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    I'm Wolke, I'm a 21 year old psych student who should probably focus on assignments rather than spending all of their time on this site.

    I love art, music and all that jazz but am not really talented at either, though i like to pretend I'm semi decent at graphic design.

    🎵Music I Like🎵

    Disclaimer: Some songs in this list are quite explicit and some music videos might be somewhat raunchy.

    ▶️Youtubers I Watch▶️
    Sarah Z

    All of these channels are LGBT+ friendly and say trans rights.

    🎮Games I Like🎮

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    DMs are open.

    I am always open to criticism or just to chat if you want to vent or something.
    Y'all are awesome, valid and deserve to be listened to.

    Commissions and requests are also usually available in DMs, so don't be afraid to hit me up... just make sure you've read the rules below.

    All of the work posted on this page is licensed under
    CC BY-NC-SA 4.0!

    Please make sure you are familiar with the license terms before sharing or editing any of my work.

    When you request a skin from me, I always try to get it done within a reasonable time span. (usually 1-2 days)
    I however always reserve the right to take as long as i want to and to (in some cases) refuse service altogether.

    All requested skins are licensed under my standard creative commons license. They will also be posted on this page and be available for download to anyone.

    If you want to have a skin without any of these limitations, please consider reading on under "Commissions".

    A commissioned skin gives you full control over its license. This might be useful if you are an online content creator of some kind, or if you are planning on using the skin for server npc's.
    You also have virtually full creative control over the skin. We will work out deadlines in advance, which will effect pricing.
    ...speaking of pricing:

    My pricing increases in $5 steps. (probably a 5er remnant lol).
      $5 Commission
      $5 x each full hour of work
      $5 x each revision past the first 2

    If any of my guidelines don't work for you, we can always discuss precise terms in DMs.
    I hope to do business with you soon.
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