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Dungeon "Stronghold of the Surviving" (Download) [Schematic]

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avatar Utogi
Level 23 : Expert Mage
This is a dungeon schematic build, intended for spawners and custom mobs to be placed in the various rooms. There are currently no mobs, but the traps and puzzles are wired up with redstone and function appropriately. There is a reset at the beginning of the dungeon that when stepped on resets all of the puzzles and traps. The schematic is floating in air, which provides plenty of room for additional redstone or corridors to be added, if so desired.

As with all of my non-commissioned builds, feel free to download and use the build for your own purposes. You may use it on a server, or by yourself, or incorporated into a different project. If you use this build - Be certain to credit "Utogi" as the creator of it.

History: This is a dungeon that I created 4-5 years ago. It was the second build I made after I made the floating islands. A youtuber (rurikar22) was taking submissions for dungeons for a server plan, and I immediately began creating this dungeon. I hadn't ever made a dungeon before, or really even made anything architectural. I sure was an ambitious young builder to try a project this large haha! Much of my initial build style came from making this dungeon, though looking back on it now of course I would change many things about it.
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