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    Hello I'm Mirabilia, also known as Eloise, a Minecraft skin-maker!

    I started skinning in September 2018, but around the summer of 2022, I stopped posting new skins. I might return to skinning at some point, but most likely not anytime in the near future! It's more important for me to focus on school and work.

    Aside from skinning and Minecraft, I enjoy playing Genshin Impact, drawing, reading manga and webtoons, running, and listening to music.

    Feel free to ask me about skinning, just remember that my time on this website is limited and as a result, I'm not able to "teach you how to skin".

    Thanks for stopping by my profile!

    Please don't reupload any of my skins without my permission.

    milestones & events

    ♦ first skin featured on pop reel - july 23 2020
    skinners olympics emerald team captain, fall + summer divisions -2020
    ♦ skin fight dusk team -summer 2020

    ♦ 100 followers - august 12 2020
    ♦ finalist in PMC's player skin contest; spellbound garden - august 26 2020
    ♦ 200 followers - january 2021
    ♦ skinners olympics blue orchid team, jupiter division - 2021
    ♦ finalist in PMC's player skin contest; dark depths - march 2021
    skin fight sour team, staff member - june 2021

    ♦ 300 followers - july 29 2021
    ♦ skinners olympics staff member, aries team - november 2021
    ♦ SSPBL2 participant - november 2021
    ♦ SSPBL3 participant - december 2021
    ♦ 400 followers - january 2022
    skin fight staff member - june 2022

  • Other Info

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    (some of these are from events or requests)

    from Meiolki for an event

    from bunyeet for an event

    from TsukiaKari for an event

    from bramble for a request

    from cqsmic for an event

    from Saara_ for an event

    from diduminestraitdown as a gift

    from CandyBandi as a gift

    from BlossomBoop as a gift

    from anxii for an event

    from kittywomp for an event

    from BlossomBoop for an event

    from Chabilulu for an event

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    awards & trophies

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    ⊱ ────── ────── ⊰

    profile credits
    profile picture & banner from hoyoverse (genshin impact)

    pride flags:

  • Portfolio

    skeleton scavenger from the north - pbl week 1
    merchant from a thousand worlds
    bewitched doll - PBL 1 (preliminary round)
    poisonous glow - pbl week 2
    reshade reminder!!
    bottom of the sea
    expired candy corn - rce
    they dressed you in gold but you still couldn't fly
    what's the point in building empty empires?
    I'll have to live a little longer to know
    skindex 2k followers celebration base
    I'm not cool - ce
    Through the Depths You Travel, Beautiful and Alone
    ranboo but make him a fantasy villain - sspbl s3 r1
    me myself & I
    persona but pbl - sspbl s3 preliminary
    I wish that I could hide in a purple sky
    magical - secret santa 2021
    [ sage ]
    pink devil - happy birthday mei!
    red moon - happy birthday bandi!!
    Happy Birthday Blossom!
    flaming heart - 3 years skinning
    kitsune - sf friendly fire
    cherry blossoms - sf
    lyre - sf
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