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Tau Ceti e 10Kx10K Alien World (Survival Version Included)

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Author Notes
This map is the 3rd in a line of alien world maps being made at the moment, the first 2 being Tau Ceti h and Kapteyn c (order changed. Kapteyn c is coming soon. Just about done with terrain and almost ready to move on to structures). All are planned to be 10,112 x 10,112 and are designed to be on as realistic as Minecraft's height limit will allow on a geographical and geological scale (that means no 30 meter tall mountains).
One of the main goals is to have all make sense scientifically to a large extent. Any time you see some strange thing on these maps, there will always be some explanation as to how and why it's there.

Map Description:
This map is set on the real planet Tau Ceti e.
The map itself is about 10Kx10K (10,112 x 10,112 to be exact) and goes from bedrock to the height limit. The terrain is filled with ores and is completely survival-ready. The unorthodox distribution of resources and design of the world should make for an interesting

This map combines elements taken from a wide range of places. For example,
•Much of the geography was inspired by Scandinavia, notably the fjords in the eastern part of the map.
•The colorful disorganized villages and towns are inspired by thet style common in the Italian and French Riviera region towns such as the 5 known as the Cinque Terre.
•The long ribbons of stained glass are intended to resemble auroras. The purple-red coloring is meant to be a result of the planet's atmosphere being filled with large amounts of neon and oxygen rather than oxygen and nitrogen.

IRL Information About the Planet
The 4th closest planet to the star Tau Ceti, Tau Ceti e is a large Earth-sized planet that orbits towards the inner edge of its star's habitable zone, causing it to receive slightly more energy from its star than Venus, yet with an atmosphere hospitable enough to avoid a runaway greenhouse effect. It scores a 0.78 out of 1.0 on the Earth Similarity Index.

Global Scans
Potentially Useful Information:
•The geology of the planet seems to be made up largely of softer minerals which the indigenous life appears to have incorporated into its biochemistry.
•These softer minerals also result in a more easily shifting crust which frequently creates sudden geologic formations such as sharp mountains and extensive folding cave systems. You may be able to find useful ores in these.
•Topographic scans show a large chain of small islands off the coast to the southwest and a single large island to the southeast.
•A large delta island has been detected in the river running through the region.
•Scans have detected an odd cluster of structures located at the base of the mountain range in the east not too far north of the coastline. They could be groups of buildings, suggesting that this planet is inhabited by intelligent life. Further investigation is needed.
•The ocean, while hard and filled with minerals, is drinkable and safe for crops. You may want to make reaching the ocean a priority.
•Due to decreased O2 levels, fires will burn but not spread.
•The planet has an interesting moon. It might be worth looking into once you've established a permanent colony.
•Satellite fly-overs have spotted 7 circular clearings in the coastal forest to the west. These clearings are arranged in a strangely circular pattern and appear to be filled with large quartz crystal growths. At this moment we are unable to determine why these exist. There might be some useful materials there besides the quartz.

•The large hot springs are teeming with microbial life. It's probably a good idea to not go jumping into them until we can better understand the organisms that live in them as well as the effects exposure would cause. (note this feature will potentially be added in a future update)
•There is no animal life on the surface. Your only source of food will be what you grow. We will provide you with some provisions but these will not last forever.
•It is STRONGLY recommended that you do not eat your potato or carrot. They are intended to be planted and harvested, as you will not be able to obtain any through other means once on the planet.

Survival Spoilers (don't read if you plan on playing the world on survival)
•The "odd cluster of structures" is a town filled with villagers and iron golems, located at coordinates 3200, 42, -2200.

•There are a total of 12 eye of enders scattered around the world.
7 are located in the western forest at coordinates:
-3860, -630
-3340, -470
-4480, -260
-3760, -240
-3310, -30
-4200, 150
-3690, 170
2 are located in the center of mid-eastern hotsprings at:
2470, -850
2750, -900
3 are located on small islands to the southwest at:
-730, 4540
-390, 4090
-2000, 4050

•The 'moon' mentioned in the information document is the end. There is an end portal in the town in the north on which you can use eye of enders. The coordinates are 3169, 40, -2282. It can be found in the tunnel that leads between the upper part of the town to the lower part.

•There are no entrances to the cave systems from the surface. You'll need to dig into one to reach them.

•Diamonds are rare. Emerald ore is more common on this map than normal, more so than diamonds even. Redstone ore is also very rare, however redstone blocks partially make up the ocean floor in deep areas.

Additional Credit:
This project was a collaboration with Aequotis of Cubed Creative. The large majority of plants in the map were specially created by him for this map (not entirely sure whether or not he's planning on releasing them in something like a repository or anything else).
CreditAequotis for the majority of the vegetation.
Progress95% complete

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Fables and Fantasy RP
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Me and my mates are busy making an epic space Odyssey server and we would like to use this map. When do you think the download link will be back on?
07/08/2018 2:45 pm
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Download has been removed temporarily for...reasons...
11/04/2020 7:14 pm
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Download added back because reasons
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How do i download
08/31/2016 5:43 pm
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This is awesome, i can really relate to this sort of terrain. Thanks a lot for the view!
08/29/2016 9:10 am
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This is awesome GJ
08/28/2016 6:46 am
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this is amazing! Please more of this Alien Worlds,
A bit smaller next time maybe
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