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JJBA Stands DataPack II

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yosho27 avatar yosho27
Level 57 : Grandmaster Programmer
Feel free to download this if you want, but a more implemented version can be found https://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/jjba-data-pack-for-minecraft-1-13/

JJBA Stands DataPack v0.6
by yosho27

This is 100% functional. I just haven't put in abilities for all of the stands yet. The leveler GUI and stands that are done work great and you're welcome to start a server with your friends/cousins using the stands that are done. The others should be out soon.

You may remember the JoJo stands datapack I made a while ago:
JoJo Stands DataPack
Well, I remade it. From the ground up. And it's A LOT better.

It now includes 20 different stands, each with 3 abilities (a primary, secondary, and ultimate) which can be unlocked with special items, and 4 different stats (power, range, duration, and cooldown) which can be increased from E to A with xp levels. There are also 2 pet stands, two new mobs and a new boss. Every stand (even the ones I haven't finished abilities for) also has some sort of cosmetic change once they unlock their ultimate ability.

Grayed out abilities below have not yet been implemented. I've already designed all of the stands and you can unlock any of them, and I've worked out the mechanics for almost all of the abilities, I just have to implement them. Anything that isn't grayed out has been fully implemented and you're welcome to start a server with the 9 stands that are already implemented, and I'm hoping to have more out soon.

To install the datapack, download the zip (don't unzip it), drop it in the world's "datapacks" folder, and run "/reload"

All of the instructions below can also be found in the in jjba_instructions.txt file in the zip.


Put a crafting table in the top right corner of an empty chest to create a crafting chest.

[Pictured above]

To obtain a stand, switch a stand DISC to your offhand and wait 18 seconds. You will be dealt 18 hearts of damage over the 18 seconds, which you must survive to obtain the stand. If you die, you'll drop the DISC and can try again. (This process is much easier if someone has Crazy Diamond).
If you want to cheat and try out the different stands you can use
"/scoreboard players set @s jjba_stand X" where X is the number of the stand (see the grid above)
and "/function jjba:run/reset_stats" to reset all stats
When your first hotbar slot is empty it shows your stand's head
Stand on a chest with a dispenser on all four sides and right click it with your stand's head to access your stats sheet and abilities


E -> D : 4 levels
D -> C : 12 levels
C -> B : 16 levels
B -> A : 22 levels

Ability 2 : Stand Arrow
Ability 3 : SUPER AJA


Look straight up/straight down to take out/put away your stand
Hold your stand's head and press f, shift+f, or q to activate unlocked abilities
The cooldown bars will indicate which keys to press to start or stop abilities

The World:
ABILITY 1 (head f): freezes time (mobs, players, projectiles, the sun, etc.)
ability 2 (active): stops projectiles
ABILITY 3 (head q): "muda"JJBA Stands DataPack II Minecraft ModJJBA Stands DataPack II Minecraft Mod
White Album:
ABILITY 1 (head f): invulnerability
ability 2 (active): freezes nearby water
ABILITY 3 (head q): "gently weeps"
Star Platinum:
ABILITY 1 (head f): attacks hostile mobs it's touching
ability 2 (active): stops projectiles
ABILITY 3 (head q): "the world"
user is immune to time stop
Silver Chariot:
ABILITY 1 (head f): automatically attacks hostile mobs within 5m
ability 2 (head f): its swords are enchanted as the sword in your second hotbar slot
ABILITY 3 (head q): "chariot requiem"
Magician's Red:
ABILITY 1 (head f): set any mobs up to 20m in front of it on fire
ability 2 (active): fire resistance
ABILITY 3 (head q): "crossfire hurricane special"
Hermit Purple:
ABILITY 1 (head F): make stone within 10m temporarily transparent
ability 2 (head f): find a structure based on item in second hotbar slot
ABILITY 3 (head q): "hamon"
Purple Haze:
ABILITY 1 (head f): create a cloud of deadly poison (not DEADLY to yourself)
ability 2 (head f): ability 1 only effects hostile mobs
ABILITY 3 (head q): "pressurized"
Hierophant Green:
ABILITY 1 (head f): emerald splash, damage hostile mobs within 20m
ABILITY 2 (head F): direct emerald splash
ability 3 (head q): "20m emerald barrier"
ABILITY 1 (head f): slow the nearest hostile mob within 5m
ability 2 (head q): mute/unmute nearby breedable mobs by looking down/up
hold shift to see if mobs is silent
ABILITY 3 (head F): "3 freeze"
Crazy Diamond:
ABILITY 1 (head f): heal and de-wither other players within 5m (heals yourself, but less)
ability 2 (head f): repair ground items within 5m
ABILITY 3 (head q): "perfect restoration"
Dark Blue Moon:
ability 1 (active): water breathing, speed
ABILITY 2 (head f): water strength, resistance, conduit power
ABILITY 3 (head q): "whirlpool"
ABILITY 1 (head f): increase random tick speed
ABILITY 2 (head q): lift and drop nearby hostile mobs
ability 3 (head f): "Made in Heaven"
The Hand:
ABILITY 1 (head f): pull items towards you
ability 2 (head F): pull the mob you're looking at towards you
ABILITY 3 (head q): "elimination"
Gold Experience:
ABILITY 1 (head f): heal non-hostile mobs within 5m (including yourself)
ABILITY 2 (head q): change ground items into small animals
ability 3 (active): "gold experience requiem"
Brain Storm:
ABTILITY 1 (head f): automatically attack (wither) hostile mobs within 15m
Ability 2:
Ability 3:
20th Century Boy:
Ability 1 (head f): invulnerable and immobile
ability 2 (head f): damage mobs that attack you
Ability 3 (head q): "redirection"
ABILITY 1 (head F, head f): freeze and refire projectiles in the direction you're facing with more speed and damage
ability 2 (head F): ability 1 is indefinite if duration and cooldown are max
ABILITY 3 (head q): "kinetic energy"
Weather Report:
ability 1 (active): slow falling
ABILITY 2 (head q): make it stop raining
ABILITY 3 (head F): "Heavy Weather"

