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IllusiveMC Survival (1.19)

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AdamDAuria avatar AdamDAuria
Level 19 : Journeyman Miner
IllusiveMC Survival (1.19)
Status Online! Pinged: 07/07/22
United States
Game VersionMinecraft Java Purpur 1.19
1.19 Supported | Welcome! | Unique-Experience!
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IllusiveMC is a Semi-Modded Minecraft Survival Server. Our Server has features like MCmmo, Vein Miner, RTP, Silk-Touchable Spawners, Clans, Player Shops, Land Claims, Supply Drops and so much more.

We are a community server, meaning that we take our members feedback to help improve the Server.

We support both Java Edition & Bedrock Edition, meaning our members can join on practically any platform. (Computer, Phone, Tablet, Console, you name it.)

The Server is also actively moderated by our staff team, so if you ever run into issues, whether it be with players on the server or with the server itself, they can help sort it out.

On top of that, the Server receives monthly updates that always bring something new & exciting, so youll never find yourself having nothing to do!

You can join our Discord Server to either learn more about the Server or interact with the Community.


Other Information:

Discord - https://discord.gg/arW9qFsHpT

Server Store - https://illusivemc.craftingstore.net/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Illusive_MC

Website - https://illusivemc.net/

19 Update Logs

V3.3.5 — Supply drops, New Mail system, Mini Maps + More : by AdamDAuria 06/10/2022 2:33:08 amJun 10th

Potions have Been Added to Voting Rewards.
We have added 6 potions to the voting crate rewards
Regeneration Potion
Invisibility potion
Speed Potion
NightVision Potion
Strength Potion

Four New Quests Have Been Added
Break 50 Crops
Travel 2k blocks
Catch 50 fish
Kill the Wither

Improved Player Mailboxes!
A new mailing system has been added to the server, doing /mail will allow you to send players messages and items at the expense of in-game currency.
By placing a chest on top of a fence post, and typing /postoffice add <Name> ( while looking at the chest) you can create a post office so players can drop off mail to your place(Do not place it inside a claim)

New Merchant Shop items!
new enchantment Death Punch - custom enchant that increases mob drops substantially (Swords)
new enchantment Death Punch - Increases damage dealt to Zombies. (Swords, Axes)
new enchantment Creeper Armor - Chance to be immune to explosive damage, at higher levels you have a chance to heal. (Armor)
new enchantment Missile 3 - Arrows turn into fireballs.
new enchantment Replenish - Chance to restore food while mining. (Pickaxes)

New Black Market items!
Slime Spawner
New Enchantment to increase mob drops created by minercoffee

Discord Profire Stats
You can see your ingame information on discord by doing -profile (Your Username) to see things such as Balance, Player count, McMMO Power Level etc. by running the command in the discord server

Supply Drops have Returned!
Every hour, a Supply Drop with spawn in a random spot within 1,000-3,000 blocks away from spawn. This Supply Drop contains very useful loot, and will disappear once someone collects it. Do /envoy drops to show their locations

Some Rewards you can find:
Netherite ingot
Vanilla Spawners
Nethrite Scrap
Other random stuff (

Players can enable custom player perks that will be given to the entire server! You can find the list of players perks in #deleted-channel (you can only use one custom perk at a time)

Mini Maps
Mini Maps have been added to the server. Use Commands /cartographer get minimap to get the mini Map. You can also add waypoints and such, referred to the discord server

Parkour is here! There are Two Parkour that you can complete Everyday that you can earn $2 Each. Check 🤖commands-list for the list of them.you can teleport to them by using the NPC by the Pods area.

Miscellaneous Changes
Remove Charge bar from the Elytra
Added Armor Levels to The Elytra
You can exchange the old Charcoal Elytra for netherite ingots.
Fixed issues related to /heads permissions
Voting Rewards Names are change to their Reward
Added NPC at spawn for Shopping district
Shopping district is Free to create plots now ($0) to create a plot
Added Countdowns to Server restarts
Remove Cow's Knockback stick from the Blackmarket
Remove Cowtopia from warp pods at spawn
Fixed some voting rewards
Improved Eytra $25 will be in the shop now
Custom enchantments no longer have Success and Destroy rates lore

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01/28/2022 5:49 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Oauo avatar
Awful server, it feels like it was set up in an hour with the basics missing.
Planet Minecraft


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