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ZeroniaServer's Avatar ZeroniaServer
Level 45 : Master Pirate
Crafty Cannoneers Minecraft Map
🏴‍☠Crafty Cannoneers🏴‍☠
Made by Zeronia

Multiplayer, Minecraft Java Edition, Version 1.21*
Current Map Version: v1.1.2

Now available on Minecraft Realms!

Play now on CubeKrowd: play.cubekrowd.net!
* Note: CubeKrowd is currently still on Minecraft 1.20.4 running v1.1.1.

A resource pack is required to play this game.
Click here to download the server resource pack!

Interested in Crafty Cannoneers or our future projects? Join the Zeronia Discord Server!

Crafty Cannoneers is a game where 2 teams of Pirates are having a big battle, with their goal being to completely destroy the enemy team's ship as quickly as possible. They can do this by firing off a wide variety of Cannonballs using the Cannons found on their ships.

The island in the middle of the map is home to Treasure Chests! These Treasure Chests contain Gold, Gunpowder, special weapons and other kinds of loot. The Pirates must visit this island frequently in order to get enough resources to shoot their cannons.

Gold is used to purchase Cannonballs from the Pirate Traders on your ship and Gunpowder is used to shoot your Cannons.

Each Cannon has 2 Gunpowder slots on either side. You can insert up to 7 Gunpowder in these slots; the more Gunpowder you put in, the further the Cannonball will travel. You can even shoot Cannonballs in different directions by putting more Gunpowder in one slot than the other.

The ships also have Weakpoints, which deal critical damage when hit. The Pirates can expose these Weakpoints by spotting them with their Spotting Spyglass. If they want to hit these Weakpoints, they need to learn how to properly aim their Cannons.

Each ship has a Team Chest for all teammates to access shared resources. If an enemy makes it onto your ship, the Team Chest automatically locks itself, but if they have a Skeleton Key (found in Treasure Chests on the middle island), then they can unlock it and steal all of your precious items! You'll know when an enemy is on your ship if your Ship Bell starts ringing.

The last ship standing wins the game!

Types of Cannonballs:

Cannonball: The most basic type of Cannonball. These deal the least amount of damage to ships, but are required to purchase the more special Cannonballs from your ship's Pirate Traders.

Tracer Cannonball: These are part of the default equipment of any Pirate. They deal no damage, you have an infinite amount of them, and firing them from a Cannon will cost you no Gunpowder. They will create a green trajectory line only apparent to their users, which means you can use them to find out where your shot will land.

Hot Cannonball: These Cannonballs set a ship on fire on impact, and set the Gunpowder slots of nearby Cannons on fire temporarily, rendering them useless for the enemy team. After a while, the fire will automatically extinguish, which will deal a bit of extra damage to ships as well. Combine these with Gas Cannonballs for an extra powerful explosion!

Gas Cannonball: A big cloud of toxic gas gets released from this Cannonball on impact, which gives any players inside it blindness, nausea, and poison while also removing any regeneration effects they may have had. Combine these with Hot Cannonballs for an extra powerful explosion!

Cannonball Cluster: Fire 5 Cannonballs for the price of 1! Cannonball Clusters are extremely inaccurate, especially on long range, but they are the best Cannonball to use against players on the central island due to their spread out range of effect.

Chain Cannonball: Two halves of a Cannonball, connected together by a chain. These are a little less accurate than other Cannonballs, and are best used when aimed at the sails of a ship. Hitting the sails with Chain Cannonballs will tear them apart and deal a lot of extra damage.

Bouncy Cannonball: After hitting their target, Bouncy Cannonballs will bounce around, blasting nearby players into the air and dealing damage to them with each bounce. They will randomly explode after bouncing around for a little bit.

Player Cannonball: A Cannonball shaped like a barrel; you can use these to launch yourself from a Cannon onto the enemy ship! It's not exactly subtle though: a Pirate shooting themselves out of a Cannon makes a very loud and distinct sound.

