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The Craftland (PMC Sustainable City Contest 30th)

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The story: The Renaissance of Steve's Crafting Kingdom

Once upon a time, Steve, the master of crafting, owned a kingdom where the citizens were wise and had happy lives. However, the kingdom was attacked by barbarians and then seriously damaged. These citizens had nowhere to live.

Fortunately, Steve sent some of the citizens and group them into a powerful military force, called the "National Binary Troops" (NBTs), onto the mission to beat the barbarians. The mission was a great success, but the next thing to do is to reconstruct their hometown.

In honor of the braveness of the NBTs, Steve decided to build the new city into a large crafting table, and maintain its sustainability by the NBTs' skills. Having all resources they need, the citizens live happily ever after.

About this map: Not just a "crafting table"!

You may not only see it, but you actually use it!

It contains a complete mechanism of economy, and there are many sorts of shops, restaurants, bookstores, bakeries, and the service desks that sell everything you desired.

For the sustainability of the city, a hotel with many large bedrooms, a functional redstone spleef arena, a village-in-a-building, and a "cross-dimensional" forest farm are all available. Some other interesting locations such as a museum for my original subway system design is also accessible in this city.

This building is built with the figure of a large crafting table, however, which are not just for the "nice-lookingness", but much more importantly, it does work in-game by the power of redstone and commands!

This map is playable in Adventure mode for Minecraft 1.10+ versions. Come and visit this map to see the all-in-one design that forms a "sustainable city"!!

*** Notice: For a better experience, you might want to toggle on the "Force Unicode Font" option in your language settings of Minecraft. See Q7 in the FAQ section for the details.

How "sustainable"?

City Location
: a multi-functional 8-story building on the island provided by PMC.

Housing: the hotel area is inside the 2nd floor and contains 16 large bedrooms!

Living: many stores, restaurants, and bakeries that sell everything are provided for you!

Energy Production: commands and redstones!!

Transportation: Elevators and the subway system* are available!
By taking the subway minecarts, you might be surprised by the scenery along the rails. Guess where the minecarts will go! :D

Waste Management: Trash cans are everywhere inside this "city"! For the subway system inside, the minecart remover clickable sign is designed for an even more specific purpose.

Detailed Floor Guide

6F-8F: Craftland Village Area (a.k.a. "The Village Inside a Building")

7F-8F: Craftland Village Observatory
6F: The Craftland Village, containing 2 shops of farming necessities, 4 farmlands, and 1 cow farm driven by a command block.

5F-Northwest: Craftland Spleef

Note that now it requires you a ticket, which costs you 10 emeralds; otherwise you will not get the spleef shovel, which allows you to break the clay floor in Adventure Mode! Please get to the Spleef counter (available at 5F, 1F, and basement subway lobby) to buy the Spleef Ticket before entering the spleef room.

5F-Southwest: Mini theater area

Yup, it's quite a small, but nice-looking one. :)

4F-West: Craftland Museum of FlashTeens Minecraft Subway System

This museum is designed for the fact that I have been playing Minecraft for exactly 1 year! By visiting this museum, you will roughly understand the history of my development for the subway system in Minecraft. Furthermore, some of my recent subway designs are also exhibited inside. It's really worth visiting for you! ^_^

3F: Concourse

This area is very large since it not only contains the indoor concourse itself, but also an outdoor observatory sidewalk! Also, the decoration on this level is quite wonderful!

2F: Craftland Hotel

The housing area contains 16 bedrooms, 8 of which have 4 beds per room, and the other 8 have 2 beds per room. Toilets are accessible from each bedroom.

1F: The Craftland Fair

So far, there have been 19 different shops and 4 restaurants located in this floor.
The 19 shops are listed below in a clockwise order from the North Exit:
  • (North Exit) - with a spruce-themed decoration
  • FTMC Banking Service (Craftland North Branch)
  • Maitsuguri Sword Shop
  • The shop of dyes
  • Purple Shep's Shop of Skulls
  • Budder Apple Shop
  • Chain Armor Shop
  • (East Exit) - with a acacia-themed decoration
  • FTMC Banking Service (Craftland East Branch)
  • Craftland Bookstore
  • Ingredient Store
  • (South Exit) - with a jungle wood-themed decoration
  • FTMC Banking Service (Craftland South Branch)
  • Flagmania Banner Shop
  • Tsubasa Elytra Shop
  • The Shop of Useful Tools (clocks, compasses, name tags, etc.)
  • Farming necessities shop (for the 6F village farmlands)
  • Spleef Ticket Counter (for the 5F spleef room)
  • (West Exit) - with a classic oak-themed decoration
  • FTMC Banking Service (Craftland West Branch)
  • McCraft Bakery (where CAKES are sold!!)
  • The Enchantment Chamber
  • Potion store

Basement: Subway Station Lobby & Platforms (Purple Line & Yellow Line!)

