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Beardielover avatar Beardielover
Level 80 : Elite Programmer
Call to Battle 2 Minecraft Mod

Experience the world of Call to Battle 2, a mod transporting you back to the Second World War

Striving for a realistic infantry experience, Call to Battle2 presents detailed models and combat mechanics.

It is based around historical, asymmetrical combat across all fronts of the war. Call to Battle2 brings back not only the nostalgic experience of America vs. Germany, but hopes to bring countries not observed by conventional games.


Call to Battle2 has a large variety of features that lead to intense, realistic firefights. Here are some of the main ones:

Call to Battle 2 Minecraft Mod

Realistic, Smooth gunplay

Call to Battle2 strives for realistic gunplay without lag. Each of the over 50 guns is carefully crafted to represent the original. Damage is based on the gun's caliber and calculated based on where you hit the enemy, including heart shots. Crouching, proning, melee attacks, and much more are also possible with Call to Battle2!

An array of attachments also exist, if you have an applicable gun you can outfit it with bayonets, scopes, bipods, and more. Unlike most games scopes don't zoom your whole screen in, just the actual scope, and they even allow you to still switch and use ironsights on them! Machine Guns can be bipoded onto a block, or placed in a strategic position. Depending on the Rocket used, a Rocket Launcher can penetrate through a wall before exploding, and flamethrowers burst up flames when they hit a block. So much more in-depth features exist in Call to Battle2, find out for yourself!

Call to Battle 2 Minecraft Mod

Game Modes

Call to Battle2 contains multiple game modes to play with the community. While a simple, easy-to-setup singleplayer mode will be available, you can play these game modes with the rest of the community on the official server!


Assault involves one team pushing into enemy territory and trying to conquer it. Each base has a garrison amount, that if depleted will result in the loss of the base. The attacking side can also capture these bases by simply securing the area. The goal of the defenders is to push back the enemy assault and prevent them from securing the territory.


Engagement is a mode where two nations fight for control over the entire territory. Each side will have to simultaneously protect their own bases, while attempting to capture the enemy bases. A nation wins when they capture the entire territory, or eliminate the enemy presence in the area.


Warzone is a all-out war mode where there are capturable points all around the map. Holding points contributes to your teams victories, as do enemy casulties to a lesser extent. It is a non-linear mode where any base can be captured at any time!

Other Modes

In the near future we will be releasing other modes as well! Currently planned are escort, convoy, and sabatoge. Stay tuned for more information!

Destruction Physics

In Call to Battle2 explosions are not only deadly to soldiers, they are devastating to the environment. Rockets, satchel charges, as well as artillery can all bring structures crashing to the ground if they take out it's supports. The debris is also very dangerous, watch out!

Do you really love Call to Battle?

You can Donate through PayPal! Donating allows me to continue developing more and more nations, weapons, and other features in Call to Battle!


-Discord- Public Call to Battle discord chat! Announcements regarding updates and official server will be posted here too!
-Youtube- Call to Battle tutorials and update videos
-Server-The servers official page

Click Here
Will you add <Insert Country Here>?
Unfortunately, the lack of community support has left me without time to add new nations. I once had a dream to add all nations, both major and minor, but sadly that is fading away. You can change that though, if you appreciate how this 3+ year project and dream has been released all for free. Together, we can make this dream a reality.

Will you add <Insert Weapon Here>?
EDIT: Read Above
Before: I extensively research World War Two, especially the firearms. Most people assume a weapon isn't in the mod because I "forgot" to add it. Either I haven't had time to yet, or it's not being added. =P

Are you planning on making <Insert Gun Mod Here>?
World War 2 is my favorite time period, read why on my Patreon. My main focus will always be Call to Battle-The WWII Mod, although, I may work on add-on mods from time to time in the future. EDIT: Impossible to do other time period mods unless the status of community support changes. Please, I need your help!
My motivation is part of why Call to Battle is so good and detailed, and that motivation comes from my Great Grandfather, a WW2 vet.

Are you planning on making Tanks or Planes?

