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How to find on server: /rr1, /rr2, /rr3, /rr4, etc.

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Level 23 : Expert Engineer
Installation Guide
The map currently only supports Minecraft Java Edition version 1.17.1. It should also be compatible with Spigot/Paper servers, although Vanilla is preferred. When you download it, you should have a zip file named "rocket-riders.zip" (or alternatively, if using the Google Drive download link, "Rocket Riders.zip".

If you wish to play with your friends, you can upload this zip file directly to server hosting platforms such as Minehut, Aternos, and StickyPiston, or to your own Realm. Please refer to the instructions there for map installation.

If you wish to play in singleplayer or open your world to LAN (local area network), you will want to copy this file to your world saves directory. This is located in the following places per operating system:

  • Windows: "%APPDATA%\.minecraft\saves"
  • macOS: "~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves"
  • Linux: "~/.minecraft/saves"
Then go ahead and extract the zip file directly to your saves directory. It should place the world files in a folder called "Rocket Riders". This will be how you find the world in your Minecraft worlds list.

If these instructions are confusing, please refer to the Minecraft Wiki for more information.
Update Guide
If you have an existing Rocket Riders world that you would like to update to the latest version while still keeping your player/world data, read below (or alternatively, watch this video!).

This process involves copying over the new datapack folders from the Rocket Riders GitHub repository.

You will need to go to the releases page and download the Source Code zip file for the latest release.

Then drag this file to your Rocket Riders world save folder, typically located in the following places depending on your operating system:
  • Windows: "%APPDATA%\.minecraft\saves\Rocket Riders"
  • macOS: "~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/Rocket Riders"
  • Linux: "~/.minecraft/saves/Rocket Riders"
Extract the zip file and then copy everything except "empty_advancements.zip", "LICENSE.txt", and "README.md", as these files should not change.

Navigate to your world's "datapacks" folder and delete the same folders you just copied from there before pasting the new ones in. Then delete the extracted folder and corresponding zip file now that you've pasted the new datapacks in.

Finally, run "/reload" ingame to load in the new datapacks! (Alternatively, close and reopen your world.) All of your world data should be saved, and the code should be fully up to date.

Note: for updating from Version 1.0.0 specifically, it is also recommended to clear the scoreboard sidebar display as we accidentally left an objective there in the initial world download. Run "/scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar" in chat to clear the sidebar display.

Rocket Riders Logo

A refreshing take on Missile Wars for modern Minecraft!
Made in 4+ years by Evtema3, YZEROgame, and Chronos22

Multiplayer, Minecraft Version 1.17.1+
Current World Version: 1.0.6

Play now on CubeKrowd: play.cubekrowd.net!*
* Chase Mode, custom achievements, and the Modification Room are not currently accessible on CubeKrowd.
To get access to these features, download the world for yourself!

Interested in Rocket Riders? Join the Zeronia Discord Server and check out the RR Wiki!

Rocket Riders
is a reimagination of SethBling and Cubehamster's Missile Wars, featuring all new missiles, utility items, custom achievements, challenging gamemodes and modifiers, and tons more ways to customize your gameplay!

The map includes 20 all new, community-made missiles ranging in speed and explosive power. Ride missiles across to the enemy base and explode their nether portals* to win the game!
* Some gamemodes (Capture the Flag and Chase) have different winning criteria.

In addition to the Shield and Fireball from Missile Wars, new utility items like the Vortex (floating sky-mine), Canopy (leaf platform), Nova Rocket (explosive firework crossbow), and Obsidian Shield allow for complex and unique gameplay strategies!

Rocket Riders also features 5 new gamemodes and 14 game modifiers which bring new gameplay objectives and challenges to the table so the game always stays exciting!

Modification Room
The Modification Room in the center of the Lobby allows you to select active items, base decorations, game modifiers, game rules, and more, giving you the ability to fully customize your gameplay!

Rocket Riders has a set of 38 custom achievements! See if you can earn them all along the way!

