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City of Newisle v1.3 | PC Java Edition Download | Solo-Built Modern Minecraft City Map | Est. 2010

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Welcome to the City of Newisle, a solo-built modern Minecraft city over 13 years in the making! Consider supporting me directly by getting the Bedrock version of Newisle on the Minecraft Marketplace. I’d definitely appreciate it! If you make content with the Java Edition map, please include this Planet Minecraft link or to the Marketplace (https://wypnt.co/newisle) in your description.

Step into the City of Newisle and explore 4.5 square kilometers of interconnected cities, towns, farms, tourist attractions and a whole lot (and I mean a lot) more – all handcrafted by me since the early alpha days.

A world of adventure awaits you.

  • Furnished interiors in most builds – over 750 across the world
  • 17 subway lines, highway system and rail lines linking every town
  • Named streets with roadside maps
  • Neighbourhoods that include modern downtowns, historic districts, and more
  • Roleplay features such as shops and schools
  • 10 unique cities and towns in total to explore
  • Heavily performance optimized and less lag over previous map versions


The City of Newisle is a modern Minecraft city that started with one goal: make a detailed and eye-catching city skyline. And it became much, much more than that. The project began all the way back in August of 2010 during the early alpha days and has been kept alive ever since. It's been done entirely solo and is my one and only world save to date – and it's now one of the oldest Minecraft maps that is still actively updated to this day and one of the most detailed Minecraft city maps.

Newisle is not a 1:1 scale map with a bunch of beautifully designed but empty buildings. It's a functioning place meant to be played like a Minecraft world. You'll find shops, apartment buildings and homes, office towers, minecart-powered transit lines and a variety of places meant to make it feel like a real, livable place in Minecraft. It can be used for survival scenarios, custom servers, roleplay and everything in between.

Since its early days of crude cobblestone structures and basic materials the city has grown substantially into a wide-reaching modern metropolis. Littered with historic monuments, crisscrossing rail lines and hundreds of fully furnished buildings; there's no shortage of sites to see around Newisle and beyond – there are also 9 other independent cities and towns to explore outside of the core city. They each have their own vibe and story as well.

Grab a minecart from Union Station or set out on foot using the highway system. A world map file is included with each download to help you get around this massive world. It's yours to explore, survive or destroy as you see fit!

Latest build: Newisle version 1.3 – released March 19, 2024


Q: Did this really take over 13 years to build?
It was built over the course of 13 years, not 13 years straight. This was strictly a casual project by someone who likes cityscapes, urbanism and urban planning. I took a bunch of breaks that ranged from weeks, months and even well over a year at one point. To put it simply, Newisle became one of those "too big to abandon" projects that I updated in between other hobbies and interests. It’s near and dear to me and still gives me enjoyment. I’ve put a lot of thought and care into making this world my own but also making it fun for the community of fans who constantly give me suggestions. Over 900,000 people have downloaded this map to date through various sites and apps, so you all really keep me going.

Q: Can I use your map for my video, server, etc.?
Of course. As long as you provide credit where credit is due, I'm supportive of anything the Minecraft community does with this map (e.g. if you're doing a YouTube video, a link to the Marketplace download in your description would be much appreciated).

Q: What inspired you to build this map?
Besides having a bit of an interest in urban planning, I enjoy skyline and cityscape photography, so Newisle is kind of built on that. The buildings themselves are inspired by the city I spent most of my life in, Toronto, as well as New York, Chicago and Montreal.

Q: What game version does this map use?
The map was worked on up until version 1.20, so your best bet is to stick to that or later versions. Earlier versions of Minecraft may corrupt the save file since this uses blocks from 1.20. You can download earlier versions by scrolling down further to the Old Map Versions section but be aware they have less content than newer versions.

Q: Was this built in Survival?
No, the map began when Creative mode didn't exist yet but ever since Creative was introduced I've used it exclusively and have never claimed otherwise.

Q: What's the world seed?
The seed is -3955966261899637229. However, the seed is probably pointless to put in when generating a new world. Newisle is so heavily terraformed that a new map will look nothing like the landscape in this one.

Q: How do you pronounce the name?
New. Isle. Like "New Island," but one word. It was originally a series of islands that I linked together back in the alpha days.

Q: Is Newisle kid-friendly?
Yes. There aren't any signs with swear words or any questionable content. I've made sure to keep the map tame so that all ages can enjoy it.

Q: Did you use any editing software?
Yes, I used WorldPainter for some of the more detailed terrain, such as the mountains, and for smoothing out parts of the map that had gotten ruined by game updates over the years. I also used Amulet Editor for many tedious things like placing roads and for precise tasks like doing multiple stories in the buildings or putting in identical subway tunnels. Otherwise, there would have been countless times when builds would be 1 or 2 blocks off and would have needed a complete restart. And who would want to do that?

Q: What did you use to make the maps with (the images that come with the download)?
They are all my own creations in Photoshop. JourneyMap was really helpful to make the bird's eye view as well.

