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Genera Class Guided Missile Destroyer

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Level 47 : Master Unicorn
I'm back. This build has been metastasizing for a little while now, as I had this grand dream of building a complete interior, three different variants, and a lot of other stuff before real life came in and dunked on my plans. The exterior of this ship is done, as are a couple major interior compartments for your perusal and enjoyment. This ship is heavily inspired by Battlestar Galactica fanart, but is intended to be its own thing, a destroyer of the Aenean Republic. Aenea is made of the descendents of Roman colonists flung far from home to the Triangulum Galaxy, hence the Roman/Latin influences. At some point I'd found a translation for "Genera" that was different from "Classification," but I can't find it. Just know that this isn't intended to be the Class-class destroyer. Also consider the world upload a soft-upload of the Aenean frigate and completed Archangel, although those are both still works in progress.

Class: Genera
Type: Guided Missile Destroyer (Designation DDG)
First Flown: 7/24/2342
Length: 379 m
Width: 113 m
Height: 53 m
  • 2 RT Dynamics/Helena-Iacorum Mk 71 Mod 2 10cm Double-barreled Plasma Railgun Turrets
  • 2 RT Dynamics Mk 38 Mod 4 4cm Railgun Turrets
  • 42 RT Dynamics Scutum ECIWS Point Defense Turrets (30mm)
  • 8 SGM-590 Felkor Variable-Yield Antimatter Anti-Ship Torpedoes (4 in ventral turret, 2 per side in single-launch tubes)
  • 96 VLS Cells Amidships with SIM-94 Anti-Spacecraft Missiles (MIRV Fusion X-Ray Laser Warheads), SGM-221 Strike Missiles, SGM-104N Nuclear Strike Missiles
Combat System: Armum Mk 1 (Genus 10 Software Package)
  • 12 ATR Technologies AN/APY-22 Phased Radar Search/Targeting Arrays (AESA, Active/Passive Sensing)
  • 4 ATR AN/ALY-91 Search Lidars (Active/Passive Sensing)
  • 1 ATR Technologies AN/AGY-4 Gradar (Passive Only)
  • 1 ATR Technologies/Sensus Systems AN/AAY-102 Multiwave Passive Sensor Suite (Bow Mounted)
  • 2 ATR Technologies AN/APG-27 Fire Control Radars (Active Only)
  • 2 ATR/RT Dynamics AN/ALQ-94 Electronic Warfare/ESM Suites
Top Speed:
  • Sublight: 0.6c
  • FTL: 3000c
Powerplant: 1 Altari Energy Mk 14 Muon-Catylized Deuterium-Tritium Fusion Reactor (Magnetic Confinement) (10 TWe Output)
Emergency Powerplant: 1 Arx Auxiliaries DX22 Emergency Carbon Fuel Generator (40 MWe output, 4 days max output fuel loading)
Thrust: 12 Sallustius Systems DFT14 Fusion Rockets (2 FWD, 1 Retro per nacelle), 8 Sallustius Systems XVT93 VASIMR Rockets (1 FWD, 1 Retro per nacelle)
FTL: 4 Alium Exotics/Sallustius F960 Warp Coil Assemblies
Shields: Electromagnetic Hull Plating, Carbon Nanotube Skin
Maneuvering System: 200 Mercurialis Aerospace RCI-24mN Reaction-Control Thruster Clusters
Inertial Dampeners: Alium Exotics DDI-9 Inertial Dampening Core, Alium Exotics Mk 8 Mod 3 IDC Integrated Deckplate Compensators
Atmospheric Flight: Alium Exotics AGH-3M Heavy Superconductor Flight Array
Displacement: 350,000 tons
Commissioned Ships (While 80 are in service, only the first 30 will be listed for brevity and laziness):
  • ADS Genera (DDG 62)
  • ADS Pugio (DDG 63)
  • ADS Spatha (DDG 64)
  • ADS Hasta (DDG 65)
  • ADS Sagitarria (DDG 66)
  • ADS Lorica (DDG 67)
  • ADS Parata (DDG 68)
  • ADS Gerana (DDG 69)
  • ADS Opulo (DDG 70)
  • ADS Regia (DDG 71)
  • ADS Aegis (DDG 72)
  • ADS Clypaeus (DDG 73)
  • ADS Tragulia (DDG 74)
  • ADS Tela (DDG 75)
  • ADS Gladius (DDG 76)
  • ADS Appella (DDG 77)
  • ADS Coriana (DDG 78)
  • ADS Renarum (DDG 79)
  • ADS Tempesta (DDG 80)
  • ADS Barria (DDG 81)
  • ADS Morgana (DDG 82)
  • ADS Tellus (DDG 83)
  • ADS Motivo (DDG 84)
  • ADS Velocita (DDG 85)
  • ADS Ventus (DDG 86)
  • ADS Supersa (DDG 87)
  • ADS Sagitta (DDG 88)
  • ADS Intrepidus (DDG 89)
  • ADS Ferox (DDG 90)
  • ADS Imperatrix (DDG 91)
  • ADS Indomitus (DDG 92)
  • ADS Saeva (DDG 93)
Crew: 300 (220 Enlisted, 25 officers, 55 Enlisted+Officer Flight Detachment)
Maximum Range: 8000 light years without replenishment
Cost: $11.3 billion Aenean Denarii
Auxiliary Aircraft:
  • 1 SP-21 Vigilins Long-Range Patrol Craft or 1 SV-65 Viator Personnel SSTOS

