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Fantasy Steam Punk Airship! #WeAreConquest

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funnyhappyharry's Avatar funnyhappyharry
Level 22 : Expert Architect
This Airship is to be apart of a larger project for a server called A'therys Horizons, It will be used in a nation called the Gennaian Isles. I will be building other airships soon!

A big thanks to skillet52 for his input and help with the build!

If you'd like to suggest what we should do for our next airship leave the suggestion in the comments bellow!

Before I say anything else about these structures I will address a few possible questions.

1: This is not a texturepack, this is the Conquest Reforged Modpack! I highly recommend using this for fantasy medieval projects. By far the best modpack out there in my personal opinion. You can find the modpack here!

2: I will not make this a schematic, and this is not up for download. This was made for the A'therys Horizons RP server and their server only. However you can find it on the community server where you can go check it out for yourselves!

3: This was a collaboration between me, and skillet52 taking inspiration from concept art, and and a Japanese fan. These are completely original pieces, and will be used in a Greek/Roman styled city when the time comes!
Creditskillet52, hoppingharry built on the A'therys Horizons Roleplay Server.
Progress100% complete

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08/14/2018 3:07 pm
Level 82 : Elite Architect
lynchyinc's Avatar
Really interesting design - reminds me of something from Final Fantasy
08/14/2018 4:26 pm
Level 22 : Expert Architect
funnyhappyharry's Avatar
We started out with a Corsair style hull but wanted to do something more, and avoid using a balloon as much as possible. So it lead us to use fins that resemble a Japanese fan, and a rudder based of a piece of concept art we saw online. Later on we really wanted to put a ram on it, and create a defensive feeling to the vessel. As you can tell its not something thrown together for normal air warfare its very much a sky guard to patrol unstable territories.
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