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jduartemiller avatar jduartemiller
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Architect
Video courtesy of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter. This was from their series MegaCraft, hosted by Matt and Jeremy, with a guest voice appearance by Joel.

Murata City is the new city project that will be my focus. There are numerous reasons why i discontinued my previous city, but the most prevalent reason was that i was running out of usable space to build what i wanted. This is mostly due to the world that i chose to build my city in. To work around that problem, i have used WorldPainter to make the world the way that i wanted to. You may notice that this world is rather large (being over 13000 x 13000), and the reason is that this amount of space will give me the space i need to build my city as well as have the space to experiment with the landscape and other non-related structures. Like before, i have written out a history of the city that will be posted at a later date. What you see now is merely the beginning of my city. The city is built where one river intersects another, with an island being formed at the intersection. Like my previous project, i am building this as a thriving modern metropolis inspired by the major cities of the world. You can expect to see a number of my buildings from my previous city here, though some designs will be edited, as well as many new designs that will come in the future as i seed the skyline. I am also focusing on the infrastructure of the city as well, and much like the previous city, i am creating usable infrastructure by making streets and mine cart railways, both above ground and below ground. As always, i am open to suggestions, both for building designs and overall ideas for the city itself. Feel free to PM me or leave them in the comments below. I hope you enjoy following this project, and stay tuned for updates.

Current progress:
Landscaping is currently in progress. Many of the mountain ranges are built up, though they may change in future updates. The lake you see near the center of the map on the upper left-hand side has a partially built dam on the north side, and this will get more detail in a later update. The city so far is comprised of over 70 buildings and three bridges connecting to three of the five major regions of the city. I have begun building on the island where the rivers converge, where there are two clusters of buildings on the opposite (east and west) sides of the island, and i still plan to expand the city to the whole region surrounding these rivers. I have also begun a test of a highway system to expand on the infrastructure in the city. This is not permanent, so none of the highway touches the land in important (places where it would be hard to repair the land) areas of the map. I plan to update PMC when i add at least twenty new buildings and structures to the city (to put this into scale, my old city had about 100 buildings and seven bridges). Understand that this is very much a work in progress. Some buildings may have issues, structures may be incomplete, as is the case around the Hospital block and the rail system (which is not operable yet), and other structures may be redesigned, but i will be making progress when i can. I greatly appreciate all the support and encouragement, and i know this city will be so much better than my previous one.

Using High Rossferry City Texture Pack
Thank you Darkone55

Creative Commons License
Murata City by
Jduartemiller is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
CreditSnaves (City Hall)
Progress5% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by jduartemiller 11/29/2014 12:04:14 amNov 29th, 2014

Added 40+ new buildings, began putting in a highway system, and have put lights on the suspension bridge as a test that will extend into the whole city

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08/02/2020 4:38 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Cristi0412 avatar
This map is absolutely amazing I really like this construction clearly it is one of the best constructions.
08/02/2020 7:35 pm
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Architect
jduartemiller avatar
Thank you. It's been a while since I've been on Minecraft, but hopefully i can get a new computer soon and I'll be revamping this
03/18/2016 8:10 am
Level 58 : Grandmaster Architect
VotMaf avatar
Would you please share the sky background?
06/12/2015 6:44 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Miner
PhilDoggzGaming avatar
Hey great city but I just wanna say that the arch bridge looks like the Jarbour Bridge in Sydney Australia and the suspended bridge also looks like the ANZAC bridge which is also in Sydney Australia
11/14/2015 2:56 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Archer
Gaming With Joshie
Gaming With Joshie avatar
Your Aussie Me to!!
04/12/2015 6:21 am
Level 41 : Master Architect
alvzebuilds avatar
Wow dude!just W.O.W!
03/14/2015 11:53 am
Level 25 : Expert Architect
velcromakimaki avatar
what an exciting looking project.  There's a subtle and nuanced qaulity to your building style that really speaks to me; clerly a student of architecture.  Can i ask, do you have issues with transitioning from high-rise to low-rise structures and movement to and from such zones?
03/14/2015 2:38 pm
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Architect
jduartemiller avatar
It's a valid critique, and the thing is that this is far from complete. I've been focusing on areas that i wanted to be more dense, and thus that high-rises. As i figure out more of the city's planning, mid to low-rise structures will begin to show up, it's just that this project is far from completion. I also have to put more of a focus on the design of low-rise buildings because structural ideas can't be as easily expressed in minecraft, which is one of my major focuses in design. As this project develops, you will see more of a variety, it's just i'm not at that point in the project yet. Thank you for the compliments, though. I'm really glad you like what i have so far.
03/12/2015 4:24 pm
Level 46 : Master Artist
7thbatalion avatar
Whats the secret! The skyscrapers look soooo real!!!! :D
03/10/2015 3:48 pm
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Architect
cnorgren avatar
So I downloaded this and I was walking around when I realized... you have so much landscaping to do haha I remember when I imported all my major saves in to my big Alleron map and started landscaping around them... It created my love/hate relationship with landscaping haha

I know your busy with school and stuff but I cant wait to see the future updates for this!
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