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13 Ming Tombs Complex

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Ming Tombs Introduction

The Ming Dynasty Tombs (Chinese: æ å ä¸ é µ; pinyin: Míng shísÄ n líng) are located some 51.35 kilometers due north of central Beijing, within the suburban Changping District of Beijing municipality. The site, located on the southern slope of Tianshou Mountain (originally Mount Huangtu), was chosen on the feng shui principles by the third Ming Dynasty emperor Yongle (1402o 1424), who moved the capital of China from Nanjing to its the present location in Beijing.

He is credited with envisioning the layout of the Ming-era Beijing as well as a number of landmarks and monuments located therein. After the construction of the Imperial Palace (the Forbidden City) in 1420, the Yongle Emperor selected his burial site and created his own mausoleum. From the Yongle Emperor onwards, 13 Ming Dynasty Emperors and numerous major court officials were buried in this area.

Project Information

We will be building the Sacred way with the tombs of the 13 emperors and the court officials tombs to the south of the Beijing City build section.

Exploring The Ming Tombs

Once on the multiplayer server and when exploring on the server map type /warp mingtombs this will take you to the rail loop around the Sacred way, you can either walk along the way or take the rail loop that stops at every built tomb.

Additional Notes

Ming Tombs Progress

  • (In Progress) The Sacred Way
  • (In Progress) Changling Tomb
  • Kangling Tomb
  • Tailing Tomb
  • Jingling Tomb
  • Maoling Tomb
  • Yongling Tomb
  • Siling Tomb
  • Yuling Tomb
  • Deling Tomb
  • Qingling Tomb
  • Dingling Tomb
  • Yuinling Tomb
  • Zhaoling Tomb
  • 10 Minor Tombs
CreditWikipedia for Text Content
Progress10% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by bohtauri 11/26/2012 5:43:08 amNov 26th, 2012

Changling tomb exteriors have been completed and can be seen at /warp mingeast on the multiplayer server. However due to 1.4 and its fantastic anvils, some renovation work is underway to help improve the accuracy of it. So expect some changes if you have been there before.

Screenshots pre-renovation have been added to the profile page aswell.

Project Progress is not accurate because the block count is part of project 1845's total progress.

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11/26/2012 6:05 am
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You know, I went to the 13 Tombs before.
11/23/2012 2:57 am
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Bro just add an ingame screenshot and the submission will be good to go. I won't disable again because I trust that you will do it.

11/22/2012 9:00 pm
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Temporarily disabled the submission. Changes are required.
Disabled for you to get the images back.
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11/12/2012 7:39 am
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Removed submission. Reason: Duplicate
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