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A Villiers-Eclaire Knight I A Massivecraft Skin

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"The term “knight” comes from the Alt-Regalian “Knecht” which loosely translates to bondsman or vassal. Presumably, the word dates back to the old Ceardian “kniucht” which loosely translates to superior warrior. In the days of the old Ceardian Humans, proto-knights were the warlords who ruled smaller fiefs and waged wars on one another in a period that is generally viewed as Humanity’s forgotten age. When the states formed, or the Regalian Kingdom more specifically, these warriors became distinguished titleholders who ruled in the King’s stead much like how the nobility does in the present day. Eventually, Julian de Montverrat fought on behalf of the Five Families, using his military skills to seize the city gates which ultimately ended the Rebellion. This is when Knight became synonymous with ‘trained warrior’, and the first of the Knightly Military Orders were established. The term chivalry comes from the Ithanian word “chevalerie” which can be translated as horse soldier. Before Ithanian pacifism became prevalent, Ithanians cultivated the most talented horse riders. Owning a horse usually implied one’s wealth, and with wealth one was expected to distinguish themselves from the peasantry by courteous and honorable behavior."

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