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Compact Banking System in Minecraft - Version 2.0

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This banking system is an update from my former project. The change of this new version is in the way to deposit, where you will know how to use this feature by only seeing the screenshot captions. For how to withdraw and show the balance, please see on the old project page. Thank you.

Features of this update:
  • How to deposit?
    • Next to the ATM, there is a villager called "The New Banker Guy", allowing you to change each 10 emeralds into a deposit button (no longer the "clickable sign"), which is able to be placed onto a special magma wall in Adventure Mode.
      • The magma wall won't hurt you since your feet won't touch it!
      • After you place the deposit button, with the same way as old version's deposit sign, just click once onto that button. Then, the deposit button disappears while your balance is increased by $10.

  • Though this design is no longer completely redstone-free, it is still very compact since there are only 2 command blocks with short commands required in the bank.
  • The secret room from the old version is updated since the behavior of the banker guy is slightly changed. By only using these 5 command blocks (3 of which are from this secret room and the other two are from the magma wall deposit mechanism), you may build up the complete mechanism of this simple banking mechanism!
  • Designed for Vanilla Minecraft!
    • This project is designed in Minecraft 1.10.x versions. If you are playing the old versions of Minecraft, the old version for this banking system is recommended.

Progress100% complete

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