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Colourful Roomdomness - Yet Another 'FBC' Contest Entry

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I imagine for some people the first thought is "Oh that's a lot of colour", the second might be "Pride flags!?" in a positive tone, and the third might be "Roomdomness?". I just felt like calling it that since it doesn't really feel like what I've built makes much sense as I was rushing once more on the final day of the contest, and only began placing blocks that very same day, ending just a matter of hours before the contest time limit would be over. Thus, I do not quite feel pleased with how it turned out as there's so, so, so much more I could've done with it, but I do still like it even while knowing my previous build is objectively better. :)

Anyhow... That's not to say the build lacked meaning. It's just that I did it in a really messy way and missed out on a lot of what I wanted. Ahaha. Still, of course, as the title says, this is once more for the Building Contest hosted by Cookiie on the Minecraft Discord, which is always fun to see. This particular build's theme is "Land of the Rainbows", which I daresay I feel quite confident I've followed well because it's almost all just rainbows- Possibly too many rainbows. Can you ever have enough rainbows though? I am unsure. Very unsure. Could I have added more rainbows-

I aimed to represent a few different things in my build despite the minimal time (leading to it being a bit of a mash-up), so I'll start with the most utterly obvious theme of pride in LGBTQ+, since I plastered the tables, the walls, the flags, the banners and more with pride flag colourings. There are dozens I missed but I'd like to hope I at least covered a good deal in the build in a way that does show the ones displayed clearly. I mainly tried to focus around making absolutely sure I had the overarching usually representative pride flag of the pseudo-rainbow, so the tables, the walls and even the huge banner stretching from one wall to the other are all coloured with it, with it repeatedly showing up all over the build. I feel I personally fall into panromantic, so I mixed that into one of the flags, although it was more than likely going to be added anyway as one of the most renown of them, as I mostly leaned towards making sure the space I had showed the most renown ones in the limited time (as I'd also say I'm demiromantic, but time constraints are how they are, so a lot of flags like that were missed, but absolutely not forgotten!). The flags around the area that are propped up with their own poles are a little mixture of their own too, with transgender showing up both on the wall's pillars and on a flag, nonbinary with a flag, and lesbian having one - gay usually doubles with the pride colours themselves but also has its own flag, although it's publicly torn on which is preferred so I stuck to the common one here. :)
Basically- I wanted to make it clear that the build had some kind of representation of pride that sailed high and was reflected adamantly all around the entire structure.

Other than that the other major theme is innocence and childishness which I feel are really important as well. As people get older they often grow a lot more judgemental and condemning - of course, that's not always the case, but often they'll push things they enjoyed behind them just because they're older. I decided to add little blocks, a puzzle piece floor and some cars around the floor with small stools that are probably too small even for Goldilocks (oops). The table itself is short for the same reason too! It's meant to be 'accessible to all', while also encouraging just accepting inner emotions more freely- although of course I still wanted to do a lot more, time ticks, so I feel glad I at least got to represent it. :)

As for the flowers? I can say with zero doubt it's partly because I just love flowers. I do! But it's also because they represent growth and a budding nature while being very colourful and breaking up the visual of the build. While I think preserving a lot of the openness and acceptance of being a child is key, so too is growing to adapt that to the world in a more fitting and readied light, to be able to stand strong while doing it. I like that metaphor.

Other than that I don't have anything else I was able to include but it would've been nice to add people and some representation of physical struggles as well, such as wheelchairs and canes. Those crossed my mind but were ultimately unavailable options due to the time. However, maybe one day? Maybe next year if this occurs again? Maybe.

This has been fun to build for as always. ^~^ A pity I was so late to it but it was still nice to do.

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06/10/2021 10:36 pm
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This looks incredible, Li! Great job!! <3 (This is @Spongegar15 btw) :D
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