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SecurityCraft ~ Security cameras, retinal scanners, and more!

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SecurityCraft adds exactly what the name suggests. Security cameras, retinal scanners, keycard readers, unbreakable blocks, mines, and more. Feel free to download it, and be protected from anyone breaking into your house, even those pesky creepers! For more information, pictures, recipes, and other stuff, check out the Minecraft Forums page, found here.

All images can be found in the Minecraft Forum thread. Check it out, and if you find any bugs, be sure to leave me a comment.

NOTE: In the 1.7.10 version of SecurityCraft v1.8.0, the LookingGlass API for use with the cameras is optional, but highly recommended!

Thanks to JorBinks for the SecurityCraft banner! Check out his site: http://williamjordanallen.com/

Thanks for reading!
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Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

17 Update Logs

SecurityCraft v1.8.21 : 02/18/2021 4:52:11 pmFeb 18th

New year, new update! Quite a lot of changes related to the Sentry and Block Pocket this time around. Check it out and please let me know if you find any bugs that need squashing!


1. Due to the new sentry modes, your sentries will not behave as in previous mod versions. Make sure to set them to the correct mode again, otherwise they will attack something you don't want to be attacked! Do note, that due to an additional fix regarding the Sentry, Sentries placed above water, lava, or other liquids will be removed and dropped as an item!

2. Your SecurityCraft config will reset! This is because the mod's configuration file has been split up into client and server configs, and some config options have been removed in favor of ingame per-block configuration (accessible by rightclicking the block with a Universal Block Modifier). Read the changelog below for details. If a configuration option is not mentioned, it has simply been moved to the server config. The server configuration can be found in the "serverconfig" folder within your world folder. The client configuration can still be found in the normal "config" folder. You can find your old configuration in the "config/securitycraft-common.toml" file.


- New: Sentries now have more modes. They can now attack only players, only hostile mobs, or both, and can be either always active, camouflaged, or idle
- New: Hovering over a Sentry's name in the Sentry Remote Access Tool now shows the Sentry's position
- New: The Whitelist Module can now be used in the Scanner Door
- New: Adding a whitelist module to a Reinforced Hopper will allow whitelisted players to access the hopper and use it to extract items out of their own blocks
- New: Customization option to change how long the Retinal Scanner emits a redstone signal when it has been activated
- New: Customization option to change the player search radius of the Username Logger
- New: Customization option to change the length of the pause between alarm sounds
- New: Customization option to change the range of blocks in which the Claymore can be tripped
- New: Customization option to change the range of blocks in which the I.M.S. can find potential targets
- New: Briefcases can now be dyed the same way as leather armor
- New: Nameable SecurityCraft blocks and Sentries will keep the custom name of their item form when placed
- New: Customization option to change the time the Scanner Door will stay open before it closes again (set to 0 to disable)
- New: Keypad Door
- New: The Projector can now project horizontally
- New: The height of a Projector's projection can now be changed
- New: Customization option to allow Inventory Scanner fields to solidify when a prohibited item is detected
- New: Quark's wooden chests can now be converted to Password-protected Chests
- New: Wire Cutters can now deactivate a Cage Trap. Use Redstone to reactivate it
- New: Sounds when defusing/arming mines
- New: An offset can now be set before automatically building a Block Pocket, removing the restriction that the Block Pocket Manager has to be in the middle
- New: The Storage Module can now be used in the Block Pocket Manager to add an inventory for storing building materials for the Block Pocket
- Change: Reinforced Hoppers can no longer be accessed by anyone
- Change: The configuration option "sayThanksMessage" has been moved to the client configuration
- Change: The configuration option "cameraSpeed" has been moved to the client configuration
- Change: Some customizable options have been adapted to allow for finer control
- Change: Reinforced Iron Bars spawned by a Cage Trap no longer drop
- Change: If not in creative mode, auto-assembling the Block Pocket now only works if the proper building materials are provided in the Block Pocket Manager's inventory (accessible by adding a Storage Module)
- Change: Removing a Storage Module from an Inventory Scanner or Block Pocket Manager will now drop the contents of the block
- API: Added hook for mods to alter if the Sentry can attack their entities. For more info, see IAttackTargetCheck
- API: Added hook for mods to add a way to have their own blocks be convertible to password-protected variants. For more info, see IPasswordConvertible
- API: Inter mod communications related code has been moved to the SecurityCraftAPI class
- Fix: Sentry Remote Access Tool tooltip shows incorrectly
- Fix: Trophy Systems shoot bullets of their owner's sentries
- Fix: Modules sometimes do not get synched to a linked block (e.g. Laser Block, Inventory Scanner)
- Fix: Removing the block under a Sentry does not remove the Sentry in numerous cases
- Fix: Sentries target invulnerable entities
- Fix: Sentries can be placed above liquids
- Fix: Players in spectator mode can activate some blocks (e.g. Portable Radar)
- Fix: Fake liquids can sometimes be picked up when they shouldn't
- Fix: Some recipes don't get displayed correctly in the SecurityCraft Manual
- Fix: Rightclicking a block while attempting to remove a Briefcase's code does not remove the code
- Fix: Slider tooltips overlap sliders when changing their value (affects Projector, block customization, ...)
- Fix: Reinforced Light Gray Stained Glass/Stained Glass Panes/Terracotta have faulty recipes (Thanks shroomdog27!)
- Fix: The names of nameable SecurityCraft blocks cannot contain braces
- Fix: SecurityCraft's doors cannot be placed underwater
- Fix: Inventory Scanner does not drop stored items when broken
- Fix: Projector does not drop its contained block when broken
- Fix: Some text in the Inventory Scanner's GUI is not translated
- Fix: Some text in the Inventory Scanner's GUI may not display correctly when using certain languages
- Fix: Prohibited Items slots in the Inventory Scanner's GUI are overlapping
- Fix: Prohibited Items in Shulker Boxes get destroyed by the Inventory Scanner when a redstone module is equipped
- Fix: The custom name of Password-protected Chests doesn't show up at the top of the chest's screen
- Fix: The default name of the Password-protected Chest's screen doesn't get translated
- Fix: Large Password-protected Chests have the wrong label at the top of their screen
- Fix: Defusing/arming some mines does not decrease the durability of the wire cutters/flint and steel
- Fix: Defusing some mines decreases the durability of the wire cutters when in creative mode
- Fix: Attempting to defuse some mines despite them already being defused, decreases the durability of the wire cutters
- Fix: Size and show outline settings of a Block Pocket Manager don't get synchronized to other players
- Fix: Crash involving capabilities of Password-protected Chests/Furnaces
- Fix: Sliders (e.g. in the Projector or the customization screens) give no feedback when the player hovers their mouse over them
- Fix: Tile Entity data does not get synchronized properly in some cases
- Fix: SecurityCraft's Doors and the Reinforced Trapdoor are open when placed while powered by redstone
- Fix: Reinforced Doors sometimes drop an item when broken in Creative mode
- Fix: Crystal Quartz blocks drop when breaking them by hand
- Fix: The Block Pocket Manager can sometimes allow to activate block pockets that aren't built correctly
- Fix: Players mounted to cameras are able to break blocks and hit/interact with entities
- Fix: The camera's zoom can't be decreased when increased for too long (and vice versa)
- Fix: Switching cameras while being mounted to a camera does not work
- Fix: Bouncing Betty is invisible after being tripped
- Fix: The Intelligent Munition System cannot target players
- Removed: Configuration option "alarmSoundVolume"
- Removed: Configuration option "alarmTickDelay" This is now a per-block option
- Removed: Configuration option "claymoreRange" This is now a per-block option
- Removed: Configuration option "imsRange". This is now a per-block option
- Removed: Configuration option "motionActivatedLightSearchRadius". This is already a per-block option
- Removed: Configuration option "portableRadarDelay". This is already a per-block option
- Removed: Configuration option "portableRadarSearchRadius". This is already a per-block option
- Removed: Configuration option "usernameLoggerSearchRadius". This is now a per-block option
- Misc.: The messages sent on joining a world have been updated to remove outdated messages, improve existing ones, and add one notifying the user of an outdated mod version