This map was made over the course of 4+ years.

We couldn't have done it without the help of so many members of the community who tested features, reported bugs, submitted missiles, shared feedback, advised development, constructed our Lobby, hosted servers, and more over the years.

Thank you, and we hope you all enjoy playing Rocket Riders as much as we've enjoyed making it!

- Zeronia Development Team
CreditYZEROgame, Evtema3, Chronos22
Progress100% complete

6 Update Logs

Version 1.0.6 : 08/16/2021 2:51:21 pmAug 16th

Changes and Tweaks:
  • The window for ties has been increased from 4 to 5 seconds.
  • Rewrote the ICBM algorithm for efficiency and reliability.
  • Added new random game start splash messages as suggested by the community.
Capture the Flag Mode Specific Tweaks:
  • Extended range where Obsidian Shields cannot be deployed near flags.
  • Added messages for flags lowering.
  • Tweaked flag status messages to make them stand out more.
  • Added an Overtime period to CTF Mode that automatically starts after 30 minutes. During Overtime, items get given out quicker and Canopy stacking increases to 3. This may be disabled in the Modification Room.
Fixed Bugs:
  • Nova Rocket tracker entities were not properly removed during arena clears.
  • Spawning Fireballs/Obsidian Shields on top of a moving missile would put them inside of the moving block.
  • Surprise Eggs would sometimes not spawn any missiles if an entire category's worth of missiles were manually disabled.
  • You could only ever have 4 arrows at a time in Chase Mode, and any subsequent arrows you picked up were deleted.
  • There were unused commands to prevent Canopy duplication in Chase Mode that caused needless lag.
  • Lobby bossbar did not update properly due to a boolean logic error with full teams.
  • Locked join pads did not show a barrier particle upon world load.
  • Fences and white stained glass would briefly disappear during flag lowering animation in Capture the Flag Mode.
  • Throwing multiple ICBMs in the same tick would cause some to instantly explode.

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09/01/2021 3:18 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Farmer
Jediwiktor15 avatar
09/01/2021 9:33 pm
Level 23 : Expert Engineer
ZeroniaServer avatar
Nope, sorry. Rocket Riders only supports Minecraft Version 1.17.1 and up.
08/26/2021 6:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3785515G avatar
This map looks amazing!, gonna try it out later with friends :D
08/27/2021 2:08 am
Level 23 : Expert Engineer
ZeroniaServer avatar
Thank you! Have fun! :D
08/25/2021 2:02 am
Level 1 : New Miner
exstremgamin360 avatar
hey, is it possible to remove the must be survival thing so that i can make anyone i wont in creative or survival
08/25/2021 3:12 pmhistory
Level 23 : Expert Engineer
ZeroniaServer avatar
Hi, we do not actually force gamemodes unless the player is in the Lobby or is a Spectator. When you are in Blue/Yellow team in an active game, you can be in any gamemode. Also, if you join the Developer team (/team join Developer), you may be in any gamemode. Hope this helps!
08/26/2021 10:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
exstremgamin360 avatar
arrr, thanks this is very helpful. is there somewhere where we can see all possible commands and what they do, like a pdf or something. besides using them to help maange other players there is also a few alterations i would like to make so that it is easier to manage a game(for instance i might lock the settings room)
08/27/2021 2:11 amhistory
Level 23 : Expert Engineer
ZeroniaServer avatar
Well we don't have a PDF, but we do have a GitHub repository! You can check out individual functions and comments here: https://github.com/ZeroniaServer/RocketRiders

There is also some pertinent information on the Rocket Riders Wiki regarding how some of the internal commands work. We're happy to give more information if you wish to contact us via Discord: https://discord.gg/X9bZgw7
08/20/2021 1:13 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3774531G avatar
Version 1 16 4????? and 1 17?
08/20/2021 1:22 pm
Level 23 : Expert Engineer
ZeroniaServer avatar
Rocket Riders does not support 1.16.4. Only 1.17.1.
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