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Level 43 : Master Button Pusher
!!!!This map only works in 1.8.(8+) so make sure to change your Minecraft version before going into the map!!!!

Duration of gameplay:About 1 hour

This map is a redstone heavy map. It could lag a bit for some computers.

Zombie Assault is a single-player tower defense mini-game. The objective is survive a non-stop wave of zombies that spawn on the other side of a cave. Whenever a zombie reaches your side of the cave you lose a life. If you lose all your lives you lose the map. Throughout the game the zombies get progressively harder but your defenses get stronger as well. When you finish the map (win or lose) your score gets calculated based on your time survived, lives left(win only), gems left(win only), and leftover gold(win only).



Zombies spawn from the other side of a cave and it is your job to stop them from reaching your side. Throughout the game the zombies get stronger. You start off with a bow which can be used for killing zombies. You can also buy other items to assist you with your defense.


Gold is a currency used in Zombie Assault to help improve your defenses. You earn a steady income of gold (which can be upgraded) as well as gold for killing zombies with a bow. Gold can be used for buying turrets, barriers, snowmen, extra lives and many more things.


Gems are another currency in Zombie Assault which you use to trade with a villager to acquire special items. Gems are earned through a steady income(un-upgradeable) and by shooting down flying emerald blocks. You can buy items such as iron golem summoners, throwable weapons, a mine dropper, special ability arrows and more.


When you finish the map(whether you win or lose) your final score will be calculated. You get a point for every second you survive. If you win the map you get bonus points for every gem unused, every gold left unspent and every life leftover. If you would like to make it on the leaderboard for Zombie Assault just post a video of you doing the map (as proof) in the comment section and if your score makes it into the top 3 then your name, Minecraft head and score will be added to the leaderboard.


You can get your head in this map by recording this map and putting it on youtube. You head will appear in the starting room and a link will appear to your video if you would like. Make sure to give ClashAssassin credit for making the map.


In your comment make sure to post any glitches or problems you experienced. I've tested this map plenty of times and have covered all of the glitches I know of. In the comments also tell me what you liked and feel free to tell me how well you did in the map. Feedback is appreciated even for things that are not bugs or glitches.

-More late game content!
-Upgradable turrets!
-New turret:TNT Cannon!

-More types of zombies!
-And more!

njoy the map! Don't forget to leave a diamond and/or favorite it if you liked the game.
CreditNone. I did this all by myself.
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

Update 1.1 : by ClashAssassin 09/14/2019 10:27:15 pmSep 14th, 2019

Big Changes
-Zombie Assault is now re-playable! You no longer have to download the map again if you wish to replay it!
-Added another spawn point for the flying emeralds.
-Added fireworks to the flying emerald that gives bonus gems.
-Added orange barrier and brown barrier as well as removed the obsidian spikes at the front of the map.
-Improved the win and lose effects (titles, playsounds, etc.)
-Changed "Money" currency to Gold. No more confusion.
-Reworked bow system:You now only have 1 bow(renamed to "Zombie Assault Bow") for the whole game and you can buy enchanted books and XP bottles from the item merchant. There is an anvil in the Item Merchant's room that the player can access so all of their bow enchantments can be all together.
-Reworked life deduction system.

Small Changes
-Changed max number of snowmen to 8(from 9).
-Wither skulls turrets now cost 10 Gold(instead of 25).
-Updated Leaderboard
-Fix various bugs/glitches

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