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[Payload] Castle Siege

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Hey guys once again, another team based map from me.

Now for those of you who don't know what Payload is, payload is a type of map where two teams have different objectives.

Blue Team: Their objective is to push the cart to the final point and, in doing so huge explosions happen (Which is really neat).

Red Team: Their objective is to defend and stop the cart from being pushed and survive for a amount of time.

This map is rather simplistic but rather difficult for blue team due to the cart having to be put on disabled Redstone tracks so it doesn't go too fast. Me and my friends have tested it, and we all agree a 3v3 all the way up to a 10v10 is suitable for this map. Any lower or any higher...Again, will just make it difficult and boring.

If one play does not wish to play he (Or she *sorry :x*) can activate the countdown from beneath blue spawn, invisible potions are required so you don't distract players. You will also keep inventory upon death so you only will have to use the weapon dispenser once. (Adventure mode is recommended)

Weapons: Iron Sword, Bow, 64 Arrows.

Thanks to Cregavitch, Sebrof and a bunch of other guys for helping in the testing. ^^ (Sorry, can't remember all your names~ <3)

And thank you for reading, and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as the testers did. :3

[UPDATE NOTE:] Also! If anyone could record a lets play of this with their friends or a random party, I'd be incredibly grateful as I'd put it up on here as a example <3

Additional Notes

It would be great if this could be made into a plugin, since the annoying part is the cart can be destroyed (Which is a real pain). If anyone is willing to make this into a plugin for servers, I'd be very grateful.
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