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Task Group 77.4.3 (TAFFY 3)

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October 25, 1944

From Wiki:
The Battle off Samar was the centermost action of the Battle of Leyte Gulf, one of the largest naval battles in history, which took place in the Philippine Sea off Samar Island, in the Philippines on October 25, 1944. As the only major action in the larger battle where the Americans were largely unprepared against the opposing forces, it has been cited by historians as one of the greatest military mismatches in naval history.[2]

Adm. William Halsey, Jr. was lured into taking his powerful 3rd Fleet after a decoy fleet, leaving only three escort carrier groups of the 7th Fleet. The escort carriers and destroyer escorts which had been designed to protect slow convoys from submarine attack had been repurposed to attack ground targets, and had few torpedoes as they could normally rely on Halsey's fleet to protect them from any threats from armored warships. A Japanese surface force of battleships and cruisers, battered earlier in the larger battle and thought to have been in retreat, instead turned around unobserved and encountered the northernmost of the three groups, Task Unit 77.4.3 ("Taffy 3"), commanded by Rear Admiral Clifton Sprague. Taffy 3's seven destroyers and destroyer escorts possessed neither the firepower nor armor to effectively oppose the 23 ships of the Japanese force, but nevertheless desperately attacked with 5 in (127 mm)/38 cal guns and torpedoes to cover the retreat of their slow "jeep" carriers. Aircraft from the carriers of Taffy 1, 2, and 3, including FM-2 Wildcats, F6F Hellcats and TBM Avengers, strafed, bombed, torpedoed, rocketed, depth-charged, fired at least one .38 caliber handgun and made numerous "dry" runs at the Japanese force when the American planes ultimately ran out of ammunition.[3][4]

Sprague's task unit lost two escort carriers, two destroyers, a destroyer escort and several aircraft. Over a thousand Americans died, comparable to the combined losses of American men and ships at the better known Battles of the Coral Sea and Midway. But in exchange for the heavy losses for such a small force, they sank or disabled three Japanese cruisers and caused enough confusion to persuade the Japanese commander, Vice Admiral Takeo Kurita, to regroup and ultimately withdraw, rather than advancing to sink troop and supply ships at Leyte Gulf. In the combined Battle of Leyte Gulf, 10,000 Japanese sailors and 3,000 Americans died. Although the battleship Yamato and the remaining force returned to Japan, the battles marked the final defeat of the Japanese Navy, as the ships remained in port for most of the rest of the war and ceased to be an effective naval force.

All Ships are in 1:1 scale, with the accurate camouflage of the battle, with full accurate interior.


Task Unit 77.4.3 (Taffy III) RADM Clifton A.F. Sprague

Escort Carriers

COMCARDIV 25 RADM Clifton A.F. Sprague

USS FANSHAW BAY (CVE 70) (Flagship) CAPT Douglass P. Johnson

• VC-68 16 FM-2 & 12 TBM-1C LCDR R.S. Rogers

USS SAINT LO (CVE 63) CAPT Francis J. McKenna

• VC-65 17 FM-2 & 12 TBM-1C LCDR R.M. Jones

USS WHITE PLAINS (CVE 66) CAPT Dennis J. Sullivan

• VC-4 16 FM-2 & 12 TBM-1C LT E.R. Fickenscher

USS KALININ BAY (CVE 68) CAPT Thomas B. Williamson

• VC-3 14 FM-2, 1 TBF-1C & 11 TBM-1C LCDR W.H. Keighley

COMCARDIV 26 RADM Ralph A. Ofstie

USS KITKUN BAY (CVE 71) (Flagship) CAPT John P. Whitney

• VC-5 14 FM-2 & 12 TBM-1C CDR Robert L. Fowler

USS GAMBIER BAY (CVE 73) CAPT Walter V.R. Vieweg

• VC-10 18 FM-2 & 12 TBM-1C LCDR Edward J. Huxtable


Screen Commander - CDR William D. Thomas

USS HEERMANN (DD 532) CDR Amos T. Hathaway

USS HOEL (DD 533) CDR Leon S. Kintberger

USS JOHNSTON (DD 557) CDR Ernest E. Evans

Destroyer Escorts


USS RAYMOND (DE 341) LCDR Aaron F. Beyer, Jr.

USS DENNIS (DE 405) LCDR Sigurd Hansen

USS SAMUEL B. ROBERTS (DE 413) LCDR Robert W. Copeland
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07/09/2018 10:47 am
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All you need now is a server and some plugins devs then boom you have the most accurate WWII Server ever XD

07/09/2018 11:20 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Sailor
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haha yes. I do hope to get a dedicated server for Pearl Harbor sometime, though I dont expect it to happen anytime soon.
07/13/2018 9:30 am
Level 29 : Expert Prince
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Im sure if yo umake a pateron or anyway for people to donate to you or buy your builds- You could surely pay say 1-5$ a month to keep a small server up that can hold like 10-20 people maybe?
10/28/2017 6:23 am
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The moment I saw Taffy 3, i insta-diamond!
10/28/2017 10:38 am
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thank you!
10/27/2017 11:40 am
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meh, Trafalgar beats it. Gj though.
10/27/2017 5:08 pm
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10/26/2017 5:22 am
Level 74 : Legendary uwu
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