So, put a poesy in your hair. I A Massivecraft Skin Minecraft Skin
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So, put a poesy in your hair. I A Massivecraft Skin

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Aloria is the name given by the Races of the world for those lands within close bounds, and is often defined as all known lands aside from what exists in the Far East and beyond the Far West. Its lands are endlessly diverse, with varying climates, terrain types, and forms of organic life existing across its surface. There are also many structures and settlements; some massive cities, others small huddled huts, and others no longer lived in as they stand in ruin. Aloria has seen countless people fall and rise over its life, the various Civilizations of Aloria, but none have ever seen the diversity that is today commonplace worldwide. The terrain of Aloria has also shifted constantly throughout history, but for now, it seems that Aloria is here to stay in its current form.

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