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This project belongs to our main project, the Empire of Castaire.

This is Calva. A small fishing village located in the middle of a swamp in the far lands of Castaire.
Calva is a rather old village which we built for another map and integrated into the Esradon project later on.

Who wants to live in the middle of a swamp next to a lake far away from any civilization? - Yes, nobody! So that is why some poor men decided to put their homes there long ago. Even though it was difficult to live in the swamp or maybe because it was so difficult to live there, one day some of the men, looking for food, started to fish in the lake and the swamp and found a fish, which was named Calvia. The men were surprised by the amount of fish they found in the lake and the waters around their homes, so they named their new village Calva. After this discovery more and more people started to settle in Calva and the village started to grow.

Since Calva is located in a swamp, the construction of the houses was rather difficult. Built on massive wood poles the huts are prevented from sinking down into the mud. While the main construction of the houses is wood, the walls are strengthened with stone and the thatched roofs are supported by wood as well. In the windows you can’t find any glass, since that is something the rather poor inhabitants of Calva can’t afford. As it is rather warm in the area of Calva, they use a wooven meshes to blanket their windows. Though they cannot afford the more expensive (and thus safer) building materials, they developed a thriving wood carving handicraft and use that to decorate their houses.
Wooden boardwalks connect all houses and give you the opportunity to visit your neighbors without getting wet feet.

Main Architects: Stevecurious and Lukrezia
Contributors: MDK6778, jjanotha, Milesrrr
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04/29/2017 12:06 pm
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