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    Who are you? What do you do? Why do you do it?

    Incase you're not here to read any of this, you may hit the three bar blue button next to my name to see my submissions or anything in general.

    I used to go as Anonymouse9 which was inspired by an old friend of mine, since I really liked the name.
    Identify theft is not a joke jim.

    But I don't want to go as Anonymouse9, although even if I do want to be anonymous. Sorry anony, I didn't mean it.

    I come as "mj" or "nonae" to "nonnnae" ! It's a weird name I chose. Mj is just a nickname, because I like the M in it.

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    It is true, I won't always focus on sites like these when it comes to video games or anything out of work. [​Education, ETC]

    I also wish to make full on skins, but I mostly won't since I don't think I can find my own style enough to be able to make anything like that. Only bases/outfits for now.

    Also! I'm mostly inspired by things I either have seen in real time, outfits that you'd search on google or pinterest of some sort. Even instagram art styles catch my eye, and whenever I see a type of outfit on a certain character or reference, I feel the need of wanting to recreate it on minecraft.

    So, in somewhat conclusion I make minecraft bases for people who want to use them on a certain skin themselves, yet they would have to credit me because the outfit was made by me.
    there was a time where I had about 15 or more bases I wanted to share with people, or finish all of them but ended up deleting them completely because I felt like I didn't need to do this minecraft stuff.
    I also like to do these things for some reason, as I somewhat am happy with what I can recreate. I like doing them, it's sorta nice.

    I just hope to find my own style and stick with it since I'm inspired by so many, like a song that uses a sample and turns into a whole different song. If that made any sense that is.

    I don't think anyone really had that type of question about me, but in case, here you go.

    I would like to add, if anyone decides to repost my base FULLY without any edits or so, minor changes should still be credited to the original person.

    Or in other words, please credit me since I remember seeing so many people on skindex who would use many people's skins or bases out of context and would just ruin them. Even skins that they possibly didn't even create. I'm aware that this site is different, but people can do just about the same.

    Thank you for reading! Hasta luego, Au revoir, and Sayonara.

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