Old Map Versions:

  • Newisle v1.2 (Java) – released August 2019, compatible with 1.12 or higher
  • Newisle v1.2 (Bedrock) – released August 2019, compatible with 1.12 or higher
  • Newisle v1.1 (Java) – released March 2017, compatible with 1.10 or higher
  • Newisle v1.0 (Java)– released September 2016, compatible with 1.10 or higher
  • Newisle Classic (Java) – unreleased version from December 2011, compatible with 1.0 or higher

Friends of Newisle

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Progress100% complete

9 Update Logs

Update #9 : by Blip Noir 03/19/2024 1:10:46 pmMar 19th

Version 1.3: The ‘Long Overdue’ / 'Marketplace' Update – March, 2024

What’s new?
  • Game version updated to 1.2
  • Total of 207 new builds added as well as various visual overhauls to existing builds, infrastructure and scenery across the map
  • Brand new Town of Juniper Peak added
  • Brand new Town of Stillwater added
  • Newisle International Airport added
  • Port of Newisle & Industrial District added
  • Stadiums added in Newisle and Rockwood
  • Major Regional Express Rail system expansion completed: all towns now linked to each other
  • Newisle Union Station expanded: 9 platforms now included to accommodate new towns + airport
  • Rockwood Central Station torn down and rebuilt
  • N-1 and N-2 expressways added (i.e. several kilometres of new four lane express roadways)
  • Revamped subway system with 'stop and go' function added
  • Newisle Line S-6 subway line linking The Junction and Port of Newisle added
  • Rockwood Metro Emerald line linking Jungle Hills and Rockwood Central station added
  • Olde Town relocated and Parliament District built in its place in Newisle
  • Convention Centre build added in Newisle (formerly Midtown Market)
  • Newisle State Prison expanded to ~3x its original size
  • Mount Pleasant Hospital torn down in Newisle and revamped into Mount Pleasant Medical Centre
  • Great Pines Cemetery added
  • 'Malibu' and 'New Azalea' neighbourhoods added in Newisle
  • 'Bayou Hill,' 'Jungle Hills' 'Stadium District' neighbourhoods added in Rockwood
  • "Mandatories" (e.g. police stations, fire stations, schools, medical buildings, etc.) added to all existing cities and towns
  • Various builds such as gas stations, spirits stores, pharmacies, banks and malls have been added across the map
  • Farms and ranches added west of Rockwood
  • Street lighting upgraded worldwide: replaced exterior torches on buildings with lamp posts
  • All interior torches replaced with more modern lighting (e.g. glowstone, ender rods, lanterns, etc.)
  • Further street widening in inner Newisle
  • Traffic lights added across the world

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05/29/2024 7:33 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Architect
LanceP501's Avatar
This is an amazing map! I'm working on my own Minecraft Solo city-state called "VladenVille" Since Janurary 2022(definitely not as good as yours, https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/lancep501/ . Parts of it is really good, and I want to take them for VladenVille.

By the way, what is the oldest mainly intact/not demolished building?

Blip Noir
05/29/2024 8:18 am
Level 78 : Legendary Architect
Blip Noir's Avatar
Hey, thanks. I look forward to seeing how VladenVille develops. It looks like a great project.

The oldest building in the world is my very first build: the castle in the heart of downtown Newisle, which is now the city hall. As the first build ever it'll never be knocked down or replaced.
06/14/2024 9:08 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Architect
LanceP501's Avatar
Thank you for relying! It is the first ever time in my life a professional MC builder actually had any sort of contact with me. I really like the city,expecially how the subway(Not the restaurant, although I would like to see you add one)turned out.
Blip Noir
06/20/2024 8:51 am
Level 78 : Legendary Architect
Blip Noir's Avatar
"Professional MC builder?" Never been called that before. Thank you as well.

Nice to hear you're enjoying the world!
05/23/2024 10:07 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ziiabdillah's Avatar
Can i use it for my minecraft movie on youtube? ill put the credit in my description.
Blip Noir
05/24/2024 2:31 am
Level 78 : Legendary Architect
Blip Noir's Avatar
Of course! Go for it.
05/11/2024 6:50 am
Level 1 : New Miner
EdselDeSoto's Avatar
sorry for my not dest english, but why all skyscrappers in this version of map are empty inside or absolutely fulled by stone blocks or something like this?
Blip Noir
05/11/2024 2:42 pm
Level 78 : Legendary Architect
Blip Noir's Avatar
For the sake of performance optimization. Many people play on lower end computers and the downtown areas of Newisle and Rockwood were awful on frame rates in previous versions of the map.
05/14/2024 1:44 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
EdselDeSoto's Avatar
ok, i understood. thanks for reply
Blip Noir
06/14/2024 6:16 am
Level 78 : Legendary Architect
Blip Noir's Avatar
I'll release an updated version in the near future with the interiors available again. Quite a few people have requested it as of late.
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