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Love Items One Command - Valentines Day Command

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avatar dogfaceboy
Level 37 : Artisan Engineer
Click the button labeled 'Download Minecraft World' to go to a pastebin with the command!

WARNING: This is a 1.11 command or later only!

Happy Valentines Day! Now I know that this is a Valentines Day command but it is a good command to play with separate of V-Day too. Just like all my other holiday commands. This command adds twelve new items which is more than I have added in past commands so I am really excited about this one. This command was actually supposed to be posted on 2/1/15 but I was delayed in the process so here it is and 3rd instead. I hope that you all enjoy this command and use it long after V-Day. Have fun and read the description!

To get a command block type the following command into chat with cheats enabled or admin rank on servers: /give @p command_block.

New Items:
1. Heart Tier Empty: This item is the back bone of the whole command.
2. Heart Tier 1-10: These items are very helpful to combat but are costly.
3. Love Potion: The idea that sparked this command and is a farmer's best friend.

New Mobs:

New Dimensions:

New Status Effects:
1. Love: This is a status (potion) effect that is caused by the Love Potion.

How To Craft/Find The Items:
1. Heart Tier Empty: This item (heavily inspired by Zelda heart mechanics) has a 40% drop chance from all entities except for players. It is also used in crafting all other items in the command.
2. Heart Tier 1-10: These items are crafted by dropping a Love Potion and a one-tier-lower heart together (tier one is made with a tier empty). I would suggest crafting all of these while looking down and adding the Love Potion last or the Love Potion will activate instead of crafting the item.
3. Love Potion: This item is crafted by dropping a tier empty heart on the ground with a diamond and an awkward potion together. I would suggest crafting while looking straight down or after the item is crafted the Love Potion will activate immediately.

Special Abilities:
1. When you hold a Heart of tier 1 or higher in your offhand then you get as many extra hearts as the tier (example: tier 1 gives you one extra heart, tier 5 heart gives you five extra Hearts).
2. When you throw a Love Potion on the ground it will act as a splash potion and effect everyone within a certain radius of it with Love. Love keeps you from being able to attack anything unless using a ranged weapon or something with sharpness. It also stops anything else from attacking anything period. When an entity (including players) with the Love effect walks into a five block radius of any plant in Minecraft except for cocoa beans it will instantly grow it to full growth (tip: on pumpkins and melons it only grows the stem, it doesn't make the block appear). The Love effect will last for two minutes.
CreditMCStacker, MrGarretto's Command Combiner, etc
Progress100% complete

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  • dogfaceboy
  • Level 37
  • Artisan Engineer
  • February 3, 2016, 7:49 pm
I am very excited to have added a command to my one command family that adds twelve items. However it is nothing like the fifty million items Jragon014 added in one command. Should I make a command that adds that many items? What are your thoughts on it?

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