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Roman Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus

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This is my 1:1 scale reconstruction of the Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus/Jupiter Optimus Maximus the most important temple in Rome and the roman empire as a whole. This is my reconstruction of how it probably would of looked in 320 ad before it got burned down and looted for like the 5th time. This temple was extremely important to the romans as it was to dedicated to there 3 most important gods Jupiter Juno and Minerva. Alot of the empires most valuable possessions were stored there ,all the senators and generals were sworn in there and all the major parades were ended at its steps.It also helped influence roman architecture as a whole. This temple was originally built in 509 bc close to the founding of Rome and the final version of it lasted until rome was no longer a part of the eastern roman empire. Today nothing is left besides some of the foundation in the bacement of the palazzo dei conservatori and the golden roof shingles that ended up on the vatican.

This was built on the ps3 sometime in 2014 or 15 and has been updated and remodeled many times since then.
- i never bothered to update the statues so there just vaguely human shaped piles of gold :p

Please enjoy hope it inspires more roman builds you can use it however you like just give me credit for building it.
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