  • Accessible for Nether Sustainable Forest by Eastbound platforms (of either Purple or Yellow line).

The Nether Sustainable Forest

Nether Sustainable Forest is the place for you to cut down and grow trees. In the forest farm, there is a special villager guy at the entrance, where you can:
  • Buy everything you need to do in the forest farm.
    • An axe, which able to break all kinds of wood and leaves in Adventure Mode.
    • Bone meal for Adventure Mode.

  • Make your saplings usable in Adventure Mode.
  • Exchange your wood planks into emeralds!
Besides, several other services such as the banking system, the Night Vision Switch, and the Eco-friendly Firecracker Tower are available at the entry area.
Image: The map for the Nether forest farm entry area
The Craftland (PMC Sustainable City Contest 30th) Minecraft Map

To access there from the Craftland building, you just have to:

  1. Get to the underground subway level and take the subway from one of the Eastbound platforms.
  2. It only takes you 40~50 second before you reach another stop called "Nether Planet".
  3. Get into the Nether portal at the stop.
  4. Step on a pressure plate at the entry, and you are to be moved through a Nether tunnel as if you are riding a terribly high speed escalator!
  5. Stay on the "escalator", and you will see the Forest Farm 5 seconds later.


Q1: Is this really a "city"? Why didn't I see other buildings on the island?

A1: This project do design a complete city, whereas it's inside one large building. In other words, this is a "city in a building", where you can access all resources you need inside. Driven by command and redstone mechanisms, this "city" do have the sustainability!

Q2: Some redstone/command mechanisms were not working!

A2: Make sure you are playing the 1.10+ Vanilla version of Minecraft because the new commands available since 1.10 such as /teleport are sometimes used in this world save.

Q3: Is this world save built by MCEdit, other third-party tools, or any mods?

A3: No. This world save is purely built and should be working in Vanilla Minecraft 1.10.2, and no any third-party tools or Forge mods were used in this contest. Here's what you might concern for:
  1. The Schematic link provided on this page is just a copy from the download link version
  2. The custom skulls on the villager guys and those next to the wall are generated by Vanilla commands /summon and /give, respectively. The face appearance on the skull is determined by the SkullOwner tag in the command.
  3. Some people consider any command block-based work as "Vanilla mods" because the commands might be copied from another author's work, and then treated as if it were a mod. However, all commands used in this world save are designed by myself! The main difference between these two ways is that Mods produce something that cannot work in Vanilla Minecraft, whereas everything produced by Vanilla commands, of course, always work in Vanilla Minecraft.

Q4: I didn't get a spleef shovel when I got into the spleef room!

A4: Before getting into the spleef room, you should get to the spleef counter and buy the spleef ticket with 10 emeralds. When you get into the spleef entry, one of the spleef ticket in your inventory will be automatically taken away as you get a new spleef shovel!

Q5: Everything I need requires EMERALDS, but I don't have any!!

A5: Being aware of this issue, I have fixed it in the Aug. 1, 2016 update. In the beginning, you should have 100 "Minecraft dollars" in this game, i.e. you have 10 emerald blocks and 10 emeralds in your inventory. (Don't forget that each emerald block can be crafted from and changed to 9 emeralds!) To earn more emeralds, you are advised to do one of the following two ways:
  1. Play the spleef game on the 5th floor, since you are able to break the clay floor, pick up the clay balls, and then change these clay balls into emeralds from the villager in the "game over" zone!
  2. Get to the Nether Sustainable Forest, fell trees, and then ask the villager guy to exchange your wood planks into emeralds!

Q6: Could I test this world save on a multiplayer server?

A6: Yes, as long as you will NEVER claim this world save as yours. By my design for the redstone and command mechanisms, it should also be working on at least Vanilla/Spigot 1.10+ servers (with no mods). If you found any other issues, please reply on this post, and I'll appreciate all your suggestions.

Q7: The message on the wall sign seems to be too long to fit the width...

A7: Check your language settings in Minecraft, where the "Force Unicode Font" option should be toggled on.
Image: Before toggling on the "Force Unicode Font" option
The Craftland (PMC Sustainable City Contest 30th) Minecraft Map

Image: After toggling on the "Force Unicode Font" option
The Craftland (PMC Sustainable City Contest 30th) Minecraft Map

CreditPMC (the contest starter map provider)
Progress100% complete

11 Update Logs

Update #11: The YouTube video for this project is finally out! : by flashteens 08/22/2016 10:18:01 amAug 22nd, 2016

Check out this video for the Craftland project here:

Hope you like it! ^_^

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Man I got to say, this is cool!
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Thanks so much ^_^
the artistic magican
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you can make a diamond_pickaxe :} nice project
08/10/2016 11:28 am
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Thanks for your suggestion :)
07/27/2016 11:54 am
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Amazing modern ideas, you got diamond
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Thanks so much :)
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