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Fnaf 5 fan made 1.7.10 (Modded Only)

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Banygod's Avatar Banygod
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So i was thinking of making a new fnaf series and i wanted fnaf completed map but not modded and a map which wants some stuff so i choose fnaf 5 fan made and it's gonna be modded and of course its gonna be used in my fnaf series and finally you can use it in your roleplay after it's release!

Orignal FNAF 5 FAN-MADE:


Map %

parking lot : 15%

small City : 0.0%

Parked cars : 0.0%

Houses : 0.0%

Thanks to REXOMatic i was able to make His Fnaf map with a workIng generator......

Dont worry About what Mods you need to find for the map Because the Map comes with mods.....oh and one more thing is that theres a mod when you find it with the other mods...... Its Called fnaf Unverise Mod... in order to use it you need a fnaf resource pack to launch this mod but dont worry it will come with it...............!

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Progress40% complete

1 Update Logs

Security office Update #1 : by Banygod 10/28/2017 3:22:09 pmOct 28th, 2017

The office Isn't still done since some stuff and some changes is gonna be added:

---Back Hallway
---upper Vents
---Redstone window (which can be closed or opened)
---downward vents
---Lights inside office is gonna be removed (to make the map little bit spooky)
---power bar will be added and of course when you close doors the power will drain

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