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Upper Ontario/German inspired terrain.

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Don't claim this is your own, but feel free to credit me if you build on it. I apologize for how bad it is, first time doing this stuff in a abit. That and I'm just terrible at everything.

Sorry for the compressed file, Mediafire is dumb and won't let me make it not compressed without lowkey revealing my name.


Is this usable in survival?: No, I might make one that is in the future but this is for something personal.

Can I use this on my server?: No, since I don't own all the assets in it, I just do landscapes.

Can you make X?: If I have free time, this is just for fun.

Why is X so choppy?: Most likely cuz the map ain't done and I'm not the best at it.

Download the trees, and please support this guy because they honestly make the whole map work.

Progress95% complete

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Update #1 : 01/02/2020 11:42:56 amJan 2nd

I think it's finished, but I'll come back to it in awhile to make sure it is, enjoy.
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