At the moment, it is a definite no. It may change in the FAR future, but the main focus of this mod is infantry. Trying to make Tanks or planes would distract from the main purpose of the mod, and would stretch me across trying to make 2 things great, decreasing the quality of both. As a solo dev, this would never work out, it would only serve to ruin my vision. Jeeps would be a possibility, but due to the lack of community support, it is completely impossible for me to have enough time for that =(

Will you update to <Insert Version Here>?
One Hundred Percent No. Nothing will change my mind for this one. 1.7.10 the most popular version for mods, making no convincing reason to update. Not only that, I would have to upkeep multiple versions, and updating is extremely time consuming, and not fun at all.
That would completely crush all my motivation, and I wouldn't really have any time to add new content anymore. D=

Sorry, this mod will stay 1.7.10. Most other mods are staying 1.7.10 for these very reasons. If you have any problem with this, go talk to the Forge Devs about it.

Are you adding Artillery, or <Insert Long Range Projectile Launcher Here>
In way, yes. Actual physical artillery would take forever to add, and minecrafts distance limit would certainly limit the effectiveness. Instead I am simply going to make it so that NCOs can call in artillery, and it lands at the designated location. You will be able to choose from many different types, such as Mortars, Katyushas, etc.

When does <Insert Update Here> come out?

Initially I had a lengthy response to this question, but I stumbled across Discord's response to the same type of question. Upon seeing it, I was like "They understand me completely!!!" Their response is short and to the point, neatly explaining why indie programmers do not give out release dates.

To quote them on it:

"We do not give release dates for any of our upcoming features. We do this for a couple of reasons: 1) We don't want to feel pressured to get a feature out by an arbitrary date that might not be ready 2) We'd miss it anyway."

My original long answer:
As always I don't give out release dates, because a release date is a deadline. Unless your a AAA company with thousands of employess, a deadline either causes you to have a stressful rush to fulfill it, resulting in a loss of quality as well as plenty of unready, buggy features, or it causes you to postpone the deadline, disappointing everyone. Either way, it's never a good idea to set a date unless you think you have everything completely done, and you set the release date a week ahead so you have time to test for unforseen faults/bugs.

Terms of use(#StopModReposts):
I, Beardielover, am the owner of Call to Battle. You are not allowed to profit from Call to Battle in any way. You may not re-upload this mod, or any part/asset of this mod. You may not have a link that leads to this page or Call to Battle's download page that allows you to profit.(I.E. Through the use of adf.ly) You may record videos with Call to Battle as long as you have a non monetized link in the description. When you are downloading Call to Battle you are accepting the terms and conditions.

CreditThanks to all my beta testers!
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.10

106 Update Logs

Update 5.7.2 : 12/29/2020 12:20:27 pmDec 29th, 2020

-Added France, Belgium, and the Netherlands as nations
-Switched to a new server provider

-Fixed various bugs

Full Changelog for 5.7 still coming soon!

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06/06/2021 9:46 pm
Level 1 : New System
Senchou avatar
hi beardie ive been playing this mod all day i wish you could make vietnam war soon thanks
05/31/2021 1:26 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3611790D avatar
Also the server crashes whenever I upload it to the server. Whats up with that? Also are we allowed to use it on our server? Its nonprofit.
06/02/2021 10:25 am
Level 29 : Expert Architect
S2eforme avatar
You have to set a 5 player limit. Otherwise it will not allow you to run the server.
05/31/2021 2:04 am
Level 1 : New Miner
nagol2003 avatar
Hey is there a way I can remove the menu? I want to add this to my modpack and I want my custom main menu in and for it not to link a different server. Please let me know. Thanks!
06/12/2021 2:21 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
CallToBattle avatar
Hi there, CtB is meant to be more of a game of it's own than a mod, hence the custom menu that links to the official server.

Have you ever played on the official server? I highly recommend doing so if you have not, thank you. =)
05/29/2021 4:30 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Dark_Glich avatar
Its still not working.chances are it can’t be opened in my country. :(
Somone pls pls the adfly link for the mod.
Thanks :)
06/12/2021 2:20 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
CallToBattle avatar
Hi, sorry for the delay in response.

You can also get it on curseforge, but that may be outdated.(If so, let me know)

Did the website ever work for you? Or has it always not worked?
05/27/2021 8:50 am
Level 1 : New Miner
fansaiudh avatar

dlaczego jak wchodzę na stronę internetową to nie działa?

05/27/2021 6:46 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
CallToBattle avatar
Please be more descriptive of the specific error you are seeing and the url you are visiting.
05/25/2021 9:25 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Dark_Glich avatar
I am from Serbia and a can't open the website:( DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

Check your DNS over HTTPS settings

Go to Opera > Preferences… > System > Use DNS-over-HTTPS instead of the system’s DNS settings and check your DNS-over-HTTPS provider.
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