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Liberty-class Corvette

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I'm not dead, PMC!  While you may think I spent the month or so between Aeneas and now hard at work on a new ship, you're wrong.  Or kinda right.  I've started my cruiser (Concept art link in my profile) and spent a fair bit of time on that, but it's nowhere close to being done so don't get your hopes up.  However, a few days ago I got off my butt and started on my smallest ship, and chronologically the first active Skylord Space Fleet ship, the corvette!  I'll get into more details about the vessel in the description, but yes, the Space Shuttle look was intentional.


Class: Liberty
Type: Light/Littoral Frigate (Corvette) (Designation FFLS) 
First Flown: 6/28/2015
Length: 146 m 
Width: 59 m 
Height: 40 m 
  • 2 Trojan Technologies single-barrel 0.5-TW railgun turret. (1000 mm)  
  • 4 2-barrel Trojan Technologies 50 MW projectile turrets (CIWS)  
  • 6 Trojan Technologies 1-barrel 50-MW railguns. 
  • 5 Raytheon Phalanx 20mm CIWS turrets (Modified for rail-based firing system and space by Trojan Technologies)
  • 2 multipurpose hardpoints on the wings capable of carrying:
    • 1 0.5-TW Laser Each
    • 1 Antimatter Anti-Ship SGM-26 (space guided missile)

Top Speed: 
  • Sublight: 0.4c 
  • FTL: 85c 
Powerplant: 1 Mk. V(s) Cold Fusion Reactor 
Thrust: 4 Zephyr Industries VAN7 VASIMR Plasma Nacelle Engines, 4 Zephyr Industries VAN14 VASIMR Plasma Nacelle Engines, 2 Zephyr Industries VAN7R VASIMR Plasma Nacelle Engines as Reverse/Deceleration Thrusters
FTL: 2 Brony Aerospace FT85 Warp Coil Assemblies Mounted in AFWN (Assymetrical Field Warp Nacelle) on "wings."
Shields: Electromagnetic Hull Plating, Carbon Nanotube Skin 
Maneuvering System: Multi-Axial RCS Assemblies 
Displacement: 20,000 tons 
Commissioned Ships: 
  • Skyship Liberty (FFLS-01)
  • Skyship Freedom (FFLS-02)
  • Skyship Independence  (FFLS-03)
  • Skyship Sovereign  (FFLS-04)
  • Skyship Opportunity  (FFLS-05)
  • Skyship Deliverance  (FFLS-06)
  • Skyship Friedman  (FFLS-07)
  • Skyship Hayek  (FFLS-08)
  • Skyship Smith  (FFLS-09)
  • Skyship Ricardo  (FFLS-10)
  • Skyship Locke  (FFLS-11)
  • Skyship Jefferson  (FFLS-12)
  • Skyship Adams  (FFLS-13)
  • Skyship Burke  (FFLS-14)
  • Skyship Reagan  (FFLS-15)
  • Skyship Buckley  (FFLS-16)
  • Skyship Goldwater  (FFLS-17)
  • Skyship Chambers  (FFLS-18)
  • Skyship Sowell  (FFLS-19)
  • Skyship Krauthammer  (FFLS-20)
Crew: 150 (130 Enlisted, 20 officers)
Maximum Range: 1000 light years without replenishment 
Cost: $1 billion Skylord Dollars ($2 billion USD) 
Auxiliary Aircraft:
  • None

While development on the ArchangelAurora, and Delta Volanis-class vessels was going along adequately for the Skylord Space Fleet, they realized that a few squadrons of light and heavy fighters would not be enough to defend Earth should any hostile alien species invade, so development began on a small starship to serve as an interim defender.  After several months of development, the first of the Liberty-class starships, based off of an American Space Shuttle, was launched from its drydock 500 miles from the International Space Station.  A troubled shakedown cruise brought the ship back to drydock to adjust a rather large amount of issues primarily due to the lack of Skylord experience with large starships.  With artificial gravity and inertial dampeners courtesy of Miraculum, they surpassed the problems of ship design plaguing other terrestrial space agencies, and blatently rubbing in the fact that they did not sign the Outer Space Treaty banning the militarization of space (Hence the launch point), the UTS finally launched its first fully successful warship on July 7th, 2015,  The newly modified Liberty performed much better than the first cruise, and the eager Space Fleet immediately ordered 19 more vessels.  The corvette, while it is FTL-capable, is primarily designed for littoral (orbital) operations in controlled solar systems, operating as patrol and security craft.  With multipurpose hardpoints capable of mounting weapons, telescopes, or even a small Special Forces breaching shuttle, it can be adapted for a multitude of roles in the orbital and interplanetary environment.  Not really capable of engaging most larger enemy ships, Liberty's primary ship-to-ship role is to scout, harass, and engage fighters.  Due to the vessel's proven capabilities as a littoral combat ship, it is projected to be in active service for the forseeable future, even as larger ships join it in the fleet.  Another recent addition included Iyectan Directional Room-Temperature Superconductors (IDRTS) for lift in a planetary atmosphere, provided the planet has a magnetic field, expanding the vessel's use as a support and command/control platform for ground operations, as well as a landing craft.
Progress70% complete

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10/10/2015 12:40 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Mountaineer
Creatizkit's Avatar
08/22/2015 3:55 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Archer
well, i know this sounds crazy but..... lasers cannot penetrate through particle shields. every star trek ship has that shield as standard shield.... and your antimatter warheads, if they penetrate through the engine, it will give the engine more power or more likely explode.  but the exterior looks awesome!
08/25/2015 6:28 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Archer
Did i just break a time travel law?
08/25/2015 10:57 am
Level 49 : Master Unicorn
AirshipsEverywhere's Avatar
Say hi to Dulmer and Lucsly for me.
08/26/2015 5:53 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Archer
Uh....... Hello?
08/23/2015 11:30 pm
Level 48 : Master Botanist
Sbia's Avatar
yeah but that's star trek and this is real life
08/23/2015 11:16 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Bunny
OTB's Avatar
The ships are made out of MATTER, if ANTIMATTER touches MATTER, the equivalent mass of ANTIMATTER & MATTER will be converted into energy, basically making a big boom, and taking a big chunk out of whatever it hit.

What your saying is a basically:

"If I hit a nuclear submarine with a nuclear bomb, itl'll get more energy instead of just EXPLODING"
08/25/2015 6:26 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Archer
Or folding space?
08/25/2015 10:54 am
Level 49 : Master Unicorn
AirshipsEverywhere's Avatar
Nope.  Matter-antimatter reactions release a ton of energy but don't fold space on their own.  The handwavium in the warp coils of the nacelles does the actual folding when energy from that reaction is passed through the coils and warp plasma.
08/25/2015 6:26 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Archer
Actually, antimatter powers the warp nacelles so if you put more antimatter in there, it would either explode or pwoer the engine.
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