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Archangel-Class Destroyer [FULL INTERIOR]

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Thought you'd never see this ship again, eh? 5 years after the last update, I finally provide a complete interior, built using the many lessons I've learned about spacecraft construction, naval organization, space technology, and Minecraft interior greebling. This is still my favorite ship design of mine, so I left the exterior pretty much alone with the exception of de-redstoning the weapons (that were never functional anyway) and changing up the point defense turrets. While I included the schematic in the .zip, I'd recommend using the world file to explore because MCEdit can be a little wonky with signs and item frames, which are unfortunately two of my major interior greeble staples. I designed the interior to be functional in a out-of-Minecraft sense, including everything I thought a real interstellar FTL spaceship would need. If you have any questions or comments about the design, or think there's something I missed, please let me know in the comments!


Class: Archangel
Type: Destroyer (Designation DDS)
Manufacturer: Brony Aerospace (Blackiron Naval Yards, Acidalia Planitia Fleet Yards)
First Flown: 6/15/2015
Length: 295 m
Width: 83 m
Height: 70 m
  • 1 Trojan Technologies 2-barrel 2 GJ railgun turret. (1000 mm)
  • 4 3-barrel 15-inch cannons
  • 38 2-barrel Trojan Technologies 50 MJ projectile turrets (CIWS)
  • 4 2-barrel Arrow Dynamics M160 50 MW laser turrets (CIWS)
  • 1 Trojan Technologies 1-barrel 50 GJ railgun. (1000 mm)
  • 1 Arrow Dynamics M1000A3 75 TW laser cannon (3000 mm)
  • 2 Arrow Dynamics M328 20 TW laser cannons
  • 2 Trojan Technologies Mk6 Mod 2 Guided Missile Launchers
    • Capable of holding 2 SGM-221 Advanced Star Sparrow Missiles Each

  • 2 Raytheon Phalanx 20mm CIWS Gun Systems
Top Speed:
  • Sublight: 0.52c
  • FTL: 550c
Powerplant: 1 Zephyr Industries Mk VI(s) D-T Muon-Catalyzed Fusion Reactor (400 TWe Output), 2 Zephyr Industries Mk 5 Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Thrust: 2 Zephyr Industries VA12 VASIMR Plasma Engines, 4 Zephyr Industries VAN16 VASIMR Plasma Nacelle Engines, 4 Zephyr Industries VANR4 VASIMR Plasma Deceleration Engines
FTL: 4 Brony Aerospace FT550 Warp Coil Assemblies Mounted in VAN16 VASIMRs.
Shields: Electromagnetic Hull Plating, Carbon Nanotube Skin
Maneuvering System: Multi-Axial RCS Assemblies (100 all over hull)
Displacement: 125,000 tons
Commissioned Ships (Flight 1):
  • Skyship Archangel (DDS 03)
  • Skyship Gabriel (DDS 04)
  • Skyship Michael (DDS 05)
  • Skyship Raphael (DDS 06)
  • Skyship Raziel (DDS 07)
  • Skyship Uriel (DDS 08)
  • Skyship Remiel (DDS 09)
  • Skyship Azriel (DDS 10)
  • Skyship Nuriel (DDS 11)
  • Skyship Syriel (DDS 12)
  • Skyship Zephon (DDS 13)
  • Skyship Puriel (DDS 14)
  • Skyship Muriel (DDS 15)
  • Skyship Laylah (DDS 16)
  • Skyship Ambriel (DDS 17)
  • Skyship Teriel (DDS 18)
  • Skyship Adonael (DDS 19)
  • Skyship Damabiath (DDS 20)
  • Skyship Aeshma (DDS 21)
  • Skyship Rachmiel (DDS 22)
  • Skyship Haniel (DDS 23)
Crew: 250 (200 Enlisted, 20 officers, 27 Marine enlisted, 3 Marine officers)
Maximum Range: 4000 light years without replenishment
Cost: $10 billion Skylord Dollars ($20 billion USD)
Auxiliary Aircraft:
  • 1 SV-35 Starhound General Purpose Utility Craft
  • 1 SF-18 Harpy Space Superiority Fighter
  • 2 Brony Aerospace L20 Space Escape Shuttles.
  • 8 Brony Aerospace L6 Escape Pods

