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Tau Ceti h 10Kx10K Alien World (Formerly Tau Ceti c)

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Level 39 : Artisan Network
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Author Notes
This map is the 1st in a line of alien world maps being made at the moment. All are planned to be 10,112 x 10,112 and are designed to be on as realistic as Minecraft's height limit will allow on a geographical and geological scale (that means no 30 meter tall mountains).
One of the main goals is to have all make sense scientifically to a large extent. Any time you see some strange thing on these maps, there will always be some explanation as to how and why it's there.

This map has a future update planned that will supposedly bring at least the following:
1) Command blocks that will cause geysers to erupt when players approach them
2) Command blocks that causes constant damage to anyone not wearing a full set of armor (to simulate the low atmospheric pressure, lack of breathable air, high temperatures, and dangerous levels of radiation so players will constantly have to watch the durability of their armor and switch out before it breaks)
3) A slight revision to the block palette, specifically for cliffs
4) A new type of alien tree that will be scattered evenly throughout forests
5) 1-3 individual similar yet unique giant tree-like plant structures, much larger than existing plants, each big enough to be explored as a sort of natural fortress
6) Updated, higher quality renders
7) Possibly but unlikely by the next update, a video that's sort of a cross between a cinematic, documentary, and action style video

This could not have been done without the help of lotuswing and his custom tree design.
Click here to see the original design.
Don't forget to diamond it while you're at it :)

Map Description:
This map is set on the the real planet Tau Ceti h. It was initially set on Tau Ceti c, however new data caused scientists to revise the model of the Tau Ceti system, resulting in the disproving of some planets and the discovery of new ones.
The map itself is about 10Kx10K (10,112 x 10,112 to be exact) and goes from bedrock to the height limit. The terrain is filled with ores and is completely survival-ready.

This world currently includes a constant jump boost effect intended to simulate lower gravity. More effects are planned (see Author Notes).

Because the planet has a lower mass and therefore gravity (!), the atmosphere is much thinner than Earth's and its magnetic field is much weaker as well. This paired with the fact that it lies closer to its star results in a large amount of heat and radiation reaching the planet, causing the surface to be too hot for water to remain in liquid form for very long.
But life can find ways to exist even given extremely unlikely and inhospitable circumstances: Below the surface where it's much cooler, water is able to remain in a liquid state. This combined with the drastically reduced amount of radiation below the surface led to the opportunity for the genesis and evolution of chemosynthetic plantlife. This eventually led to photosynthetic plant species evolving to survive in caves closer to and eventually on the surface. The new exposure solar radiation caused massive amounts of mutations in species that made it to the surface, resulting in drastically increased growth speed. The result was a dense jungle of tall balloon-like plants that take advantage of the planet's lower gravity as well as absorb a wide spectrum of Tau Ceti's light for quicker growth.

IRL Information About the Planet
Tau Ceti h is the 2nd closest planet to the star Tau Ceti and is also the 2nd smallest in the system. The planet orbits inward of its star's habitable zone, leading to temperatures dangerously high for most complex forms of life on Earth.
(!) This is where the data gets fudged a little bit: supposedly the planet's mass is around 3x greater than Earth's, however for the sake of...imagination?...the planet here has a mass lower than Earth's (so there would be a reason to give it a lower gravity effect).

Global Scans
Potentially Useful Information:
•Much of the plant-life here incorporates gold compounds into their biochemistries. The planet is also teeming with Lapis. Combining the two can create versatile and potentially powerful tools and combat gear.
•Use the lower gravity to your advantage when navigating through forests.
•We've detected small clusters of impact craters across the surface. There are sure to be extremely rare materials in the cores of the remains of the meteorites.
•This planet has a very small satellite revolving around it. Despite its size, we've picked up some strange signals coming from it. If you somehow find a way to travel to it, proceed with caution.
•We've also detected strange signals coming from the coordinates -3625, 1, -4005. They seem to be similar to those mentioned earlier.
•There isn't enough oxygen on the planet to allow fire to burn, so you won't have to worry about spontaneous forest fires.
•There appear to be two extensive layers of cave systems. There may be some useful resources in these that you won't be able to find on the surface.

