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Floating Island CTF

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Hi! This is my first time uploading, so lets hope for the best shall we?

This map is a floating island CTF (Not big surprise) It was originally made to be a scavenge type of survival, but eventually things changed and I made it into what it is here. When testing this map with my friends we all agreed that it was made to be a 2v2 or 3v3 battle, because anymore or any less would be far too difficult to capture the flag, or would just seem plain boring. The weapons are provided via Pressure plate which is hooked up to a command block, which gives out the items...


- Iron Sword, Shears (Adventure mode for wools pickup), bow, 2 stacks of 64 arrows.

Now this is just preference, and you can have it whatever you want. I did hook up some fireworks as well so if you cap the enemies flag you can activate that and celebrate your victory, or whatever you happy minecrafters do when you claim a wool block.

I hope this is one out of many other maps I create, hope you guys like it! Ta-Ta!

Additional Notes

(Sleeping in the beds placed in the forts is a good idea, just to place spawn points)
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06/03/2013 1:47 pm
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