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Pixelmon Lustrous Topaz Version - Pixelmon Adventure Map [v1.6]

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MateyMax's Avatar MateyMax
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Pirate
Welcome to the Marvix Region!
Embark on a new Pokemon journey through the tropical region of Marvix in this Minecraft Pixelmon modded Adventure Map! Catch, Battle, Train, and Trade Pokemon as you explore Marvix and uncover its secrets!'
Note: The download file is a folder that contains the map, the resource pack, and a (possibly) helpful readme.

- Over 900 Pokémon
- Over 25 expansive and unique routes!
- 20 Cities, each with their own personality and culture
- 8 Gyms and a Pixelmon League
- Travel to the Nether, the End, the Interdream Zone, the Distortion World, and Ultra Space!
- New Story in the Pokemon World, with a new Professor, Rivals, Evil Teams, and more!
- Extensive Postgame: New cities, New Region, Legendary Quests, etc.
- Play alone or with friends (multiplayer support*)
- A Wiki with useful information (WIP!)

Plot Synopsis
Twenty years after the events of Pixelmon Topaz, a new story is about to unfold! The expansion of Union Inc. has brought various technological improvements to the region of Marvix, though their corporate oversight of the region's affairs has caused concern for many. Adding to this, a strange crime group known as Team NeoPirate has begun to terrorize the outer villages of the region.
However, in the small winter town of Frosden, two new trainers are about to begin their Pokemon Gym Challenge with the assistance of the region's new head scientist: Professor Aspen.

Mod List (Click names for download links!)
- Pixelmon [​8.4.2]
- CustomNPCs [​Latest 1.12]
- BiomesOPlenty [​Latest 1.12]
- VariedCommodities [​Version 21nov19]
- You can also use Optifine.

This map is for Minecraft 1.12.2. Pixelmon has updated to 1.16, and I am working on a new project in this version. However, updating this map would ultimately not be worth it as I'd have to redo a lot. Additionally, some players have found Pixelmon 8.1+ to be unstable. I encourage that you make frequent backups. If you wish to play the old version of the map (v1.5), it can be found [​here]. This older version of the map does not require BiomesOPlenty, and uses Pixelmon 8.0.2, which can be found at the same website as 8.4.2. The other mods are the same. Information about v1.6 and previous updates can be found in the update logs.

Map Trailers
Not sure if you want to play the map? Get a taste of it with these!
"Welcome to the Marvix Region!"
"A Diverse World!"
"Release Trailer!"
"The Clockwatch Episode!"
"V1.6 Trailer"

Recording this map for Youtube or Twitch is allowed, but please leave a link to this page in the description. Also, let me know if you want... I'll watch it!
Got any questions? Feel free to leave a comment here, or ask me on my Discord (I'm a lot more responsive on the latter). The download also contains a "Read Me" file which has a bunch of common issues/questions/fixes/answers.
*The map has been tested with multiplayer, but not as thoroughly as singleplayer.

CreditThe Pokemon Company
Progress100% complete

9 Update Logs

Pixelmon Lustrous Topaz v1.6 - Dreams & Nightmares Update : by MateyMax 07/28/2022 5:21:19 pmJul 28th, 2022

• Updated to Pixelmon 8.4.2 and added BiomesOPlenty as a required mod
• Revamped most areas with builds more aligned with my current standards
• Finished adding all Pokemon up to SwSh into the map (The Hisuian forms included in 8.4.2 were also added)
• New Areas: End Dimension, Interdream Zone, Nether Undergarden, and more!
• Help Prof. Burnet uncover the secrets of Dream Mist and explore the Interdream Zone, which contains new items and rare Pokemon inside Dream Dens!
• Added some of the custom Pixelmon forms, like Ashen and Snowy to various areas
• 18 Monotype Masters: these trainers are scattered around the region, and each use different battling gimmicks. Can you beat them all?
• Added Dynamax support for (exclusively) the postgame, including raid battles
• Added the Freedom Side Questline for inbetween Shadow Max and the Clockwatch Episode
• Added Terry ("can't have--")
• Added various side questlines, new/rebalanced shops, dialogues, worldbuilding, and other small details!
• Documentation for the new trainers, TR locations, and more will be released on the Discord.
• Surf is no longer painful to use. please use surf now im begging you.
• Reworked/fixed TM system, and added (renewable) TRs
• Fixed Pokemart balancing (things get cheaper and more stuff unlocks as you progress! wow!)
• Greatly reduced/rebalanced trainers (there's a lot less, but they actually might be worth looking at now)
• Rebalanced many trainers. Some noteworthy ones include buffs to the flying, dark, and ground gyms
• Made sure that trainers with mega evolutions and z-crystals can use said mega evolution and z-crystals (I love when Pixelmon updates break things :] lol)

• A lot more minor things!

Note: 1.16 support is not currently planned for *this* map. Or Winter Adventure. Probably. But this is also like the 5th "final update" for Lustrous Topaz so don't take my word on that.

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05/09/2024 10:06 am
Level 1 : New Miner
kirboEXE's Avatar
Im holding out for a 1.16.5 version of this
05/10/2024 3:51 pm
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Pirate
MateyMax's Avatar
I wouldn't hold out. I have no plans to update.
12/10/2023 6:51 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4928097G's Avatar
Hello, a few problems with 1.6:

Rock Smash doesn't regenerate fast enough in the new pixelmon version to actually access a few of the rock smash locations. You can use rock smash on all stone in the map, not just the marked rocks.
12/13/2023 9:09 am
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Pirate
MateyMax's Avatar
In the map, Rock Smash (and several other HMs) are actually just items that are held by the player! It is recommended that you don't use external moves because, like you've found, it'll break the map. Let me know if that doesn't make sense (once you get HM Cut from the first gym it might be clearer though...)
11/30/2023 9:17 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User4914737D's Avatar
Hello! I am very interested in this map and want to play it. However, when I load in, there are blocks and Items missing everywhere. What should I do?
12/01/2023 3:05 pm
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Pirate
MateyMax's Avatar
Make sure you have the correct mods and correct mod versions for the correct Minecraft version, then reinstall the map.
11/18/2023 3:53 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
Pl4y3rtheuser's Avatar
hi, this map is very cool but, i found a structure where an old lady wants me to find an orb in order to attain keldeo, which orb do i have to attain as the blue orb also doesnt work for it and i cant think of anything else
11/19/2023 5:47 pm
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Pirate
MateyMax's Avatar
I don't remember where, but it should be nearby. It is not the blue orb, it is literally a pixelmon orb item if i remember correctly. It might be from a sidequest for finding a girl's lost eevee, but like I said I forget.
10/17/2023 12:27 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
TatsuyaSoku's Avatar
the best map
07/30/2023 6:54 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4687674G's Avatar
hi, why the elevators wont work on 1.12.2?
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