for a COMPLETE List of Events!

    Minecraft Divider - Diamonds (Revamped) by caramel-dixon

    The homepage was reorganized and all new tabs have appeared.
    • My Feed : Content from your subscriptions.
    • Community Feed : NEW! Content from EVERYONE! You can filter what content you want to see.
    • Trending : Sorted view of content defaulted to sort by Trending.
    • Subjects : See "cards" of last 4 submissions of every subject type.
    • Quick Menu : NEW! It's a quick menu to put everything a click or touch away. So convenient!
    Minecraft Divider - Diamonds (Revamped) by caramel-dixon


    PMC Members Shannooty and Aegos were featured in an article on for their South and East Asian style build Nakawaza Pagodas. A spectacular, in-depth interview of their perfect pagoda project!

    There's a fun beepbox trend on PMC. Check out FireBellFairy's spoopy boop, kitt-chan's rendition of the Firebells’ spoopy boop, TimeLxrd's bo0p beep, or Aspirin60's beat b0op. We enjoy listening to your creative melodies!

    Skin making team Top Notch is open for applications! They’re currently looking for intermediate/expert skin creators, apprentices ready to learn, render artists, and mentors!

    A1yssa, TomConn, infectism Acier and Kaos_Kitten we see you in the Introductions forum! Thank you for consistently welcoming new members into the community.

    Minecraft Diamond Icon by TheFandomDude

    Gotta be Joshing me said 2019-01-19 00:14:08
    Why would anyone wanna do that?
    TimeLxrd said 2019-01-13 20:54:22
    Oh my god! PMC mentioned me aaaa
    LimeeFox said 2019-01-13 15:13:07
    And a really old and high level PMC user (Build Team) arose from the dead and published a big project :3
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  • AnimeFanFTW
    January 12, 2019, 10:47 pm to Public
    level 55, nice
  • Vote on Movie for PMC MOVIE NIGHT!!
    59 replies2,906 views play_arrow PMC fiber_manual_record Events
    created 01/11/2019 6:32 pm by PMC
    last reply 01/19/2019 10:37 am
  • AnimeFanFTW
    January 9, 2019, 10:51 pm to Public
    big chungus
  • stapleshotz
    January 8, 2019, 7:16 pm to Public

      Hey! So it's been a little over a year since my last update, and what a year it has been. I took on a couple new jobs and did some traveling, all in preparation for my upcoming move. I'll be moving from the Midwest to the Pacific NW sometime this spring/summer and I'm super excited!

      That said, as a result of all this nonsense, I haven't been focusing as much on the resource pack, which sucks. I love working on it and I don't plan to ever stop.

      Some of you have been asking when the next rp update will come, so I figured I'd answer that here. I can't give an exact date, obviously, but I can say for certain that it will be anywhere between 2-8 months from now. Definitely won't take another year.

      Anyway, side note, I've just finished watching series of unfortunate events on Netflix. That's pretty rad. Also I've been listening to this song on repeat and you should too.


  • Cyprezz
    January 8, 2019, 12:38 pm to Public
    Random Tuesday Update!
    The homepage was reorganized and all new tabs have appeared.
    • My Feed : Content from your subscriptions.
    • Community Feed : Content from EVERYONE! You can filter what content you want to see.
    • Trending : Sorted view of content defaulted to sort by Trending.
    • Subjects : See "cards" of last 4 submissions of every subject type.
    • Quick Menu : A brand new quick menu for members. So convenient!
    Let me know what you think? Feedback, suggestions, bugs, typos? Missing anything on the quick menu that you'd like?

    Quick Menu Preview:

    iiSweetStrawberry said 2019-01-08 20:00:50
    oh my gosh t h a n k y o u
    Cyprezz said 2019-01-08 15:20:50
    Added. I purposely removed it from mobile for menu space, bandwidth & content redundancy reasons. However, you noticed, so I'm sure others would too and the reasons are not good enough if the tab is going to be missed. Very observant :)
    _Phrozenbit_ said 2019-01-08 12:59:29
    Nifty, everything in one place, easy to find. Only two clicks away from what we may look for. Nice feature! thanks ^_^
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  • PMC
    January 6, 2019, 1:12 pm to Public
    Related image

    The Wall Post Weekly
    January 6th, 2019

    How is everyone's new year going so far? Did you set resolutions or goals for the year? Let's hear what they are!

