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Chunk Wars

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Level 48 : Master Architect
Current Status : Closed Beta
Weekly development livestreams : Soon
Open Beta Tests : Soon after that first soon
Download Link : Soon after the second soon

Everything below this line is old text and now work in progress to be edited over the next few months as map development and beta tests start up again.

Chunk Wars

What is Chunk Wars - (link YouTube video here?) background and description go here

How to play
(- short overview of game play with key features and information you need to know)

Where can you play (open beta tests and then download for each version and subsequent versions)

What can you do with the map (download it and play with your friends on your own private server. you may not upload or host the map anywhere else, etc)

Download links (need to include any relevant or important information for server owners or people trying map with friends e.g. Must have Command Blocks enabled, must be aware of/have permission to change selected gamerules, etc)

Credits - playtesters, people and communities who encouraged and supported me


Chunk Wars

v0.9b now testing - check Update Log for more info

- Will require Minecraft 1.16


Chunk Wars is a team mini-game for Minecraft.

It gives players a Minecraft-in-a-nutshell experience, within a chunk-inspired multiplayer battle arena.

Each of the Chunks is a hand built 16x16x16 taster experience of a specific biome and pre-generated structure or environment from the vanilla Minecraft world.

The game arena has been designed to retain the key features of structures and biomes while compressing the Minecraft experience down to 16x16x16 'Chunks'.

I recommend playing Chunk Wars with 2 teams of 4 players.

The game arena is balanced to create time and resource dependant strategic choices for teams of this size.

However, the game can be comfortably played and enjoyed with teams of 3~8 players, but this inevitably alters the push vs. hold gameplay dynamic.


The early phase of Chunk Wars offers teams a strategic PvE experience as they accumulate resources and plan their methods of attack through the arena.

As gameplay moves into the middle phase, teams gain access to enchanted weapons, advanced materials and potions.

Players try to deny these resources to their opposition as they begin to take part in PvP combat along the arena's natural MOBA-style lanes.

The end phase of the game takes on a hunt and destroy, thrust and parry feel as teams can gain increased manouverability while they try to break the bed of their opposition and defend their own Stronghold Chunk. The game ends when only members of one team remain alive in the arena.

All the resources you need to win Chunk Wars are clearly available inside or on the surface of the Chunks in plain sight - there are no deliberately hidden resources in the arena that you need to dig for.

You will see other resources on the outside skin of various Chunks - don't be fooled into thinking you should collect these resources though!

Grabbing them will be slower and less useful to your team than playing through the natural environment of the map. They are primarily for look and feel to give natural 'skin' to the Chunks.

( additional information - Chunk Wars blends the best elements of the popular Bed War, Attack-Defend and various PvP genres to create a fun and challenging new genre called Defend the Bed. )
- Read more about the Defend The Bed mini-game genre


I thought of the concept for Chunk Wars in early 2012 and founded my All Your Blocks YouTube channel to share the idea, the development process, and gameplay with my friends.

After a long time away from Minecraft, I am back in 2020 to finish, release, and in future to update, the game.

A lot of thought has gone into designing the overall arena for this map and the detail within each Chunk.

As you will see from the screenshots, or by playing the game, there are structures and features in the arena that look like they could belong in a pre-generated vanilla Minecraft world.

This is deliberate - but these are not simply copies of naturally generated landscape, each of the 13 unique Chunks in the arena is hand built.

Additional Notes


1. Victory Conditions

1.1 - You win by breaking the other team's bed and then killing all your opponents.
1.2 - Victory is achieved when only players from one team remain alive in the arena.

2. Beds

2.1 - You must set your spawn point in your team's bed as soon as you arrive in your starting Stronghold Chunk.
2.2 - If you die and meet any of the following conditions at the time of your death, you are out of the game;
- having failed to set your bed spawn,
- your bed is obstructed,
- you have no bed to spawn in.
2.3 - You are not allowed to idle on the respawn screen for the purpose of circumventing rules. (can fix this server-side with doImmediateRespawn gamerule)
2.4 - You may not craft beds, or break or move your own team's bed.
2.5 - If you recover your bed after your opponents have stolen it, or steal the other team's bed - you may place that bed in the marked bed spot in any Stronghold Chunk and use it again as your bed.

3. General

3.1 - The game is played in Survival Mode.
3.2 - No breaking or placing of blocks at or below the marked Bedrock level.
3.3 - No placing of blocks beyond 8 blocks from the outer edge of any Chunk. (will add barrier blocks to control this!)
3.4 - No vertical bridging or pillaring of more than 32 blocks from the Arena's ground level. (will add barrier blocks to control this!)
3.5 - No breaking of the Obsidian pillars in the central End Chunk. (may keep or remove this rule, dependant upon being able to deactivate the creation of nether portals with a gamerule or something server side, will also need to )

4. Miscellaneous

4.1 - No creation of portals to The Nether or The End.