Golden Cannonball: These are only found in Skeleton Chests that occasionally spawn on the middle island throughout the game. Not only do they look really fancy, but they also give you extra Gold when you damage ships or kill players with them!

Copper Cannonball: Unlike regular Cannonballs, Copper Cannonballs lodge themselves into ships and repeatedly strike lightning to deoxidize the copper before exploding a second time. These are found exclusively when the Sea Storms modifier is enabled.

IMPORTANT: Incompatibilities

This is a list of mods, plugins, and server setups where Crafty Cannoneers is either known or suspected to not function properly. Unfortunately, any problems that occur while using any of the following are beyond our control, and we recommend avoiding these for the most playable experience:

- KronHUD, Better HUD, and any other custom HUD mods
- Lunar Client, Badlion Client, etc.
- MyWorlds, Multiverse, and any other world management plugins
- Heavily modded servers (basically, don't run this with Pixelmon or whatever)
- Servers running Minecraft versions prior to 1.21

CreditYZEROgame, Evtema3, Stuffy, Carl510, Klariaon, Blocky
Progress100% complete

11 Update Logs

Version 1.1.2 : by ZeroniaServer 07/13/2024 12:00:04 pmJul 13th

Minecraft 1.21 Compatibility

This release of Crafty Cannoneers exclusively supports Minecraft Java Edition 1.21, resolving major technical incompatibilities in recent versions of Minecraft.

Future releases will continue to support the latest version and previous ones where possible. However, with the scope of technical changes in recent versions, do not expect support for anything but the latest versions unless otherwise indicated.


  • Slightly redesigned ship bases to provide more visibility for aiming Cannons in the bottom deck.
  • Golden Cannonballs now give 12-20 Gold (increased from 5-8) for hitting enemy players or dealing damage to the enemy ship.
    • This change was actually first made in v1.1.0, but we forgot to mention it in the changelog there and it also was not working as intended until this update.
  • Completely redesigned locked joinpad visuals in the Lobby in order to better communicate when and why teams are not joinable. Barriers begone!
  • Added a new developer-only option to disable midgame joining: /scoreboard players set $NoMidgameJoins CmdData 1(Set back to 0 to re-enable!)
  • Improved the after-impact trajectory of Copper Cannonballs.
  • When you die, you can’t shoot your Crossbow for a couple of ticks in order to prevent accidental shots right after respawning.
  • Maces, Hooks, Shields and Shark Teeth now have accurate durability bars to reflect how many maximum uses they have.
  • Player heads for Translator credits now update regardless of account name/skin changes.
  • Reduced world size by 22% by removing all empty chunks.
  • Added a distant Blast Bomb explosion sound.
  • For subtle sound variety, Blast Bomb explosions now play at slightly random pitches.
  • Made Treasure Chest opening/looting sounds slightly quieter.
  • Added new particles for Sea Storm winds.
  • Rocks now stack up to 64.
  • Removed extra new lines after Modifier descriptions.