    2018 was a big one for Planet Minecraft. We launched PMCSkin3D and added powerful features to it over the months. We added a Youtubers section, started hosting Official Events, began publishing a Wall Post Weekly, overhauled the website design, added advanced collection features, introduced seasonal site themes with PMC pets (Topper and Batty!), and most recently added an Activity Feed. In addition to these updates there were countless small improvements across the site which collectively evolved PMC this past year. A BIG thanks to all of you for your continued support. Together we’re a community to be proud of!

    We have many exciting plans for the upcoming year, which we're already developing behind the scenes.


    There are 4 days left to submit an entry to Momu's Skin Reshade contest, Holy Reindeer RC. Reshade contests are a great way to practice shading and get feedback!

    Peridot XJ9 is hosting another Pokemon themed skin collection contest! This one runs until January 12th,
    which is a little under a week away. Select a Pokemon from the Hoenn Pokedex and make a skin that resembles your chosen pokemon! spygron's Animals Skin Contest also ends a week (January 13th). Create a skin of your favorite animal or your pet!

    LaurenAngels_ challenge, Skinning Dares for you to Try, has dozens of ideas to fuel your imagination. If you’re stuck in a creativity block, read over their list of challenges! We dare you!

    Other Contests and Events Ending Soon:
    Themed contestGemstone Skin Contest
    January 16
    Themed contestGalaxy Skin Contest
    January 20
    Reshade contestWho would you rather be?
    February 1
    Collection Competition
    The Collection Competition
    (Round 1) Jan 25

    For a complete list of Community Events and Contests, visit the Community Event Calendar!

    Interested in hosting your own contest but not sure where to start? Refer to this tutorial for an in-depth guide that will get you on the right track to hosting a successful contest or event!


    Bad news and good news. Bad news - due to how busy December was, PMC will not be hosting any official contests for the month of January. Good news, we will be focusing even more on promoting community hosted contests and events. We will be back on schedule in February. Use this month to support your fellow PMCer’s by participating in their events and contests.

    The Winter Wonderland Community Event has come to an end. We had a total of 536 entries! Yesterday we published the Winter Wonderland Event Conclusion. We're open to suggestions for future event themes! Head on over and let us know your ideas in the comment section!

    Congratulations to the winners of the Five Elements Skin Contest and thank you to everyone who participated. There were a variety of artistic representations of the five elements. Some represented individual elements while others represented all five elements. All of the entries can be viewed here.

    Cosmic hierarchy  (the horsehead nebula) Minecraft Skin
    Cosmic Hierarchy by Aspirin60 - 1st Place

    Top 3 in the Five Elements Skin Contest:

    1st Place Aspirin60 with Cosmic Hierarchy
    2nd Place ICY with Smartwater
    3rd Place CemreK with Fire of Eye


    PMC Member andyisyoda was featured on for their modern builds! You may know/recognize them from YouTube. The interview includes a blurb about his 20+ hour live stream which resulted in a house complete with tennis course and bowling lanes.

    ScarletBox is in search for artists and builders to work together with 18 other talented members on their Wellandel project, an immersive story-driven MMORPG. For more information about the Wellandel project and the application process visit their Blog!


    Sir_Arzie is celebrating their 100 YouTube Subscriber achievement with this epic build, Geisha 100 Men Slayer! They’ve included a download with this build! Congratulations on your milestone, Sir_Arzie!

    thegoodnoob said 2019-01-15 11:43:55
    Minecraft is my life!!!
    Neliv said 2019-01-07 21:27:40
    can i have it the schematic from this wonderfull thing its so heavy *.*
    ScarletBox said 2019-01-07 04:03:13
    Thank you so much! <3
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  • Rox
    January 6, 2019, 12:53 pm to Public
    Anime empowers me.
  • Winter Wonderland Community Event Summary
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    Posted 01/05/2019
    by PMC
    photo x 1
    Blog Post
  • [MODPACK] Voltek Modern Warfare | GUNS + TECH + MISSILES + VEHICLES | [V1.0] [Server is HIRING STAFF]
    0 replies • 13 views play_arrow Minecraft fiber_manual_record Servers
    created 01/01/2019 5:56 pm by iWireless
  • AnimeFanFTW
    December 31, 2018, 9:47 am to Public
    hapi new yaer xd
  • PMC
    December 30, 2018, 4:59 pm to Public
    The Wall Post Weekly
    December 30th, 2018

    Greetings, PMCers! We hope everyone had a great holiday! Judging by the results on this poll by Mr_Memz that asked what your favorite part about Christmas is, spending time with family is by far what the majority of you enjoy most! You sweet people, you. "The Food" came in close second, nom nom, with "Gifts" at a close third. What was your favorite gift you received/gave?