5. Extended Game Modes

5.0 - Additional game modes are selected from the Chunk Wars lobby system and can be toggled on and off (full details to follow here in future)


Whether it is going for fast Diamonds, grabbing Potions or rushing your opponents' Stronghold - there are a number of proven strategies available to teams playing Chunk Wars. I hope you'll discover and invent even more new strategies that I haven't even thought of yet.

Jargon Buster

Chunk - A Minecraft Chunk is actually 16x16x256 blocks,further info here.
MOBA - Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
PvE - Player versus Environment
PvP - Player versus Player

What's next for Chunk Wars?

I want your feedback to help improve Chunk Wars further - please let me know what you think about the map. Look at the screenshots, download the map and play it with your friends. I'm interested to hear comments on the design and gameplay.

I already have ideas for a number of extended game modes - these will make some items and resources available to teams right from the start. These will be added as an update after the first release version has been fully playtested. If you have any feedback or ideas for me, please let us know in the comments section below.


I would like to thank everyone who inspired me to make and share this mini-game; all the great mapmakers and video makers who have paved the way for anyone anywhere to be able share their ideas and projects with the vibrant Minecraft community.

A massive thank you to all my extremely valuable beta testers and collaborators;

817jamie817, Aeromundoo, angelazreil, Dawcy, Domanator, do6star, Dr_Romm, DrMurch, Dustycube, dzintarx14, ffaen123, Gone52, KILAH4716, kingxzachx42, lnchbx5, LoXos1, Maijaelena, MetallicPikachu, Pimeaa, Reddy360, RedWarriorWolf, ReekuChee, slipcor, Soccer_7, spellhydro45, TheKindKitten, Tonko, VxBlink, w3akninja, Wasabisjors, xCpuMattx, xsdevil

Finally, my last set of thanks go out to;
auhorblues - for your fantastic support, advice and keen insight into competitive play
three_two- for the advice, tips and the resources you shared
Rixiot - for your early encouragement

last_username- for inventing the Bed Wars genre and posting the Mapmaker's Checklist
TrazLander - for your videos sharing some genius-level mapmaking techniques

Conditions of Use

I want people to be able to play and enjoy the map.
I want people to be able to play the map, make videos or stream about it, or the gameplay, and monetise those videos (for example on YouTube or Twitch)
If you want to talk to me about doing something else with Chunk Wars, then contact me via https://twitter.com/AllYourBlocks

Chunk Wars Minecraft Map

Chunk Wars by All Your Blocks is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https://twitter.com/AllYourBlocks

(need to check this against the Terms of Service etc for Minecraft's usage and usage of maps and builds created in the game)

Progress50% complete

22 Update Logs

Chunk Wars returns : 04/24/2020 6:38:31 pmApr 24th, 2020

Started rewrite of map information
Updated Conditions of Use
Changed development status

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12/03/2013 5:56 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
fabritsio1 avatar
When do you think it will be finished?
03/14/2020 12:12 pm
Level 48 : Master Architect
AllYourBlocks avatar
I think Chunk Wars will be brought up to date and released some time this year, in 2020, (yes I'm back!) with the intention of continuing to update it for every future release of Minecraft for as long as I have the time and passion available! :)
06/05/2021 3:15 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Explorer
SightedBike273 avatar
yes, 2020
06/06/2021 7:13 am
Level 48 : Master Architect
AllYourBlocks avatar
Ssshhhhhhhh! Typo... 2021 😁😜
09/11/2013 10:57 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
jacob95982 avatar
I have to admit this is pretty fun! Great work man!
10/11/2013 6:18 amhistory
Level 48 : Master Architect
AllYourBlocks avatar
Thank you! :)
09/10/2013 10:02 pm
Level 45 : Master Architect
SilentNoises avatar
Interesting concept :P
09/09/2013 10:38 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Miner
minecrafter984 avatar
you should put it up for download it looks great for a survival map
09/10/2013 10:38 amhistory
Level 48 : Master Architect
AllYourBlocks avatar
Thanks! Yeh, it is pretty fun in survival single player - I've tried it on the current version.

I intend to release the final version as an SSP world, when it's ready... soon(TM)

Cheers for your support! :)
06/30/2013 3:02 am
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Blob
taa1taa avatar
This is Great!
If my computer would allow to record Minecraft without falling to 5 FPS I would definitely do a video of this.
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