As the Skylord Space Fleet gradually built up, it became obvious that the force couldn't survive with a couple ships and several squadrons of fighters. At the urging of Admiral Steven Marin, the commander of the Air Navy's Southern Fleet, the Skylord military began to reallocate more and more funds to the new division, and Skylord Brony designed the Archangel-class destroyer. A relatively large vessel, longer than a Dauntless-class, the Archangel is designed to carry heavy weapons to take on large enemy ships, and judging from the sizes of many opposing forces' vessels, it can potentially engage capital ships. Its large size and small crew are based around extended deployment durations, as it can carry provisions and supplies for up to 4 months of constant service. It is also equipped with several ports on the opposite side of the hangar for underway replenishment from a fast combat support ship or fleet oiler. The ships are constructed in the Blackiron Orbital Shipyards over Joint Base Blackiron, and there are expected to be at least 5 for each of the 8 planned carrier groups.

The Archangel was not the true first general combatant in the Skylord Space Fleet. In the late 1990s, two one-off starships armed with a laser and coilgun were launched and constructed, being designated DDS-01 and DDS-02. These ships, the Xephos and Honeydew, were decommissioned in the early 2000s as they were deemed unnecessary. While the UTS was in constant contact with an extraterrestrial race, Miraculum, they did not think the two ships could do anything should they be invaded. While the Honeydew is currently mothballed in lunar orbit, the Xephos was given to Belgium to play with when they joined EATO. Instead of restarting the numbers, UTSSF decided to continue, and thus Archangel was given hull number 03. The Archangel-class is one of the largest current spacecraft ever built by humanity, although activity in Skylord shipyards indicates that will change very soon, and it is also one of the most heavily armed. The ships have never been tested against other vessels in actual combat, but Skylord command has full confidence in their heavy frontal armor and armament, as well as numerous point defense weapons and a mean broadside loadout. Equipped with an SV-35 utility craft, the Archangel can extend its feelers even beyond normal near-instantaneous sensor range. As a general purpose warship, the destroyer features a multimission bay below the main hangar to enable the craft to carry out a wide variety of tasking. One of the more popular loadouts is an SF-18 Harpy space superiority fighter and support equipment, as the Harpy is effective for long range patrol, but because the ship lacks a catapult system, it must launch on its own power out the hangar door, becoming much more vulnerable than a normal Harpy launched off a carrier. The ships are unique in that they lack the warp nacelles seen on most Skylord ships up until then. This is due to the actual warp coils being located in the stern engine nacelles, giving a much less unencumbered flank profile with the tradeoffs of greater power requirements and a less-stable warp bubble, as it is balanced more aft than fore as opposed to the nice ellipses and spheres of traditional warp ships. This design has been considered for other ships but is likely to be a rarity due to the greater tradeoffs at greater sizes. In addition to three heavy lasers and a large railgun, Archangel packs a dual railgun turret and four 15-inch naval cannon turrets amidships. These are intended for broadsiding, assuming the ship punches through enemy front lines with its forward facing armament. Several critics have pointed out that the weapons are essentially useless unless a target is to the sides, but Brony Aerospace defends its design choice by bringing up the otherwise lacking heavy broadside weaponry. For defense, the ship has electromagnetic hull plating to help dissipate directed energy weapons, countermeasures and numerous CIWS turrets to engage projectiles, but as energy shields are too advanced for the UTS at this time, it lacks a general-purpose defense screen, as do all human vessels. It augments this active protection with a passive jamming system, sophisticated radar and gradar and thick armor around vital areas. Every vessel has a Marine detachment to defend against boarders and conduct their own advanced VBSS evolutions. While fusion powerplants had been in service with the Skylord military since Indomitable's launch in 2005, Archangel served as the testbed for the standardized plant designs of all future Skylord starships. The deuterium-tritium fusion reactor produces highly energetic ions, which are directed through two separate lines to collectors. An inverse cyclotron converter collects from the highest energy particles, providing a high surge current for low overall output due to D-T fusion's lower yield of these ions, while periodic electrostatic focusers channel the remaining ion stream through multiple stages to produce electrical power. The reactor magnetic coils are serviced by their own cryogenic system that leads directly to the main radiators for heat dissipation, enabling the reactor to start up even if the primary ship's thermal management systems are damaged. For endurance, Archangel has her own water treatment plant, emergency hydrogen fuel cells based on the successful systems employed on the Niuhi class AIP submarines, ship-wide artificial gravity and copious amounts of fuel, air, water, and coolant stored in tanks all around the ship, which also function as shielding against cosmic radiation. Despite her size, Archangel's interior is relatively tight due to most of her internal volume being devoted to storage tanks.