    With the holiday season ending, so are a lot of the contests and events. In this edition of The Wall Post Weekly, we highlight the results of concluded events, emphasize those that are ending soon, and summarize this weeks activity.


    Did you see the article on, Snowtacular Skins?! The article features our Winter Wonderland Event! Better yet PMC Members and event participants A1yssa, -bearwithme-, Tigerblink, BleedingBlack and An Intelligent Moron were for their skin submissions (Christmas Lights, Penguin PJs, Christmas Penguin, Rainbow Haired Christmas Girl, Whoever Thought of Giving Snowmen Hats and Scarves was a Psychopath, respectively). Congratulations to all!

    Speaking of the Winter Wonderland Event.....tomorrow is your LAST DAY to submit an entry! Make sure your submission relates to the theme! Anything wintry! Projects, Skins, Blogs or Artwork! There are some really creative and original submissions already (522 to be exact!). All participants receive a small pixel present to add to their trophy case!

    The Five Elements Skin Contest is in the Final Judging phase! The judges will be wrapping up soon! Good luck to the finalists and thank you to all of the members who participated!


    DinowCookie's Secret Santa event was a success! Check out this collection to see a variety of gifts made by our talented members! Friendly note: If you haven't given your gift yet, better late then never! Your Secret Santa has been looking forward to their gift for quite some time. We all are busy, but try to pull through!

    Wildcard_Gamer's Ugly Chrismas Sweater Community Collection is ending in 3 days. Use one of your favorite skins (made by you) and give it an ugly sweater!

    TODAY is the last day of Carcharodontosaurus' Bin Skin Contest! Create a quality “garbage” skin that follows the guidelines. This battle's theme is Horrible Character Customization – with special rules. You must use 3 pieces from the sheet given by Carcharodontosaurus (see below) Ready, set, go!

    KnightOfJustice's Skin Reshade Contest, For Glory!, wraps up on January 3rd. In their first ever hosted contest, your goal is to reshade the medieval skin they're provided. Their goal is to get 5 entries – let's help them get to their goal!

    For Glory! MEDIEVAL RE-SHADE CONTEST! ^^ Minecraft Skin
    skin to be reshaded

    Other Community Events and Contests Ending Soon
    Themed eventPokémon Hoenn collection contest
    Peridot XJ9
    January 12
    Themed contestAnimals Skin Contest
    January 13
    Themed contestGemstone Skin Contest
    January 16

    Christmas Themed Community Events and Contests Ending Soon
    Reshade skin contestHoly Reindeer RC
    January 10

    Visit the Community Event Calendar Page for a full list of Events and Contests!


    In case you missed it....

    There is now an Activity feed! Watch and discover new content and members with a feed of activity from PMC Community Members! Simply go to the “Community” drop down on the main navigation bar and select “Activity”. You also have the ability to sort by specific activities including but not limited to: Diamonds given, members subscribing, submissions favorited, etc.

    Tomorrow is your last day to find Topper! Topper will be easier to find because it's the end of the month. If you haven't noticed, Topper also learned even MORE emotes! Check out this blog post for a list of Topper's Emotes!

    In the beginning of December, BTWN submitted an un-decorated big, beautiful spruce tree for anyone to decorate! Throughout the month, they posted various YouTube videos showing their own progression! Check out their series "Mega Christmas Tree", to see several time lapses as well as the end result of this impressive work of art!

    Congratulations to _Phrozenbit_ for their successful server launch with 59 players in just 4 days. Their server offers two different types of Minecraft gameplay: Redstone Freebuild and Survival. Together they are setting an excellent example of how to setup and promote a new server on PMC.

    That's it for now. Have a safe and fun New Years!

    Ankizlee said 2019-01-05 13:35:10
    Use This Seed Its So Good 2373697742821576023 Woodland Mansion Near Spawn
    Tigerblink said 2018-12-31 11:39:13
    I never expected to be featured in a article, But it seems i just, was!
    An Intelligent Moron said 2018-12-30 19:27:22
    It was super exciting to see that I've been featured in an official article ♥
  • Channel Island
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    Posted 12/30/2018
    by Reer123
    photo x 2
  • AnimeFanFTW
    December 26, 2018, 6:56 pm to Public
    So I technically lost my job for christmas. And though no fault of my own, or my employer, who had no choice.

    what a great way to end the year. with a punch to the stomach.
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