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London 1500s miniature (WIP)

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Note as of April 2020, the image is quite outdated and the buildings don't look like that anymore.
This is a reconstruction of London in the Tudor period, mostly the Elizabethan era in the 1500s using Minecraft's little blocks mod.

Set in the late 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I, the last monarch of the Tudor Dynasty was displaying her power, the city and country had become protestant for less than a few decades, London was slowly growing from outside the ancient walls, the renaissance, beginning from early as the 14th century in Italy which had reached Northern Europe by the 16th century. England began exploring North America and also at war with other nations. Shakespeare had also started to write plays around this time.

Trade from other countries had made it prosperous and and attracted travellers, harvests were important, a bad harvest meant that food prices rose up.

Most of the few million people living in 16th century England lived in the countryside, only a few lived in urban areas. The population of the capital grew from 100,000 to 200,000 in the 16th century.

Life for the different classess
The city's wealthy and the townspeople who didn't do too badly had a generally good quality of life compared to the less fortunate if things went good but not all of the time. The poor lived in crowded slums which were dirty and unpleasant.

Crime and punishment
Crime was common and punishments were brutal, the stocks and pillory meant minor offenders were humiliated and got stuff thrown at them, prisons also had terrible conditions and people sometimes died in them London had many prisons - the Tower Of London was for high-class and political prisoners, the death sentence carried out hangings for commoners and beheading for nobility, witches and heretics were burnt at the stake, People could also get a body part cut off, criminals could also get tortured.

Plays could be viewed by all classes with the poor paying a penny to see a play at the lowest floor and had to stand up for hours while the better off could view it on a higher floor and sit down. Famous playwrights included Marlowe and Shakespeare. Sports were more violent like bear baiting.

Public health
Disease was also common, many died but not as comparable as 1348 or 1665, there was no understanding of disease and still used medieval ideas.

Landmarks included: St Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Palace (Pre 1834), London Bridge, The Tower Of London, The Globe Theatre, and others.

In 1666 a lot of the city inside the walls and parts outside were burned down by the Great Fire Of London in 1666, Most Tudor and Pre-Tudor buildings in the City Of London were gone. (Yeah, Wren's plan for London may also be built)
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