Because the Archangel class is so new, it has yet to establish much of a history. The current order of 15 vessels has been split into 4 groups: 3-ship DESRONs 1 and 2 and 2 5-ship dedicated Carrier Strike Escort Groups. DESRON 1, comprised of Skyships Archangel, Gabriel, and Michael as well as the Skyship Liberty, was recently assigned as the escort for experimental warp subspace ship Skyship Centurion, becoming DESDEVRON 1 (Destroyer Development Squadron 1). This squadron conducts patrols out to Alpha Centauri and the primary UTSSF training grounds in that star system. DESRON 2 currently conducts patrols out to the very outer limits of UTS territory, more for showing the flag than anything else. While they wait for the rest of their strike group to be built, CSEG 1 and 2 patrol the outer Solar System and train against (as OPFOR) DESDEVRON 1 in Alpha Centauri. They have a much less regular schedule than the two DESRONS, although that will change once the first two CSGs are completed. Once further ships are completed, the normal Skylord plan for operations will go into effect. The space around Earth has been divided into four quadrants, each receiving two CSGs and up to three DESRONs or CRUDESRONs. At any given time, one of each must be out on patrol, usually for two to three months, while the other trains and works up for deployment. Once the three months are over, the CSGs and squadrons swap, ensuring a fresh crew is always ready and space is always patrolled. The resting squadrons can always be reactivated if necessary, but only after a Flexible Battle Group, composed of a battleship, two cruisers, four destroyers, and four frigates, possibly with an escort carrier, arrive first. The Skylord strategy is designed for effective defense, and UTSSF command has taken full advantage of CSEG 1 and 2's current inactivity to test out the logistics of their plan. After the construction of Skyship Haniel, Blackiron Naval Yards shifted to the pre-planned construction of Flight II Archangels, which lack the distinctive ventral laser in exchange for a larger multimission bay. The ships also lack the large dual boost thrusters between the nacelles, as these engines were shown to be rarely used and not worth the weight compared to normal nacelle VASIMRs alone. Additionally, Skyship ZophielDespite its flaws, the ship is a capable platform, and Space Fleet has begun looking into new ways to utilize the ship while dedicated purpose vessels are lacking. While the Archangel class has yet to fire shots in anger, it should be able to hold its own against most known ships long enough for additional reinforcements to arrive.
Progress100% complete

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : by AirshipsEverywhere 03/08/2021 6:21:52 pmMar 8th, 2021

Full Interior! Also touched up the exterior a bit to fit with my current style. So many interior bits added, I hope you enjoy exploring!
-Full crew berthing (Officer, Enlisted, and CPO. Enough beds for everyone total.)
-Water treatment plant
-Crew Mess, Wardroom, Chiefs' Mess
-Hangar and Multimission Bay
-Engineering, complete with control center, engine clusters, reactor compartment, and auxiliary support systems
-Fuel Cells for backup electrical power
-Hangar Ops and Flight Ops
-Small Arms lockers and other storage
-Damage Control Lockers
-Computer Server Compartments
-And more!

It's nice to finally finish this old ship for real this time. I hope you guys have as much fun playing as I had building her!

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06/11/2021 5:42 pm
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Man, most people can’t make the older “sci-fi” block palettes look this good! I’ve rarely seen Iron blocks used as well.
03/08/2021 6:38 pm
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Apparently I hadn't already diamonded and favorited this?
I have rectified this terrible error.
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Awesome! Seems very detailed and I luv your hand drawn concept ;)
06/17/2016 11:17 am
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Super cool. I've been waiting for an update on this forever, and you haven't disappointing.

"judging from the sizes of many opposing forces' vessels, it can potentially engage capital ships"
Yeah. I wish everyone had the time to make massive ships, but this guy should go toe to toe with fleets of ships from most people.
06/17/2016 2:55 am
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Awesome crazy work :D
Good job
06/16/2016 9:14 am
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god dammit i cant diamond this again
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Haha yeah, I was confused when I went to diamond this, too.
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cool =)
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Awesome renders :D
08/13/2015 9:09 pm
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" judging from the sizes of many opposing forces' vessels, it can engage potentially engage capital ships"

size aint everything m9
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