The Genera class guided missile destroyer is the principle multimission ship for the Aenean Navy, with excellent endurance, speed, and firepower for its size. The ships are ubiquitous in nearly system, providing intercolonial security, patrol, rescue, and deterrence. The early Aenean Navy was predominantly composed of frigates and smaller, as orbital patrol was the only major mission of the burgeoning republic. As time went on, criminal organizations grew, as did the aspirations of independence among the larger colonies of Hadria and Spero. Meanwhile, observatories across the Republic picked up dozens of anomalous signals from all over the galaxy, suggesting that Aenea was no longer as alone as they thought they were. The initial upscale of the Aenean Navy, meant to address all of these concerns, was the venerable yet flawed Ballista class destroyer, a large combatant with an impressive (for the time) array of weapons. However, the ship suffered from low fuel efficiency, excessive heat buildup, and earlier-than-expected spaceframe fatigue failure, severely limiting their service lives. As the first batches of Ballistas began to enter the scrap yard, the Navy ordered the development of a new ship built on decades of lessons learned in large spacecraft construction, weapons, and propulsion. The Genera had its own share of issues in development, especially fighting for funds with the cutting edge Concordia class frigate project, but eventually entered service. The ships were primarily constructed at Naval Shipyard Aenea in Arx and Naval Shipyard Cassia in Spero, but construction later expanded to all of the major military shipyards as the primary stations tooled up for the larger cruisers, battleships, and battlestars of the Heavy Combatant Modernization Program. The Genera showed itself a potent escort to Latium and later Mercuria class battlestars, while also functioning in groups with Gaius class cruisers and Concordia class frigates for more specialized action groups. Despite being a nearly 40 year old design, the Genera is still going strong, spawning the Genera-II subtype, an upgunned version of the original, as well as the Ignis class laser destroyer, which trades most of the Genera's arsenal for a large fusion-powered X-Ray laser fixed in the prow. With service-life extension programs up and running, Aenea expects to continue to run its entire fleet of Generas for at least another 10 years, with the class itself lasting another 40.

As a guided missile destroyer, the Genera's chief weapon is not its guns, which are relatively lackluster. Its dorsal plasma railguns are powerful but have a limited arc, and the stern is relatively uncovered by anything larger than point defense. Where the ship shines is in its missile armament. Two fixed nacelles on the flanks of the bow hold dual SGM-590 Felkor heavy anti-ship missiles, the Aenean version of a torpedo. Equipped with a variable-yield deuterium/antideuterium warhead, fusion rocket, and quantum-entanglement communications, the missile is capable of rapid acceleration and prosecution of targets both held by the launching ship and by its own internal suite. Four more Felkors are stored in a rotating launcher on the ventral bow. Since the missiles are self-propelled and have no need for inertial dampening, they can rapidly turn and maneuver to engage targets at any aspect from ownship, so the launcher need not be pointed at the target. Additionally, 96 vertical launch silos mounted amidships contain a variable load of smaller strike and anti-ship missiles, the deadliest being the SIM-94 anti-spacecraft missile. Containing 20 smaller warheads, essentially mini fusion bombs with focusing mirrors, the weapon can detonate as one or as a cloud of explosions that channel their energy into powerful X-Ray lasers before hitting the target. As such, the missile remains deadly even outside of point defense range. However, the missiles are nearly as expensive as the Felkor, so ships are rarely equipped with more than 20. The Genera is covered by a dense net of Scutum ECIWS point defense turrets, ensuring 360 degree coverage. While large, the ship does not contain anywhere near the number of weapons of most Aenean heavy combatants, trading some armament for extra maneuverability and acceleration. The ships also mount advanced gradar systems for detecting tell-tale signatures of vessels at or dropping out of warp, which EM sensors may miss. A Genera paired with one or two SP-21 Vigilins long range patrol craft can effectively hunt and engage a hostile warship on the vessels' gradars alone, with the Genera acting as a missile launch platform using targeting information from the Vigilins. While Aenean forces are competent, with good equipment, they have yet to make any first contact, and so are very good at fighting against each other in exercises. However, this has certain assumptions on the technological level of alien races that may prove to be less than accurate when they inevitably find out who else shares the galaxy with them.
CreditCanisD for the original design inspiration: https://galacticafanon.fandom.com/wiki/Minerva_Class_Frigate
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07/13/2022 11:46 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Architect
Skallord avatar
"The ships are ubiquitous in nearly system"

Second line of the first lore paragraph, should be "nearly every system."
07/13/2022 11:49 pm
Level 47 : Master Unicorn
AirshipsEverywhere avatar

Yeah that one is inexcusable.
06/21/2021 5:56 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Dragon
dragonridersean avatar
Looks great! Love the sleekness of it all! Just one question: why use kinetic weapons for point-defense? Many ships would be moving at a much higher velocity than your average bullet. Why not use some form of laser-based point defense system? (And no, not some form of fictional “laser”, I’m talking something like the XN-1 LaWS point-defense laser system on the USS Ponce. That would give a much better shot at destroying, say, a missile, than your average cannon/firearm/gun.
03/05/2021 3:26 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Engineer
TheOneMeepermcmeep avatar
This is really cool. You should try the game Space Engineers. It’s basically Minecraft, but you can build ships that move. Again, awesome job on this really cool ship.
04/09/2021 3:29 am
Level 22 : Expert Sus
Kontik avatar
This is really cool. You should try the game Space Engineers. It’s basically Minecraft, but you can build ships that move. Again, awesome job on this really cool ship.
03/04/2021 6:00 pm
Level 22 : Expert Sus
Kontik avatar
It's finally here.
And it's glorious.
03/04/2021 5:59 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Architect
Skallord avatar
It's finally here.
And it's glorious.
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