Fixed Bugs

  • Copper Cannonballs froze in place as soon as they touched shallow water and never sunk.
  • Hitting an enemy with a Golden Cannonball gave back twice as much Gold as intended.
  • Players could place Blast Barrels and Crab Traps underwater.
  • Player attack indicator flickered while rowing a Boat Cannon at certain diagonal angles.
  • Invisible villagers could be seen inside Boat Cannons while spectating.
  • Graves could spawn for players who died without any items.
  • Graves could spawn in invalid locations above/inside blocks.
  • Graves did not bobble logically in still/flowing water.
  • Underwater graves could descend indefinitely after rising to the water surface.
  • Underwater graves did not continue rising when the block above them was removed.
  • Underwater graves did not stop rising against slabs or stairs correctly.
  • Lobby players could keep MVP Pirate Hats from previous games.
  • If a kill, death, or Cannon shot occurred after the game ended, players in the Lobby would have incorrect MVP Pirate Hats.
  • Harpoons, Boarding Axes, and Tracer Cannonballs did not change state directly in the player’s cursor or crafting slots.
  • Players could put a red Tracer Cannonball into a container in order to get a green one back sooner than intended.
  • Dying while having a red Tracer Cannonball gave a green one back upon respawning, even if the Tracer Cannonball had not yet landed.
  • Dropping red Tracer Cannonballs deleted them from your inventory.
  • When the player picked up a damaged Crab Trap, the durability bar visibly squished in their inventory slot along with the texture, unlike other durability bars (because it was fake before).
  • Teachers on the Training Island could possibly drink Invisibility Potions at night.
  • Cannonballs shot from the Cannon Dock on the Training Island did not have visible trails.
  • Messages for all Weakpoints destroyed did not have consistent spacing in chat.
  • Teams whose Weakpoint was destroyed by something other than a Cannonball were not informed about it if the Weakpoint was not exposed to the enemy team.
  • Gas bubbles could give players blindness, poison, and nausea while they were spectators at the end of the game.
  • Players who just respawned could not leave the game by taking off their Pirate Hats until at least 11 seconds after they died.
  • MVP Pirate Hats did not update adaptively ingame when one team had considerably more kills than the other.
  • Player armor values did not balance properly when one team had considerably more kills than the other.
  • Player hand animations did not play after the game ended.
  • Ships on fire at the end of the game could stay on fire by the start of the next game.
  • Rocks knocked players back in random directions.
  • Settings Map signs looked solid black for players using the Enhanced Block Entities mod.

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05/19/2024 5:08 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
Chuzume's Avatar
I'm still having a lot of fun.
The battle system of this map is not found in other distributed maps, and it feels refreshing to play.
As a request, I'd like to see at least 5 people in each team. In the trailer, there were 7 people on the purple team, so I thought it would be possible to play with a large number of people, but I was disappointed that I couldn't.
05/20/2024 5:23 pm
Level 45 : Master Pirate
ZeroniaServer's Avatar
Thank you! We're glad you're still enjoying the map.

So the reason for the current player limit is that Minecraft Realms limits their servers to 10 players maximum and we designed Crafty Cannoneers as a game specifically for Realms, so only up to 5 players are allowed on each team by default. However, you are able to set the maximum number of players on each team to 7 (or any other number you want) by running the below command in chat or your server console. Hope this helps!
/scoreboard players set $MaxTeamSize CmdData 7
05/09/2024 3:38 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Chuzume's Avatar
This is a great map! Super fun!

However, I had a lot of trouble applying the server resource pack, so I thought it would be a good idea to write the download link for the resource pack on this page!
05/11/2024 10:44 am
Level 45 : Master Pirate
ZeroniaServer's Avatar
Just tried adding it as a direct download and it did in fact do that (looks like a download for the whole map too, which isn't intuitive). We've added it to the description instead and fixed up some formatting. Thank you for the suggestion!
05/11/2024 10:34 am
Level 45 : Master Pirate
ZeroniaServer's Avatar
Thank you, glad you had fun!!

Yeah, we actually used to have the resource pack as a Google Drive link and the map as a direct download but the map became too big for PlanetMinecraft so it had to become the Google Drive one. We might be able to add the resource pack back as a direct download, although that button might go on top of the map download which isn't the best. We can certainly add it to the description, though. We'll give it a shot!
02/17/2024 12:23 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
ZeroIceBear's Avatar
It's coming!
LGSC team
11/06/2022 5:09 pm
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Modder
LGSC team's Avatar
11/06/2022 10:50 pm
Level 45 : Master Pirate
ZeroniaServer's Avatar
Thank you!
11/05/2022 10:17 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
ZeroIceBear's Avatar
This map is so cool! Can I do a Chinese translation for the map?
11/06/2022 12:11 am
Level 45 : Master Pirate
ZeroniaServer's Avatar
Thank you! We would need to do some work to support full language localization, but you're absolutely welcome to submit translations! We can talk more in our Discord server: discord.gg/X9bZgw7