Killer Queen:
ABILITY 1 (head F, head f): create primed tnt
ABILITY 2 (head q): make arrows explosive
ability 3 (active): "bites the dust"
ABILITY 1 (head f): transport to or from the nether
ability 2 (active): damage entities in the overworld when in the nether
ABILITY 3 (head q): "void form"


Throw a Stand Arrow at a parrot to unlock Horus.
Throw a Stand Arrow at a wolf to unlock The Fool.
This will consume the Stand Arrow and drop a nametag.
A pet will take out, put away, and attack hostile mobs with it's stand completely autonomously.
Horus works both if the parrot is on it's own or on your shoulder.
Throw a splash water bottle at a pet to untame it (so another player can tame it).


Occasionally spawns in the overworld in place of Creepers. Flies or walks around and shoots fire at the player. Drops 1-3 blaze powder. Will definitely spawn if you use an Esidisi spawn egg.

Occasionally spawns in the overworld in place of zombies. Controls 4 strong, fire-proof zombie villagers. Cannot be killed until all zombie villagers are killed. Drops 1 random mob head. Will definitely spawn if you use a Justice spawn egg.

Ultimate Kars
Hold a Super Aja on top of an active beacon in the center of an undamaged desert pyramid to summon. Full boss fight to be implemented.

There are also some changes to the loot tables. Creepers always drop at least one gunpowder and spiders always drop at least one string. Phantoms drop Phantom Blood if they die while not on fire. Mobs now drop xp and killed-by-player-only drops if killed by a stand
CreditJoJo's Bizarre Adventure is written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki
Progress65% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

10 Update Logs

v0.6 : by yosho27 01/03/2019 4:42:18 amJan 3rd, 2019

Implemented Silver Chariot's primary and secondary abilities

Replaced the item for Phantom Blood with a head model. If you have already collected Phantom Blood in your world just put it in your inventory and it will replace itself with the new model.

Other improvements based on the End

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01/10/2020 7:46 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Kitten
N0thing_but_s1lence avatar
If i may i ask something;

Is there any possibility to make this mod compatible with the mobile (pocket) version of minecraft and thus without the crafting chest?
I know, it's a bit much, but i need to know.
10/15/2019 8:22 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
CadetKobe avatar
For some reason I can't access the stat chest. I have a chest with dispensers on all 4 sides and I am in the middle right clicking with the head like it says but it just opens up like a regular chest.
01/06/2020 6:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Dannto avatar
Just use Head+Q or Head+F above the chest.
08/26/2019 3:37 am
Level 1 : New Miner
graxgrax avatar
why does my character and stand is all white and doesnt show any skin?
08/31/2019 5:56 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Northrend Innkeeper
Northrend Innkeeper avatar
This is most likely due to Optifine.
08/10/2019 5:36 am
Level 1 : New Miner
KnightThyme avatar
07/27/2019 10:14 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Miner
Lawliet2614 avatar
plz, do someone knows how to remove the ability bar on the top plz?
07/28/2019 1:58 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Wander- avatar
/bossbar remove minecraft:jjba_(ability)
Ex: Heaven_1: C-Moon first ability , Heaven_2: C-Moon second ability
07/26/2019 12:30 pmhistory
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Engineer
JasonMix avatar
My page is finally approved! Soon I will update the page to 0.7.6. Now you can write there without clogging comments from the original author.
Link: https://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/jjba-data-pack-for-minecraft-1-13/
07/26/2019 7:07 amhistory
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Northrend Innkeeper
Northrend Innkeeper avatar
(I want to see this stand only because he have cool design)
Abilities for In a Silent Way(a little rewrite):
1.There are two point:
1)Marked creature:
When you press f you make from mob or player which you look on,a trap(or maybe the bomb with a timer) that put out sound level_up(you can make this like an tag).When the fifth "level_up" is sound mob or player take little damage and give sound wave that a little knockback and deal little damage.
When you press f you make from block on whick you looking a trap that makes hit sound and fast attack mobs(even peacefull,but you can be agree with me)in certain radius that walk nearby with the trap.
2.When you press f+shift make te elytra flying sound(or something like wind or explosion) that makes you levitate(like an strong wind),and give you slow falling.Also make white smoke under you.
Duration:Increase effect giving
Cooldown:10-5 seconds
Damage:increase effects ampfiller.
3.When you press Q
There are two variants:
1)Horizontal winds:
Playing sounds like after AB 2
You take effect speed and strength,anyone around in certain radius pushes from you far away(like a knockback).Also make white smoke trail.
Duration:10-25 seconds
Cooldown:45-20 seconds
Power:Increase knockback and effects ampfiler(strength 1 only on 5 Power level,speed from 1-5)
Radius:2-5 blocks.
2)Sound erosion:
Makes targeted block put out sound like an block breaking,if break the block knockback everyone in certain radius(and makes the wave of white smoke)and break some blocks around targeted block.
Duration:until you go too far, or until you deactivate(by pressing Q again)
Cooldown:15-10 seconds
Damage:Increase knockback.
Radius:Increase breaking blocks radius.
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