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Fictional Star trek Battle

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avatar pierocks4133
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Oh look I'm still alive.

today I bring a large fictional star trek battle, there isn't really much behind how it started but on the Federation Side it includes two Kobayashi maru type starships, One NX Class Starship, One Constitution-class Starship, One Daedalus Class Starship, Two Intrepid Class Light Cruiser, One Bonaventure Class Starship, Along with a modified version of the Bonaventure class that has Four Nacelles.

And on the Romulan Side, it includes Three Romulan Birds of prey from the 23rd Century

I would have posted earlier, but I have been at CFB Borden for the last three weeks, expect a new project by the end of the month.

A massive thank you goes to Darkonionxd for the renders please go check out their account

EDIT : Sorry for those last two images, I have no idea how they were added. I have deleted them.
Creditdarkonionxd - Renders
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