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JoJo Stands DataPack for Minecraft 18w11 (v1.2.3)

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I have recreated this project from the ground up, with A LOT more features. Check that out here:

JoJo Stands DataPack for Minecraft 18w11
Version 1.2.3

Instructions for Stands

Throw an arrow on top of an iron block and it will become a chest of stand arrows
Throw a stand arrow to switch to that stand (multiple players cannot have the same stand)
In survival, to switch stands you must first throw a "remove stand" and adding a stand different from the one you removed will cost 3 levels

Look straight up/down to activate/deactivate stand.
Look straight up/down while holding first hotbar slot to activate/deactivate stand's ability (stand will activate if not already)

Dio: The World:
ABILITY: freezes time (mobs, players, projectiles, the sun, etc.)

Jotaro: Star Platinum:
ABILITY: attacks hostile mobs it's touching
stops projectiles
user is immune to time stop

Polnareff: Silver Chariot:
ABILITY: automatically attacks hostile mobs within 5m

Avdol: Magician's Red:
ABILITY: set any mobs up to 20m in front of it on fire

Joseph: Hermit Purple:
ABILITY: find a structure based on item in second hotbar slot
ABILITY: make nearby stone temporarily transparent

Kakyoin: Hierophant Green:
ABILITY: emerald splash, damage hostile mobs within 20m

Josuke: Crazy Diamond:
ABILITY: repair ground items and heal players within 5m (including yourself) (long cooldown)

Ghiaccio: White Album:
ABILITY: become invulnerable
freezes nearby water and lava

Koichi: Echoes:
ABILITY: freeze and weaken indefinitely the nearest hostile mob within 5m

Fugo: Purple Haze:
ABILITY: create a cloud of deadly poison (not deadly to yourself)

Captain: Dark Blue Moon:
ABILITY: give user strength, speed, resistance, and water breathing if in water

Pucci: Made in Heaven:
ABILITY: speed up time and random tick speed

Okuyasu: The Hand:
ABILITY: pull ground items within 30m towards you

Giorno: Gold Experience:
ABILITY: heal players within 5m (including yourself)

Guerilla: Brain Storm:
ABILITY: automatically attacks (withers) hostile mobs within 15m

Magent: 20th Century Boy:
ABILITY: become invlunerable and immobile, damages hostile mobs (no cooldown)

Kira: Killer Queen:
ABILITY: make bomb

Stand on top of a dispenser containing:
1 end stone in the center and 8 Phantom Blood in every other spot to craft a Super Aja
1 arrow in the center and 2 tnt in every other spot to craft Kira's arrow

Place a Super Aja in your top-right inventory slot to access (non-functional (for now)) requiem stands for Silver Chariot and Gold Experience

1 Phantom Blood is dropped when a phantom is killed, unless by fire

Put in a repeating command block to cause all mob spawners within 1m to stop when time is stopped
/function jojo0-7:0-worldspawner

Leave first hotbar slot empty to see your stand's head
CreditJoJo's Bizarre Adventure is written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

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07/20/2018 10:57 pm
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You were expecting a comment, but KONO DIO DA
07/18/2018 4:06 pm
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yare yare daze
07/07/2018 4:27 am
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I just saw this on the recommended screen and I just couldn't believe my eyes, I just recently read Part 1 Phantom Blood!
04/14/2018 10:14 pm
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Stando power!
04/08/2018 4:32 am
Level 44 : Master Crafter
SedarGames avatar
Wait, wait, are not datapacks more like projects? Seems weird to place it under mods, since it IS vanilla.
05/20/2018 3:43 am
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RubenVerg avatar
I don't know because projects are more like maps
03/28/2018 4:30 pm
Level 42 : Master Taco
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finally some one made this good job!
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