•The atmosphere is very thin. Removing any equipment such as helmets, suits, boots, etc. can lead to sudden decompression, causing severe harm. It is strongly recommended that you wear a full set of gear at all times and replace gear when it becomes heavily damaged. (note this feature will be added in a future update)
•There is no animal life on the surface. Your only source of food will be what you grow. We will provide you with some provisions but these will not last forever.
•Water is scarce on the planet. Underground sources aren't large enough to matter so the only sources you have are the natural geysers. It is highly recommended that finding one be your highest priority upon reaching the surface.
•It is STRONGLY recommended that you do not eat your potato or carrot. They are intended to be planted and harvested, as you will not be able to obtain any through other means once on the planet.

Survival Spoilers (don't read if you plan on playing the world on survival)
•Meteorite impact craters each contain one hopper filled with five eye of enders. Altogether this makes nearly three stacks of eye of enders scattered across the map.

•The 'moon' mentioned in the information document is the end. There is an end portal in the highlands in the north on which you can use eye of enders obtained from impact craters.

•Impact craters also have obsidian that can be used to make nether portals if you can get some flint from gravel which can only be found in deserts to the east and southwest or on certain cliffsides.

•Glowstone can be found in the lower cave system.

•Diamonds are very rare. There are no emeralds or emerald ore on this map. There is no gold ore (you should be able to find gold blocks circling many of the trees easily).

•Lava pockets are extremely rare and water pockets do not exist.

Additional Credit:
This project was a collaboration with lotuswingand his custom tree design (before you start flipping out about remixing, no the trees in this are NOT edited versions of his original tree upload. We made sure to make all the ones in this by hand from scratch to look similar to the original, but have some significant differences)

Several of the renders were done by Darastlix and jannekloeffler (i.e. the good ones)
Creditlotuswing for vegetation concept, Darastlix and jannekloeffler for renders. Tools used: World Painter, Chunky
Progress95% complete

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12/27/2016 4:30 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Pony
xxxfinnixxx's Avatar
Nice! I assume you did the effects with command blocks... How? Also, what did you use "Chunky" for?
12/27/2016 4:33 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Network
Space's Avatar
Image rendering
07/13/2016 11:27 am
Level 1 : New Artist
GravnHD's Avatar
This is amazing! Awesome work!! Are you looking forward to launch new alien worlds samples maps in your other project?
07/13/2016 3:10 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Network
Space's Avatar
Right now trying to finish up some of the full sized maps (Almost finished with one and nearing the final stages of another). I have concepts for a few that I've started asking certain people to help with. Once that starts the first thing I'll do is probably make the samples.
07/10/2016 4:26 pm
Level 44 : Master Mage
vintageblocks's Avatar
Very well done!
Maybe a crashed spaceship could be added but thats just my opinion :)
07/10/2016 7:33 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Network
Space's Avatar
Meant to be more of a colonization effort than a shipwreck since I'm eventually going to release the other planets in the solar system
06/17/2016 2:50 pm
Level 26 : Expert Sus
ConnorMcGucci's Avatar
Holy.... thats so cool you did a great job on it sweet!!!
06/21/2016 10:14 am
Level 39 : Artisan Network
Space's Avatar
Did you guys see this somewhere or did you just happen to find it while searching? I've had a weird spike in diamonds subs and favs over the past few days and I haven't even posted anything new yet.
06/21/2016 4:23 pm
Level 26 : Expert Sus
ConnorMcGucci's Avatar
I believe a guy had been posting in chat a link to this! i don't remember who tho
P - The P is Silent
06/17/2016 2:48 pm
Level 22 : Expert Button Pusher
P - The P is Silent's Avatar
Super coool
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