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04/09/2021 9:38 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
tye2020roblox avatar
can you please ppplzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz makeit so u can download via mcaddon or some thing cause i have mine craft education edition on school Chromebook and they will not let us download forge or anything so I need to download via mc addon
04/22/2021 12:21 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
D__man avatar
This is a java edition mod, and you can’t even download forge for education edition, or any bedrock edition for that matter
03/11/2021 2:32 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
DaYellowPenguin avatar
is this a faberic mod
03/05/2021 4:45 am
Level 1 : New Network
James854148 avatar
Give are in the mod secured Boxes?
03/05/2021 4:13 am
Level 1 : New Network
James854148 avatar
ist das ein Ich Virus?
02/26/2021 4:08 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Minecraft_is_awesome1 avatar
Pls make a different download. When I tried to download it it said that it could harm my computer.
04/28/2021 10:39 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
IamSnowingJAmeSSj avatar
The file is a .jar, and java and Microsoft look like they don't mix.
Windows will say it is unsafe (when it really isn't) that is harmful
without using Windows firewall or whatever.
02/26/2021 5:56 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Modder
Geforce avatar
The site that I use to host the mod, CurseForge, is basically the safest place to download mods from as each file is manually approved by a human before they go live. If you're using Chrome (or potentially Firefox as well), it will always tell you that any .jar file can be harmful as they are able to be "run" like an .exe file. SecurityCraft is open-source so you're able to see all the code that runs on your PC. You can also run it through something like VirusTotal to confirm that it is safe.
02/07/2021 5:58 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Galactica18 avatar
weird question but is there a version that works for 1.6.4
I'm trying to add it to a modpack.
02/06/2021 11:50 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
pieDARER avatar
you need to fix a bug or glitch or what ever, when your done watching 1 camera you can look at any other camera and place any other block from the mod, it wont let you watch it or place it! so pls fix that! thank you!
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