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[Æonis] - The Intertwine

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Aeonis avatar Aeonis
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Architect
Welcome to our third contest entry, this time we sent Flo with his skyscraper "The Intertwine". Make sure to read below to understand why it is called like that! And as always, we hope to please your eyes!

[Æonis] - The Intertwine Minecraft Map
Back in the 1780s the Visont family became famous for their precious designs and high quality clothing among Castaire.
With the first World Fair happening in Castaire in 1790, their uncomparable designs got known all around the world. Together with the Perlint family, Visont started to filialize their company and opened some stores in Castaire, later in the esradonian capitals.n
Perlint extended their production arrays and invested further in foreign countries.

With the beginng of the 20th century the Perlints and the Visonts deepened their collaboration and started to act as one corporation with the final fusion of both in 1909. Originating from a single high class quality company, they invested heavy work to become a global player in clothing as a whole.

The headquarter remained in Lucrécy, Castaire. But in addition to that they built another three more viceheadquarters in Cantoras, Seraphia and Kunoharu to lead the local production.

This skyscraper is the new built viceheadquarter in Averton, Cantoras.

With the new stucture plan of Averton 2049, most of the abandoned buildings in the city center got bought by the city administration and were then demolished. Also, due to the decreasing number of non-automatic driving vehicles and cars in general, many of the old streets were rebuild to be more pedestrial and cycle friendly.

The city center, where this building is located, got completely changed into a pedestrial area. The property once was neighbouring several plots at the main boulevard. This street got completely removed and turned into wider plots and a park behind the tower.

To symbolize the old view axis the building features a gap with the approximate span of the old street.
Another interpretation is the connection between the two families for almost three centuries and a "crown" (the round blue outstanding structure) on top of the hole to remind their funtion as imperial warrant to the court of Castaire.

The building was finished in 2053 and is now one of the most eco friendly constructions of the city. Most of the raw materials are recycled and the windows got photosynthesic webs inside them to produce solar power. The building got several greenspaces for the employees to enjoy and the greenhouse on top of it provides many tropical fruits which are exclusively for the employees of the company.

[Æonis] - The Intertwine Minecraft Map
The building is a postmodern/futuristic creation based on steel framework and a facade made of fibreconcrete. Its characteristic hole in the center of the building is supported by 6 bow-shaped steelbeams which shift the weight of the top floors to the inner core of each tower.

The two halfs of the building are similar to another, but rotated by 180 degrees. The facade of the main construction is covered with white metal plates and the windows are single square-shaped openings, everyone with its own shutter.

Inside the hole are outstanding glass fronts with three slices cut into them every 8 floors where the cafeterias are located. The entrances are at the south and north side of each tower with 4 pedestal levels and a 2 story high vestibule leading to each one.

On top of this wider section is a rooftoop greenspace and in the center is a glasdome located, merging with the glasfront staircase. The two main elevators at each entrance benefit from the unique shape of the staircase with its hole in the middle, which grants them access to sunlight.

In the middle of the pedestal is a parking spot for employees. With the roof starting to stair back, the regular staircase ends and is surmounted by a steelbeam-glass construction with the elevators ending there and the staircase continuing further inside the building.

The highest office levels are for the executives and is narrowed by the greenspace infront of each window and an outstanding round glass panoramic front at each side where the conference rooms are located.The highest floor sits right beneath the steelbeams supporting the rooftop construction and is reserved for the head of the company and his closest employees.

The roof top of the building is completely covered with glass, shaping it to a greenhouse with almost tropical temperatures all day long. In the center of it stands the antenna.

[Æonis] - The Intertwine Minecraft Map

Main Architect: Flo0498
Progress100% complete

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02/15/2020 2:55 amhistory
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Architect
Dennie Mok
Dennie Mok avatar
This is one of the most underrated projects in the contest. I usually come to revisit this project page once a month.
02/15/2020 3:49 am
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Architect
Aeonis avatar
Oh haha thank you :D I'll forward you flattering comment to Flo :)

~ Steve
08/27/2018 4:47 pm
Level 25 : Expert Artist
Duwid avatar
Uuuuhu wie ich sehe, habt ihr euren Baustil auch ein wenig geändert.. :P
08/27/2018 6:54 pm
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Architect
Aeonis avatar
Naja ... wir mussten halt irgendetwas präsentieren können xD Und für einen superverschnörkelten Art-Déco-Wolkenkratzer hat die Zeit nicht gereicht, bzw. durfte ja eh nur einer bauen :P
08/27/2018 10:14 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Architect
Creator_of_Future avatar
I am really happy about how it turned out :)
Hope you like it.

Your Flo
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